Customeeple Review Part 5: 2014 ITS objectives set Infinity

Hello Everyone,

With my order of terrain from Customeeple I also decided to order a set of Objectives, since I have taken a liking to playing ITS missions, but didn’t have all the markers or scatter terrain to make it look good.

I didn’t go for the newest set of Objectives because I also wanted the utility to use it as scatter terrain instead of objective markers should I want to, and the 2014 set seemed more fitting for that to me.

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ITS Objectives

I am pretty sure that the Objectives come with a little instruction sheet for assembly, but to be honest, I think I lost it when I initially opened all my packages, and once it was time to actually build the pieces I couldn’t find it anymore…..yeah my table is just a mess of paints, brushes, terrain and miniatures, and somewhere hidden in between a computer ;-P

Unlike most of the other pieces I reviewed to far there is no downloadable version of the instructions on the Customeeple homepage, but if you study the parts long enough it is possible to properly assemble them even without the instruction sheet (although the antennas took me a little bit to fully understand).

Each Objective comes with it’s own base and there is some variety in the plastic parts to distinguish between them.

(Miniature not included and only added for scale)

Assembled and Painted ITS Objectives 2014:




Assembly and painting of the pieces is rather easy (at least if you do it as basic as I did). I had a little bit of trouble with the very small 2 antennas as adding the plastic bits almost broke the “cross” where it’s attached to, and a few of the bigger antenna’s corners don’t look as smooth as I had hoped because the glue instantly stuck on the flat survace and I barely could reposition the pieces once I added them, but that’s just my own inexperience with terrain assembly I think.

I would have hoped for the Objectives to be built so that they could stand on their own even it not glued to the base, because then they could have been better used as normal scatter terrain, but since the bases are needed/helpful when it comes to the actual ITS missions, that is only a minor complaint.



Alltogether I think that this set is quite nice but not every part is as good as it could be. Everything fulfills it’s purpose, but the boxes are extremely simple in look, and the two small antennas are extremely fragile and little more than a cross with 2 plastic pieces on the side.

I think they did a much better job with their later versions of ITS Objectives ( where all pieces look interesting on their own, as well as serving their purpose.

Based on that I’ll give these Objectives a 6,5/10, they look nice, they do what they are supposed to, but there is room to improve and I think Customeeple already did so with their later versions of ITS Objective Markers, although that’s only an assumption since I don’t have them to directly compare with.

Customeeple Review Part 4: Infinity Forbidden Palace

Hello Everyone!

In this Part we will take a look at one of the newest products from Customeeple, and most likely one of their most impressive ones, the Infinity Forbidden Palace!


The Set comes with a short instruction sheet which details the most important parts of the assembly.

So far I haven’t seen any downloadable pdf Version of the Instruction Sheet like there were in the previous parts of the Customeeple Reviews.


The Instructions are for the most part sufficient, although I did have some parts where I didn’t see the specific details I would have needed to properly assemble it (The main problem being the supoort struts that hold up the roof of the Base Building).


It seems like certain struts where ment for certain sides of the building (one is slightly angled, the other side isn’t) but on first glance I didn’t see that difference on the pieces themselves and the instructions, and I only noticed it once I tried to put on the roof of the building, at which point it was already too late to reassemble as the glue had dried already….so I did what had to be done….and cut it to fit ;-P

That aside the assembly of the buildings was very easy, the hardest part most likely being the roof tiles, which are made of very thin wood (mdf?) sheets which you have to bend into place while they dry, which isn’t too hard, but you have to be careful not to break them or deform them while doing so.


Note that I didn’t add a little round part on the very top of the building as I simply liked the building more without it.

Since I most likely was one of the first people to order this lovely set (I just couldn’t resist as I saw it..) my order came with a little flaw. One side of the Entrance Section’s roof wasn’t mirrored, but had the same surface as the right side, which ment once glued in place it had no texture on the upper side, but on the lower side.

I think it’s at this point that I should mention the wonderful Customer Service that Customeeple has. I had contacted them about a problem with shipping fees being charged although I had ordered above the “No shipping fees” threshold, and I had gotten the shipping fees refunded the same day.

And once I wrote them about the wrong roof print (more to warn them and help them improve their product than to receive a replacement since I had already finished painting that part at the time), they instantly sent me the correct replacement part free of charge, and also included another set of Plastic Parts for the roofs.

