Chapter 2.8: Battle Report 12: Explosive Extraction


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This time we where prepared for the Caledonian’s escape plan.

Even though I wasted some time until I found out where they’d attack next, our access to the ships transportation systems allowed me and my striketeam to arrive there early. I had also contacted the captain to activate the defense systems of the “Dancing Panda” and suggested that she’d shoot down any Escape Pods that would leave the ship.

Quick on the uptake the captain hadn’t asked any unnecessary questions , and just as expected, no 2 minutes later the information that an Escape Pod had been obliterated as it tried to leave the station arrived. A propper hacker could have warned the Caledonians of the danger I assume, but since their hackers had a tendency to fail in their hacking attempts on the “Dancing Panda”, and more often than not died while trying due to a certain agent of mine taking care of security, they apparently had to learn the hard way.

Aware that an escape with our weapons still active would proof fatal the Caledonians did what they had to and sent a team towards the closest firing control cluster in an attempt to hack it, and it was there that they ran into my team lying in ambush.



I had covered the left flank of the zone with Special Celestial Guard Operative “Chuan” and “Father Anderson”, who now that our glorious Emperor had deemed it within his graze to officially approve of this and other mercenaries services in our ranks, was more motivated than ever to show his skills, as well as the Warcor from last time “Xin Hua” who had apparently decided to follow us around as we take care of the Caledonians.


In the center I had taken position next to “Nebel” and “Shen Nung” who was hiding as a Crane Agent to scare any potential Caledonian Infiltrators away, and in front of us Kanred Umibozu and “Kabuki Queen” had deployed close to the middle of the battlefield to protect the antenna there.


On the right flank “Saberrider” and the Kuang Shi Team lead by Shen Jing had taken position, ready to flank whatever the Caledonians would send up.


The Caledonians had prepared a serious attack force this team as it seemed, their right flank consisted of a Highlander Grey, two camouflaged units, a Cameronian, 1 Volunteer Intel Doctor and a Mormaer, while their left and center consisted of another Cameronian, a Highlander Team , another Volunteer and a hacker.


They where still unaware of our ambush when their Cameronians came crashing onto the main street, but as one of them instantly kissed the dirt felled by one of “Nebel”s bullets, the rest instantly prepared for battle and the other Cameronian started jumping and dashing like crazy to avoid the bullets shot at him. Once again it seemed like the giant creatures of this team where even faster than their normal counterparts for some reason, and this was proofen further by the Cameronian continuing to dodge bullets from “Nevel”, “Saberrider”, the Flash Pulse of “Xin Hua” and both of Umibozu’s Mad Traps, only to continue to mow down the Kanren with his Chainrifles on top of the building he had been hiding in, and all of that completely unharmed.

To make matters worse, the enemy 112 advanced on the left flank, and promtly continued to fire a stim shot into the downed first Cameronian, pushing him back to action in a surge of adrenalin infused anger.


The stream of luck wouldn’t continue for the Caledonians though, their Cateran apparently thought it was his lucky day today as he opened fire on not only “Nebel”, but also the Warcor “Xin Hua”.


As the Warcor defended himself from the attack by shooting his flash pulse right into the eye of the Cateran, preventing the snipers otherwise deadly headshot, “Nebel” took the opportunity and turned the Cateran into a puddle of sludge right on the rooftop where he had hidden, most likely sending the cleaning crew that’d have to take care of it the next day over the edge.


With their fire support gone, the Cameronian decided that he had pushed too far and took cover inside of the building that Kanren Umibozu had been hiding in before, kicking the poor guy in the sides as he did so out of spite.


The second Cameronian tried to get out of the firing line of “Nebel” as well, but wasn’t as lucky, joining the Cateran on next day’s cleaning crew’s “To Do” list.


Apparently fed up with “Nebel” preventing their advance an enemy Highlander Grey then advanced on the left flank and managed to take out “Nebel” with a constant stream of armour piercing HMG rounds as she did so.


