My Wife’s Caledonians

Hello Everyone!


Since I have had a long time where I couldn’t write much for my ongoing Story, yet had some time to do some Hobby stuff, I always thought it sad that I didn’t have any good place to show it off… I now created the Hobby Area on this my Blog, where I will now show off all sorts of Hobby related stuff from within and outside of the Infinity Universe!

Since I recently had a request to show off some of my miniatures up close, I thought I might as well start doing so, and where best to start than with the poor souls that keep getting beat up in most of my battle reports and stories….my wife’s Caledonians!

Now as some of you might know my wife plays the Caledonians in my battlereports, but since she has loads of other hobbies as well, and I am happy enough as is that she is actually playing Infinity with me, I took the liberty of collecting and painting the miniatures she uses, cause she’d never get around to painting them herself.

So all the miniatures you will see now have been assembled and painted by me…which explains the poor painting quality ;-P Try as I want to, I’m just not that good at painting at Infinity scale, and up close the miniatures really show my poor techniques…but oh well, I can live with that I guess, at least they look nice from a distance and allow for some pretty pictures 🙂

Traktor Muls:


William Wallace & 45th Highlander Rifles:


Caledonian Volunteers Corps:


1st Highlanders S.A.S & Uxia Cherry McNeill:


McMurrough & Cameronian:


112, Emergency Service:




Volunteer Inter Isobelle McGregor:


Highlander Cateran:


95h WULVER Grenadiers:


Caledonian Mormaer:


3rd Highlander Grey Rifles:


DOZERS, Field Engineer:


As you can see I mixed some of the colour schemes for the kilts…which most likely was a bad idea for the story, but back when I painted most of them the story didn’t even exist yet…so I hope any scottish kilt experts will excuse my lack of knowledge should I end up giving characters in the story last names that don’t match up with the traditional family names that their kilts would represent….

I would also love to add more to these Caledonians, but for the longest time my wife has forbidden me to do so *lol* and it was only recently when I saw the new artwork of some of the upcomming Caledonian figures that I managed to convince her that I’ll be getting some of them ^^ so look forward to seeing some additions to her selection sooner rather than later…in fact I already have a particularily interesting one just sitting on my table, waiting for it’s time to get painted ^^

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this little look at my Caledonian Miniatures, see you next time!


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