The Neon Dragon


The Neon Dragon

A Yu Jing city ripe with corruption and opportunity. A neon glowing boiling pot of Asian culture, sprinkled with foreign influences like herbs in a good soup. A metropolis with so many facets that turning around a street corner can make one feel as if he’s just entered a different city all together.

From the main parts of The Neon Dragon , the “real” Neon Dragon, where the only light in the night comes from the countless neon signs advertising countless bars, restaurants and red light establishments, where the high technology of the Yu Jing Empire is hidden behind so much neglect and dust that one can barely recognize it, and where the Triads and foreign influences fight an endless fight against the State Police and the Imperial Service below the towering structure of the Neon-jo, the Neon Castle…

To areas like:

The Pearl Turtle, an almost shimmering white high society noble district rich with commerce and Mega Corporation sky scrapers, laboratories, and even an Aleph A.I. Node, where covert ops of espionage and sabotage are as much part of the business as exchanging business cards. Where the rich and well educated world traveling “galactic citizens” tend to mingle with the local population and their trends and influences directly affect the citizens of The Neon Dragon, for good or for worse.

The Vermilion Phoenix, an area so full of production halls and industry that even the night sky is glowing in a burning red from the endless rows factory exhausts working 24/7, where the Mega Corporations produce most of their local goods and the standstill of a fabrication lane can mean the end of whole corporation sub branches, and thus decide the fate of countless inhabitants of The Neon Dragon with it.

The Jade Panda, a dense forest like area close to The Vermilion Phoenix, artificially created by the Yu Jing State Empire to counter the otherwise unbearable pollution created by The Vermilion Phoenix, positioned in the main wind direction of The Neon Dragon. The area is built upon the ruins of the former “old city” that used to be in its place, mercilessly torn down by the government to prevent the rest of the city from suffocating and to keep the commerce going. Some of the old inhabitants still life in the midst of this forest, in the broken down ruins of their former houses or in self-made shanties, and some even claim that foreign forces are using the dense almost jungle like terrain to hide themselves from the Yu Jing State for whatever devious purpose.

The Onyx Tiger, a large underground complex that is hidden below most of The Neon Dragon’s area stretching over countless kilometres, but is mostly hidden from the public eye, just like the crouching Tiger that from Asian mythology that has given it its name. In some places it consists of large underground shopping halls, centres of commerce where one can fulfil his every desire, and in some places it is barely more than a maintenance corridor or just an access tunnel to the even further down lying sewer system of The Neon Dragon. Secret Facilities, Laboratories and military complexes are rumoured to be as much part of this area, as hidden slaver rings and smuggler dens are.

The Gulping Toad, the local Space port and the area around it. The district where the percentage of foreigners is at least 4 times higher than everywhere else in The Neon Dragon and where trade dominates everything. Only in this area has the Yu Jing Empire granted special permission for foreign groups to build more esoteric structures like a Pan Oceanian church or a covenant of the “Holy Mary of the Knife” to cater for the needs of foreign traders. Because of this the area is under heavy surveillance from the Yu Jing Government to the point where even a military base has been constructed to quickly counter any insurgency or invasion that could be stages from such an important area.

These are just a few of the many colourful scales of The Neon Dragon, but it should allow you to catch a glimpse at the nature of the City that the following events of this story are taking place in.