Since the Highlander Grey had decided to take cover after her advance, “Shen Nung” decided it was safe enough to advance and thus took the ladder up to the building where “Nebel” and I had taken position, lying flat on the ground as he administered a Nano regeneration and stimulation agent into “Nebel”‘s body. At first the danger of an impeeding Teseum HMG shower or a Cameronian jumping around the corner apparently distracted the brilliant doctor, but an encouraging “Don’t worry, I’ve got your back” from my side of the roof allowed him to focus enough to properly administer the drug, bringing “Nebel” back into action.


With the flank once again protected by “Nebel”, “Chuan” and “Xin Hua” took the opportunity to advance into better firing position, “Chuan”‘s Mad Traps hopefully keeping the Caledonians from advancing any further on that side of the battlefield.


In the meantime “Saberrider” decided it was time for his advance and he dashed right for the right flank Antenna, opening up on the Caledonian Mormaer that had taken position on the opposite side of the battlefield’s antenna with his Spitfire. Even the stupenduous amounts of Teseum armour plates weren’t enough to save the Mormaer from “Saberrider”‘s impressive skills, and she instantly kissed the pavement as her Highlander support dashed for cover to avoid a similar fate.


With the Highlander out of “Saberrider”‘s firing angle, “Shen Jing” sent a short “Don’t worry, my boys will take care of this… go there…Lollipop over there…oh…eh…over and out!” and advanced on the right flank with her Kuang Shi Team. Supressing the chill that I felt after hearing that message, I instantly managed to hear her advance as a bunch of Caledonians suddenly started screaming in panic, followed by the unmistakable sound of a Chainrifle being fired.


Below me “Kabuki Queen” invisibly advanced closer to the Center Antenna to avoid getting attacked by the Impetuous Cameronian on top of the building next to her.


As she did so the Cameronian apparently sniffed her scent, and instantly dashed out of the building in a fit of rage, jumping down in an attempt to reach “Kabuki Queen”. But “Nebel” and “Saberrider” weren’t having any of that this time, and thus another “To Do” entry was added to the Cleaning Crew’s List by “Nebel”.


Shocked by the sudden Kuang Shi appearance in front of them, the Highlanders tried to shoot the brainwashed human down with their Chainrifles, but just as they shoot at him, the Kuang Shi shoot at them, and while the Kuang shi was mortally wounded, his stimulants keeping him standing even though he was already basically dead, the toll among the Highlanders was much higher, most of them lying on the floor bleeding to death as well, or already dead.


The Highlander Grey on the left flank was apparently angry about her previous work getting ruined, and decided to repeat what she had done before as she went around the corner and took out the Warcor “Xin Hua”, and exchanging shots with “Nebel”.


On the other side of the battlefield the Highlander Team called for backup to get out of their predicament, and the Volunteer Intel Doctor answered them by dashing into the open and pouring bullets into the Kuang Shi with his Combi rifle from out of reach of the Kuang Shi’s Chain Rifle, taking the already mortally wounded political criminal down, saving the Highlanders.


A pain riden shout next to me indicated that “Nebel” had apparently lost the exchange with the Highlander Grey and was once again downed by a bullet, but since “Shen Nung” was right next to her I had no doubt she’d make it.


Intercepted communication between Highlander Grey and Volunteer

“Yo, Mac Pea! There’s another one of them Goats here…”

“So what?”

“I just thought you might be….interested….you know…”

“Oh come on, not you too Grace..”

“Soooorry….couldn’t resist…anyways, I’m not joking, there’s one of them Mad Traps here”

“Yeah, like I said, so what? I’m like on the other side of the battlefield!”

“But we need a clear path here…and your Clan’s reputation…”

“Seriously? You’re gonna pull that card? Fine then…I’m already on my way…”

“Hurry up man, that Sniper doesn’t seem to want to stay down for long…”

“Yeah yeah, I’m already there, started running the moment I heard goat…”

“Oh come on Mac Pea, that one’s too easy..”

