Corvus Belli Miniature Review: Wu Ming

Hello Everyone!

I recently bought the new Wu Ming miniatures, and since it’s quite the new set, I thought, why not make a small review about it?


As usual in their recent sets the Wu Ming come with 2 x 2 sets of different upper bodies, and 4 unique pairs of arms and 4 heads to fit them.


The set also comes with a seperate SMG which can be attached to any model you want, or maybe even be used for a different model if you want to.

The parts go together very easily and I didn’t have any problems with assembling them, although the arms seem a bit flimsy at the joints for some reason.


I am a bit sad that this set doesn’t include the Combo/Multi rifle weapon option as that seems to be one of the better options of the Wu Mings, but the box is still quite awesome I must say.

Painted and Assembled Wu Ming:IMG_20160819_190451.jpgIMG_20160819_190436.jpgIMG_20160819_190510.jpgIMG_20160819_190526.jpgIMG_20160819_190541.jpgIMG_20160819_190413.jpg

Please excuse my not so great painting job on them, I’m sure most of you will be able to do them better justice, but I am happy enough with the result and I think they look awesome and very intimidating on the table!

The helmetless one especially looks very threatening and has a very Bane like appearance.


Overall I’ll give this set a 8 out of 10. It’s a very nice set, but the missing Combo/Multirifle option really is a bummer. The additional SMG is a very nice tough however and might help people with conversion work on other models.

As with all recent Corvus Belli Boxes that I have had i would have much prefered for there to be 4 seperate bodies though….sure the arms and heads make each model look unique, but still it seems a bit lazy, and with only 4 models in the box, having each one look unique should be possible.

It is however an obvious recommendation for all ISS players. All weapon options except combi/Mulit rifle are present, and they look way more unique than the old Wu Ming I think, and they definitely make a statement on the board when you place them.

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