Corvus Belli Miniature Review: Wu Ming

Hello Everyone!

I recently bought the new Wu Ming miniatures, and since it’s quite the new set, I thought, why not make a small review about it?


As usual in their recent sets the Wu Ming come with 2 x 2 sets of different upper bodies, and 4 unique pairs of arms and 4 heads to fit them.


The set also comes with a seperate SMG which can be attached to any model you want, or maybe even be used for a different model if you want to.

The parts go together very easily and I didn’t have any problems with assembling them, although the arms seem a bit flimsy at the joints for some reason.


I am a bit sad that this set doesn’t include the Combo/Multi rifle weapon option as that seems to be one of the better options of the Wu Mings, but the box is still quite awesome I must say.

Painted and Assembled Wu Ming:IMG_20160819_190451.jpgIMG_20160819_190436.jpgIMG_20160819_190510.jpgIMG_20160819_190526.jpgIMG_20160819_190541.jpgIMG_20160819_190413.jpg

Please excuse my not so great painting job on them, I’m sure most of you will be able to do them better justice, but I am happy enough with the result and I think they look awesome and very intimidating on the table!

The helmetless one especially looks very threatening and has a very Bane like appearance.


Overall I’ll give this set a 8 out of 10. It’s a very nice set, but the missing Combo/Multirifle option really is a bummer. The additional SMG is a very nice tough however and might help people with conversion work on other models.

As with all recent Corvus Belli Boxes that I have had i would have much prefered for there to be 4 seperate bodies though….sure the arms and heads make each model look unique, but still it seems a bit lazy, and with only 4 models in the box, having each one look unique should be possible.

It is however an obvious recommendation for all ISS players. All weapon options except combi/Mulit rifle are present, and they look way more unique than the old Wu Ming I think, and they definitely make a statement on the board when you place them.

Corvus Belli Miniature Review: HVT Dragon Lady

Hello Everyone!

I should have started this when I actually started with my ISS I guess, but I didn’t think about taking pictures of the boxes and unfinished models, so I decided I couldn’t do proper reviews for them.

But now that I ordered some more models for my quickly growing ISS Army it’s time to start reviewing them a little.

Today i will start with the model that will most likely be used the most in all my armies from now on….the lovely High Value Target Dragon Lady!

Dragon Lady


I was surprised to see how sturdy the umbrella bits actually are and how easy the model is to assemble when considering how frail the arms and umbrella handle actually is.


I do however recommend tightly securing the Dragon Ladies little pet creature (cow? pig? whatever it is…), I thought I had it savely tucked away until I’d come around to paint it, only to instantly lose it the moment I started cleaning my desk a little, and it took me 2 full on dumpster searches and another very close up desk screening to find it again (hiding in between two keys of my keyboard…little bugger!)


The Model comes with a surprising amount of detail, from the little bands of her corsette to the little decorations on her boots, this model just begs for an awesome paint job…or in my case for a better painter.

But since I spend all my hobby money on new figures and terrain, I don’t have money for professional painting services, and no time to actually improve my skills to the level this miniature deserves….so as sorry as that is, she’ll have to deal with my level of painting ;-P

Dragon Lady Painted:


She actually looks a little bit better than on the pictures, but the quality didn’t turn out too good on them.

I blatantly stole the umbrella design idea from someone named JotaGe83 who’s pictures of the Dragon Lady I found while googling for inspiration, and I think it turned out quite nicely!


I think the Dragon Lady is one of the best HVT Models of the range, and a perfect fit for Yu Jing. Het outfit is a perfect mix between classic and modern asian style and the little pet just adds to her awesomeness.

I really don’t think I should rate Infinity Figures as I am basically just a Miniature addict in full swing, but for the heck of it, I’ll give this miniature a 9,5 out of 10. The only way to make this model better would be to give her some sort of combat profile so she could go around and kick some ass instead of just standing around looking good! I think the little Pet deserves a Guardian Profile and she could easily be some sort of Pheromone wearing Geisha Assassin or whatnot ;-P

I definitely recommend this model for any Yu Jing player that wants a HVT, just give her some unique and awesome design to make her yours, as she’ll be joining you in basically every battle you’ll ever play!