“….cause I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist calling me over…”

“You sure I’m the one that couldn’t resist?”

“Oh shut your mouth back there!”

“Don’t turn around you idiot, you’re right in the things ra…”

*Conversation gets interrupted by a Mad Traps triggering sound*


Apparently the Caledonians didn’t want to advance through the gap they had created unprepared though, and thus they sent another one of their “Goat removers”, though this one apparently was a bit distracted as he suddenly turned around, and thus got surprised by one of the Mad Traps and was glued to the ground.


Since that approach hadn’t worked, a nearby S.A.S that had been camouflaged until now decided to jump in and opened fire on the Special Celestial Guard Operative “Chuan”, but the veteran’s improved armour was too thick for his primitive bullets.


The Volunteer Intel Doctor on the Caledonians left flank continued to clean another Kuang Shi out of the Highlanders way, and their leader decided to use this opportunity to advance towards the antenna there. He didn’t expect “Saberrider”‘s pinpoint precision though, and paid for it by ending up on the ground next to his other comrades and the Kuang Shi.


Knowing that the S.A.S’s camouflage was no match for my armours advanced sensors I rose from my defensive position to open fire on him, only to have another Caledonian S.A.S reveal itself on another building’s roof and open fire on me alongside with the S.A.S. Apparently the woman had lain in ambush waiting for me to show myself, but she was out of luck, as I simply sweept my HMG from the S.A.S Agent over to her position in one quick armour assisted move, mowing both of them down in a hail of bullets.


With that done I turned to check on “Nebel” and “Shen Nung”, and as I saw the doctor once again not operating at full capacity due to the danger of another Caledonian HMG bulletstorm on his position, I dashed over to his position and took the Highlander Grey out with my own HMG bulletstorm.


With this the Caledonian right flank and center where suddenly empty, and all that was left was for “Saberrider” to advance on our right flank, taking out the Volunteer Intel Doctor that had taken cover there, and attacking the remaining enemy hacker, which quickly dashed out of the combat zone though, carrying the Volunteer Intel Doctor with her.


With the attack repelled I sent my agents out to collect the wounded, and take special care of the Volunteer that had been captured by the Mad Trap, while I proceeded to follow the Caledonians alongside Saberrider and a few others.

As we reached the Escape Pod section we could hear a series of loud explosions shaking the side of the “Dancing Panda” as a large amount of escape pods launched themselves off the ship. This wasn’t the only source of explosions though as a nearby Cargo Hangar Bay door suddenly exploded as well, throwing the Hangar’s content into space alongside the escape pods.

Apparently I had underestimated the primitive warriors…their attack on the defense system only one of two plans to secure a possible escape route. The active defense system would no doubt wreak havoc among the escape pods even with the Cargo floating in the way, but there was a chance that among all the cargo and empty escape pods, a few Caledonians could escape to safety…and my gut feeling told me that this Mac Seamus fellow would somehow manage t be among them…..



Phew, this was a fun game, but also a hard one to play,

My kids didn’t make it easy for us to concentrate this time, my son disturbing the preparations of the table long enough for my daughter to get tired again, followed by him getting tired and loads of effort needed to keep them happy and us able to finish *lol* which lead to some more “brutal” routes of attacks chosen by my wife which she later said she would rather not have taken (the link Team attacking the Kuang Shi being the most obvious one there..) , especially after she realized she could have used the Intel to clean the Kuang Shi instead like she did afterwards…

Still was a lot of fun though, and battles like that are just what two young parents have to life with if they want to enjoy a game of Infinity at home I guess ;-P

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No sooner had I ensured that Sergeant Onizuka was well taken care of, his heavily wounded body on its way for restoration at Sophotect Akaseni’s station, than I already received another security warning, this time by my Su Jian Pilot “Saberrider”.