Now the last part might be important because I originally thought that the colour of the roof lights would always be Orange (which I liked) but it turned out that these parts are made of left over parts from production, and the colour can thus vary depending on what they previously did (which is why I received a bit of a mix, and mostly neon yellow parts instead of orange).

Once I mentioned that I would have prefered the Orange ones they sent them to me free of charge with the corrected roof part, and informed me that if I ever wanted a specific plastic colour, I should simply tell them when I make the order so they could assure I would get the one I like right away.

So keep in mind, if you want a specific colour for the Neon Parts of your order, let them know in advance and they’ll be happy to deliver if possible.

Also the guys from Customeeple where very friendly during our E Mail conversations, and answered within a day or two at most. (Beware however, some of their E Mails can end up in your Spam Folder!)


Now, onwards with the Review!

Once you have assembled this behemoth of a terrain piece, it’s time to paint it up. Once again I painted this thing by hand, and went for a dirty look to fit into the style of my other terrain. Also I went for a more old fashioned colour scheme since I wanted it to look more than an old Japanese Castle than a High Tech Castle, because that’d fit in quite well with my ongoing Story and Characters.

(As always, Models are not included and are only there to show scale)

The Forbidden Fortress Painted:


The top part of this can be removed and is actually the roof of the lower floor building.

There are also small doors that can be used to fill the hole in the floor should you want to.



The painting of this giant was actually rather easy, although it took a LOT of time to do it by hand, and ate quite a lot of paint as well (as is to be expected).

The lowest level (command room) has some of the best doors for Infinity terrain I have ever seen so far. The bigger ones slide in nicely and unlike many other doors they don’t fall over at all, and the other two doors even come with magnets to attach them, which is just neat!

There are small doors between each building which allow for vertical movement should one desire to do so inside of the building.

The thin roof sheets once painted are actually quite durable, and have so far survived 2 small falls without any damage (thank you son…thank you very much!), however the plastic dragons on the sides are EXTREMELY fragile (and look extremely awesome!) so beware, they do NOT survive a fall at all, and one of them has already lost an arm for me, which I couldn’t find anymore to reglue. (once again, thank you son…thank you VERY MUCH!….)

If you don’t glue the small hut on the top to the building below it is very wobbly and falls off easily, currently I haven’t glued it on yet, but I am seriously thinking about it, as it makes transporting this giant piece of terrain even harder (if you are as lazy as me and don’t want to deassemble it everytime..)

Also Customeeple has learned from their previous buildings with this one I think, every building comes with a nice looking floor, and every roof (except the very top small hut) is detachable.


To sum it up, the Forbidden Palace is just AWESOME! The best piece of Infinity Terrain I have seen so far. It is gigantic and takes up a good chunk of your table, blocks a lot of lines of sight, gives you a lot of levels to play at and looks just gorgeous. It also provides good cover and fits into the Infinity Universe perfectly.

Small problems with the assembly aside everything fits in nicely and the fact that it can be split into several smaller pieces of terrain as well is just icing on the cake.

I didn’t think I’d go there so fast, but this terrain is in fact a 10/10 for me, just perfect.

I would recommend it for every Infinity player if it didn’t have such an obvious Yu Jing Style, which most likely would look odd in an Ariadna Jungle Camp, but if you can find a reason to have a giant Yu Jing Castle standing on your table, GO FOR IT, it doesn’t get any better than this for this price I think.

Customeeple Review Part 3: Neon City Yu Jing B [2 Big Buildings Pack]

Hello Everyone,

In this Part I will take a look at the Neon City Yu Jing B (2 Big Buildings Pack) Set from Customeeple:

Big Buildings.jpg

The Set comes with a short instruction sheet which details the most important parts of the assembly.

It can also be downloaded should you lose the original or prefer a digital version:

Click to access Neoncity-Yujing-Big.pdf

Buildings after Assembly:


The Set  comes with a sliding door for the Samurai Bar (which can be assembled to be movable) and each building can also be assembled with a removable door, ventilators (one big and one small) for the roof, a removable hatch into the building, and ladders for the side of the buildings.

The Assembly was quite easy, although one part of the Dragon Building (the one with the many small lanterns) was a bit odd as you had to deliberatey leave a slit between two walls to later on add a Neon Panel there. I still couldn’t figure out how to make the roof walls fit without leaving small slits on the edges, but again I guess I just didn’t figure out how to do it properly.