As I blinked the holo communication on the main screen of my helmet’s visor, I was greeted by the familiar fat and frankly ugly face of “Saberrider”. Normally a guy like him wouldn’t be fit to serve for the Yu Jing Empire, but the ISS always had a place for talent and his skills as a remote pilot where so extraordinary that his plump and unfitting body had been tolerated. We did however make sure to never include him personally in any sort of official meeting or event with foreign officials……claiming that “the presence of his Su Jian would be more impressive to those “foreign devils”.

Luckily he himself seemed to prefer it that way as well, apparently feeling more at home inside the head of his machine than in his real body anyways.

General Fuyu! There has been another attempt of security breach near the shuttle bay where the Caledonian Boarding Party has landed. Apparently they are trying to get their shuttle free so they can flee from the “Dancing Panda”.

Letting out a loud but short laugh I contemplated this development for a second, and then replied with determination in my voice. “Understood, follow them and intercept if necessary, I will be there shortly with a strike team.”

So it seems they weren’t in the mood for further plundering anymore…and the rats would prefer to leave the dragon’s nest now…well they would have to fight their way out if they really wanted to leave, that was for sure.

With a good chunk of my troops already busy cleaning up the aftermaths of the previous engagements, or securing key areas, I just took Kanren Umibozu, Shen Nung, “Chuan” and Father Anderson with me, and ordered some reinforcements from the Command Center to meet me and “Saber Rider”at the control access to the Shuttle Bay Area.

As I arrived in the area about a minute later, carried there by one of the stations transport capsules at high speed, I was pleased to see that “Saberrider” had already arrived, and the reinforcements where just arriving as well. I had called for a new contractor that I had hired before we left for the Wotan Gate, but who hadn’t had an opportunity to show her worth yet, a woman called “Nebel”, apparently a half German half Japanese sniper mercenary that had decided to work closely with the ISS from now on. She had arrived alongside Celestial Guard Shen Jing and her group of Zombie like Kuang Shi…and for some reason a reporter from Yu Jing News…what the hell was that?

As I was about to walk over to their group, I received a communication from Shen Jing, her friendly yet somehow creepy face appearing on the corner of my helmet display “Don’t worry General, I made sure to “instruct” the Warcor on what is appropriate footage and what isn’t….and he agreed to our terms, most likely cause he didn’t want to end up in my collection….isn’t that right Buttercup?” at that point she was looking away from the holo recorder, most likely talking to one of her Kuang Shi’s… to be frank, her behavior towards them was the main reason she came across as creepy, but she was the best at coordinating and maintaining those repenting servants of the State, and her combat reports more than made up for her odd nature…and really, who cared about how she treated those things, they deserved nothing better, traitors and enemies of the state the lot of them…at least those under my command, I gave special instructions to ensure that.

Having apparently snapped back to reality Shen Jing then added a snappy “Oh, his name is Xin Hua by the way, just for the record should he fall in battle or betray our trust…”

Nodding once I replied “Thanks for the heads up…I was about to send him on its way, but I guess a little inspirational video for our troops won’t hurt….”. Switching to command communication channel so every one of my subordinates in the area would hear me I continued. “Look good out there today ladies and gentlemen we’ve got news coverage this time…so give them swift justice!”.

Now obviously this didn’t bode well with my original plan of simply having the Caledonians “vanish” from the records….but then again the Caledonians never would have believed us anyways…so with this news report about the “Caledonian Rebel Raiding Party” attacking the “Dancing Panda”, they could at least claim to have no ties to the troops they sent to our ship…keeping face in the process….making diplomatic interactions in the future easier…or whatever..


Anyways, Kanren Umibozu had forward deployed in the area of operation, and reported that the Caledonian forces consisted of a Wulver Team as well as a Highlander Team with a Cameronian on their left flank, a truly brutal assault force for sure, as well as a Volunteer Team accompanied by a hacker and another Cameronian on their left flank, most likely tasked with accessing the Network to free their shuttle from its holding clamps.



I deployed to counter their heavy advance with the Su Jian “Saberrider”, the Kuang Shi Team as well as the Warcor on our right flank of the battlefield, Shen Nung, “Chuan”, Nebel and myself at the center, and Father Anderson at our left flank.


Since we had arrived a bit late to the party, the Caledonians where already on the move, one of their Cameronians dashing forward on the left flank, while the other tried to sneak along on the right flank. Such creatures where obviously not very capable of sneaking though, and the giant furball thus walked right into “Nebel”’s sight. His animal instincts somehow saved him from the first bullet, but as he tried to dodge out of the way, “Nebel”’s second volley hit the creature straight in the head and chest, the viral ammunition quickly disintegrating the creature into a puddle of sludge, almost blocking the area in between the buildings that it had tried to advance in with its biological waste remains.


In the meantime the Wulver Team had advanced on their right flank, coming dangerously close to our own lines, but apparently they realized they had been overstretching a bit, and thus decided to wait for the Highlander Team to advance alongside them.


It seemed however like our Warcor “Xin Hua” had noticed this advance as well, and was trying to grab some footage of it…

Recording of Freedom News Channel Reporter Xin Hua:

This is Xin Hua for Freedom News Channel speaking; I report today right from the frontlines of the recently opened Wotan incident. It appears that a group of Caledonian Plunderers, most likely outcasts from their own clan with no ties to the Ariadnan nation, have infiltrated the “Dancing Panda” that had just arrived in the system, pretending to make a routine security check, but then proceeding to plunder and attack the inhabitants of this fine Space ship.”

Rest assured though fine citizens of Yu Jing Empire, General Yasashii Fuyu has arrived in the sector on board of the “Dancing Panda” and is engaging the attackers as I am recording this. I have already heard the first shots being fired, and can now see a group of Caledonian Highlanders approaching in my direction…..I shall now zoom in so you can see what I’m talking about.”

*Camera changes view from Xin Hua to barely visible Highlanders advancing in the distance. Instead of zooming in a bright light blinds the screen for a second though*

Oh…erm…that was the flash pulse for range finding….whoops…I think I blinded one of them there….Ehem, I mean I obviously just tried to heroically support our troops by blinding the leader of their Highlander Team…Glory to Yu Ji..” *BANG ZING*

What the…damn! Someone is shooting at me!” *BANG ZING*

There he is! Some sort of sniper….wait, let me zoom in on this..” *another bright light suddenly blinds the screen*

“Wángbādàn! Wrong button again….Erm…I mean…don’t worry fellow viewers, I have successfully blinded this attacker as well! Remember….don’t do this at home, your camera’s range finder can be dangerous if you are not careful…in this case however it was all for the betterment of Yu Ji…..”


 Which resulted in the leader of their team as well as a Cateran Sniper that had tried to take out the Warcor being blinded and the rest of the Team dispersing to not get blinded as well.



On the other side of the battlefield the Caledonian Hacker woman tried to access the shuttle’s docking clamp control system, but just as she was plugging her connector port into the antenna, a humming sound grew louder, followed by a sudden electric discharge right into the hackers primitive hacking device and through its keyboard right into her body, roasting the poor soul where she had knelt down to connect. An animated .gif of a Raccoon shaking it’s stretched out index finger with a speech bubble saying “No No No…bad Caledonian! Bad!” could be seen on the slightly smoking Network Antenna Display.




I decided to use this opportunity to send Shen Jing’s Kuang Shi team to flank the distracted enemy, and spouting a number of pro Yu Jing Propaganda, and a couple or more…odd…choices of words, the Kuang Shi stumbled along the left flank alongside Shen Jing, and eventually around the corner to attack the Wulver Link Team.


The first Kuang Shi took out one of the Wulvers and wounded another before he got shot to bits.


The second Kuang Shi finished off the wounded Wulver and wounded another one, both with his Chain rifle and the following explosion of his own body as he got too heavily wounded by the returning fire to continue fighting.


The third Kuang Shi finished off the Wulvers, and even survived doing so.


Satisfied with the results of Shen Jing’s advance, I ordered Su Jian “Saberrider” to now advance on the right flank as well, with the danger of the Wulvers out of the way.