There was however a “big” problem with this Kit, the Neon Parts all where too thick for the actual slits they where supposed to slide into, and a bit of cutting was required to make them fit properly.


Once I had dealt with that however everything fitted together quite well and the end results speak for themselves I think.

(Miniatures are not included, they are just used for scale)

Just like with Part 1 and Part 2 , I painted the building by hand and went for a dirty look to fir with my other buildings and the theme I had in mind.

Samurai Bar Building Painted:


(Wallpaper not included, but the walls take them nicely!)



Dragon Red Lantern Building Painted:



Both Buildings together:


Painting this buildings was really easy I have to say, and the Neon Signs add a lot of detail and style to the buildings even if the paintjob isn’t that good (like in my case ;-P)

As with all other buildings of the Neon City Range I once again would have greatly prefered the buildings to have actual floors and detachable roofs, but since the buildings are bigger when compared to the entrances, the floor doesn’t shine through as obviously as with the other smaller buildings I think.

I would have loved for the Red Lantern Building to also have a Lantern on the short side of the building, just to have a consistent outside look, but that’s just a very small gripe.

Alltogether I am once again very happy with this Set, it’s big and covers a good chunk of the table in a good looking maner, it provides good cover and looks very stylish and fits the Infinity Universe very good.

The too big Neon Signs for the slits, the missing lantern on the short side, and the fact that this Set, unlike the smaller 2 Sets from Part 1 and Part 2, doesn’t include any nice supplementary terrain like a stair or maybe small bridge, lowers my score a little bit, which leads me to an Endresult of 8,5/10.

This is a great product that I would easily recommend to any Fan of Yu Jing Style Infinity Terrain, and if I would have to pick between any of the 3 Sets from Part 1 to Part 3, I would most likely pick this one.

Customeeple Review Part 2: Neon City Yu Jing S Octopus + Dojo

Hello Everyone,

In this part we will take a look at the Customeeple Building Set “Neon City Yu Jing S Octopus + Dojo”:

For a closer look at the assembly and instructions that come with the set, please look at Review Part 1 as the two sets are almost the same and share mostly the same merits and problems when it comes to assembling.

The Instruction Sheet for this Set can also be downloaded from the Customeeple Homepage should you lose it or prefer a digital version:

Click to access Neoncity-Yujing-Octopus-Dojo.pdf

In this Set I didn’t see any real differences between the Instruction Sheet and the real product I got, except the 1 missing roof wall I mentioned in Part 1.



IMG_1238.JPGThe Set  comes with a row of chairs for the small restaurant, a sliding door for the dojo (which can be assembled to be movable), a stairway to the roof, and each building can also be assembled with a removable door, ventilators for the roof, a removable hatch into the building, and ladders for the side of the buildings.

Just like with the Sushi + Bonsai Set from Part 1, I painted the building by hand and went for a dirty look to fir with my other buildings and the theme I had in mind.

(Miniatures not included and only for scale)

Octopus Building Painted:



Dojo Building Painted:


Stairs Painted:


Buildings together:


Just like with the Sushi + Bonsai Set I would have greatly prefered for the buildings to have a floor and detachable roofs, but that aside I am quite happy with the buildings themselves.

The Dojo looks a bit “old school” for Infinity, and mabe a little bit of a futuristic touch would have helped it along (Maybea Neon Dojo Sign  on the side or something along those lines?), but then again that has it’s own charm and I ended up liking it.

All in all I am also very happy with this Set of buildings. The size is perfect, they fit good into the Infinity Universe, it combines good with other terrain, and is very playable.

With the practice from the first set I had even less problems with assembling the kit (although the small gaps on the roof walls remain..) and like before they are easily outshined by the end result.

I’ll give this set a 7.5/10, slightly lower than the Sushi + Bonsai Set because I think the Dojo could do with a little more Neon, but once again I would recommend this set for anyone who is a fan of Yu Jing style buildings!



Customeeple Review Part 1: Introduction and Neon City Yu Jing S Sushi + Bonsai

Hello Everyone!

With my extra holiday money I recently made a big order of terrain from Customeeple to improve my gaming table and fulfill my dream of having a Yu Jing Style Fast Food area Table.

I ordered almost everything Yu Jing related from Customeeple, which means this will be a multi part review!

For the first part I will take an in depth look at the Neon City Yu Jing S Sushi and Bonsai buildings that they have in store.

The package arrived relatively quick after I ordered it, in about 2 weeks. Considering that it was quite the big order, they cut to order, and they must have been pretty busy with their new release of the Forbidden Palace and Ariadna terrain at that time, I think that was quite quick. I live in Austria (Europe) and as far as I know the company is from Spain.

When the package arrived I was quite surprised how small it was considering all the stuff inside, but this was just due to proper packing as I was about to find out.



For this review we will take a look at this package:


The package comes with an instruction sheet which can also be downloaded from their homepage should you lose it or your 2 1/2 year old son decides to “play” with it 😉

Here’s the pdf for these buildings:

Click to access Neoncity-Yujing-Sushi-Bonsai.pdf

I found that the instruction sheet is quite helpful, but they also slightly differ from the online pdf version (and the real product I got….but both differed from that a little..) but I would have wished for some better close ups of unexpectedly small details.


For example I didn’t figure out that the sliding doors of the Bonsai Shop were supposed to have 2 bottom parts at first (learned that with my other sets though) because even though the picture showed that detail, it wasn’t specifically marker and I just assumed it was the 1 piece that obviously looked like the door bottom.


The doors of the Bonsai Shop also looked different on the instruction sheet than in reality, on the sheet I kind of expected 4 plastic doors, but in reality 2 of them were mdf with chinese signs on them. At first I wasn’t too sure which one belonged on which side (I hadn’t attached the sign on top yet which would have given that away) and had to compare it with a picture on the website, but once I did that everything was clear enough.

The only part that really troubled me was that the instruction sheet showed 3 roof walls….and even though I searched like crazy I could only find 2 for each of the buildings, which I found odd since it would create some bad cover situations in game when compared to other buildings. But after double checking it with the website again, I saw that they only have up to two roof walls there as well, and once I put everything together it actually looked quite nice with the different wall heights.




Each building comes with a ventilation part for the roof, a door for the side and a pannel to reach the roof from the inside, as well as one set of stairs, a awesome row of benches for the Sushi restaurant, and ladders for the sides.

Now I am pretty sure I was just too stupid to figure it out properly in time before I gave up, but I had a bit of a problem with the ladders. I just couldn’t figure out how to attack them to the side of the buildings without having the lower end hanging in mid air, or at a strange angle to the side.


So I did what every terrain builder with too much awesome terrain in front of him, and too little patience would do…and built the ladders slightly different and simply attached them to the sides ;-P I think the results still look great, but I feel a bit sad that I couldn’t do the, most likely quite awesome, idea of the designers justice there.

Another set of “too impatient to figure it out” must have been the roof walls of the buildings. No matter what I did, there always seemed to be a small slit in between the parts…I couldn’t figure that one out for any of the Neon City Yu Jing buildings, so I simply rolled with it, and in the end it hardly mattered anymore, but if you know what I did wrong, it’d be lovely advice for all the other people out there interested in getting one of these buildings!IMG_1214

Noooow…..once I finished building everything, which actually went along quite fast and without much of a problem besides the above mentioned confusion of mine, I instantly started painting the buildings.

I don’t have an airbrush, so I painted everything by hand, and I went for a dark and dirty style of building to get in line with my idea of “The Neon Dragon” a dirty city where the Imperial State Service is the only thing in between it’s citizens and corruption, alien and non Yu Jing threats and self destruction ;-P

So without further delay, here are the results of my low painting skills. The miniatures next to the buildings are obviously not included in the order, I just added them for scale.


(Panda Squad Tattoo also not included…I got that one from my local Zoo 😉 but the wall takes it easily and I think it fits perfectly !)


After the painting process and my first game with the new terrain, the only thing I didn’t quite like was the fact that the buildings had no floor.


If you go for some closeups of troop movement this will often be seen, and it breaks immersion a little bit. But since I also ordered some newer buildings from the Customeeple line of products I can happily say that it seems like they have improved on that area as these new buildings all come with proper floors and detachable roofs instead.


All in all I am VERY happy with these buildings. The size is perfect, they fit into the Infinity univserse easily, they give good cover and fit together with other terrain nicely. They come with a lot of little extra bits and bobs like plastic windows and the roof parts, and for the most part they are easy to assemble and paint.

The small problems I had with assembling it were mostly due to my own lack of attention or small inconsistencies between the parts and the instruction sheet, but they are easily outdone by the finished buildings.

All in all I would give this set a 8/10 and I would recommend it for every Infinity player who is a fan of Yu Jing Style buildings.