With Xin Hua’s camera filming every second of it, what happened next would eventually become the start of a new animated Movie Series, known as “Saberriders X Mega Justice Warriors”…


In its animal form “Saberrider” advanced alongside the right flank until it had some of the spread out Highlanders in its view. Without changing pace, he opened fire on the two Caledonians who could do nothing but trying to dodge the hail of bullets. They weren’t fast enough though and where ripped apart by the Spitfire.



Leaping for a buildings corner, transforming in mid jump, Saberrider, now in his humanoid form, opened fire on the blinded Cateran, as well as a Volunteer that had been taking cover on a nearby corner, and the surprised Caledonian followed their Highlander brethren’s examples and died on the spot.


Not satisfied with his advance, Saberrider then pushed himself away from the Buildings corner and dashed for the Antenna in the middle of the Battlefield, pummeling the blinded Highlander and the giant Cameronian with yet another salvo from his spitfire as he did so.

No match for the targeting sensors of the highly advanced Su Jian and the incredible talent of its pilot both the Cameronian and the blinded Highlander hit the ground dead as well, countless bullet holes all over their body.


On our left flank, just as “Kabuki Queen” vanished back into the shadows, Father Anderson advanced towards a container box on the roof he had been lying in ambush on until now, and opened fire on the 112 Emergency Unit that had apparently been on its way to help the roasted Caledonian Hacker woman. Sadly he would never make it in time as he himself got reduced to a puddle of sludge as Father Anderson viral rifle’s ammunition ended his attempt preemptively.


Intercepted communication between Caledonian Infiltrators, recorded by “( ̄ヘ ̄)”

Erm…Mac Dunkan….what are our orders? Isabelle just got roasted, and our 112 is dead as well!”


Mac Dunkan? Orders please, we’re dying out here….”


Seriously man, this isn’t funny! Give us an order or we’re done for!”


Mac Pea, don’t bother, Mac Dunkan got killed by some crazy Mecha cat thing along with everyone else on the left flank, I’m on my way to your position! The Mecha cat thing as well I think by the way…”

Holy goat balls….they are all dead?”

*suppressed laughter could be heard on the other side before the Volunteer manages to calm himself again* “Yes Mac Pea, they are all dead….didn ‘t stand any chance at all…”

But….then…what….damn it, who is our commander now? Seamus?”

*another voice enters the communication*

Don’t look at me lad, I’m not even in the command structure of this little disaster..”

But then…”

Calm down Mac Pea, wasn’t your grand grand father Earl of whatever and so? I guess that makes you the commander now…”

What? But I didn’t even know him..oh screw this! Screw this to hell and back! RETREAT! We’re leaving!”

*A female voice chimes in* “But…erm…Sir? We’re suppressed from all sides….”

Then shoot us a way out damn it, I’m leaving! Gogogo!”

*Sound of Heavy Machine Gun firing ends the recording*

Stunned by the extremely fast demise of his troops the enemy commander called for an all-out retreat of his forces, realizing that they’d have to find a different way off this ship. One of the Caledonians, a Highlander Grey, managed to take out Father Anderson with her Teseum bullets spewing Heavy Machine Gun, as she tried to free an escape route for her comrades, and the three remaining Caledonian troopers escaped off the battlefield together, a fourth one not so lucky and getting shot by “Nebel” on his attempt to reach the rest of the group.


Not having fired a single shot myself this time, I sat down on the stairs I had been guarding until now I sent Su Jian “Saberrider” in pursuit of the Caledonians and accessed the station’s security grid so search for any other potential escape routes the Caledonians could take.

Just as I was about to contact Madame Captain for advice, a name on the ships map came into my field of view….”Escape Pods”…..


Aiaiai, that definitely wasn’t my wives best day….my Warcor blinding her advance on her left flank and even blinding her Cateran took away all the orders she would have needed to murder me with her Wulvers….but her long going grudge against the Warcor (he had done similar things before…) kept her from realizing that before it was already too late…and then Su Jian happened….