Chapter 1.14: Battle Report 6: Best Prices Paid

Best Price Paid.png

As the Neon Lights of the City turned on one after the other, turning the surrounding streets into a nimbus of colours and schemes, my strike team and I were just about to reach the outer areas of the Onxy Tiger subterranean shopping centre known as “Wong’s Best Prices”.

Not exactly a glamorous name, and not exactly the best area of the City either, but considering that we were expecting the Caledonian base to be something along the line of a secret underground base hidden somewhere behind some narrow maintenance corridor, realizing that their hideout was actually in a brightly lit shopping centre which even was accessible by cars, was kind of a nice surprise.

Apparently the access hatches we had uncovered eventually lead here, serving as some sort of emergency rescue corridors for the underground facilities, and the Caledonian Scoundrel had just been using them to secretly sneak around the areas above.

The Caledonian “Base of operation” also turned out to be little more than a block of buildings taken over by the thugs, but our infiltrator suggested that they were actually packing some heavy firepower in there, so careful approach was required.

As we came closer a short data burst arrived over the battle network and the image of an animated racoon wearing a scarf and a huge sake gourd on its back suddenly flashed up on my helmet display. Striking a dramatic pose with one hand stretched out and one behind the head the Racoon started to shake his head sideways and stomp down with one of his feet in front of him, while proclaiming “Yooooooo Taichoooooo!!! …” the part was followed by a “Dudunkun” drum sound “Beware there are some S.A.S Infiltrators lying in ambush, apparently they know we’re coming…”. Once this short message was delivered the Racoon stood upright, made a ninja hand gesture in front of him, and disappeared into a cloud of smoke with a nod, finally leaving me with a clear helmet display again.

I’d most likely never fully understand how Kabuki Queen’s mind worked, but at least she was good at her job, and it was fun to be around her, even if it was sometimes hard to know whether you actually where around her or not.

IMG_20161005_191207.jpgISS Army.jpgIMG_20161005_191240.jpgIMG_20161005_191430.jpgCaledonian ArmyIMG_20161005_191342.jpgIMG_20161005_191352.jpg Warned about the ambush I quickly sent Kanren Umibozu ahead to pinpoint the location of the ambush, and then took position on a nearby building that allowed for a good view of the surrounding area, including parts of the Caledonian base. “Lotus Justice” took position right next to me, and Father Anderson was covering the approach to my right with his deadly Viral Rifle.

The main body of my strike team, a formation of the two newly arrived Crane Agents and 3 Celestial Guards, where positioned behind the building I was covering to allow for quick deployment where needed.

As the first Caledonian soldiers came into view, I gave the sign to start the operation, and on my mark a smoke grenade from one of the celestial guards popped open right in front of me, covering my whole rooftop in a smoke screen.

Instantly my field of view changed a little as the Multi Spectral Visor of my Hsien Armour took over and compensated for the smoke, allowing me a clear view right through the smoke and at the enemies behind it.

The moment my smoke screen rose up some sort of automated alarm arose from the Caledonian base, and a archaic looking rocket platform that had previously been hidden behind a cardboard box sprung to live, shedding its cardboard skin and scanning the surrounding area for targets for its deadly payload.

Not too keen of the idea of fighting a mobile rocket launcher platform I still decided that I was in the best position to take care of it, and thus I aimed my hand crafted heavy machine gun at the thing and opened up fire through the smoke.

Apparently the sensors of the rocket platform where too weak to penetrate my smoke screen even though I fired right through it, and so a measly attempt of the thing to move back a little in hopes of avoiding some of the slugs coming its way was all it could do before it got shredded to pieces by the storm of my bullets.


Opening up the internal communication channels I messaged a quick “Beware, enemy automated weapon platforms spotted…..”


I swear it ladies, that’s exactly how it happened! There I was, standing on this god forsaken rooftop in the middle of some run down shopping mall called “Wangs wobbly Wiener” or something like that. And just as I was down on my knees, praying together with my Holo Echoes for the Lord to cleanse this filthy place…..what? Why with the Holo Echoes you ask? Obviously the more pray the better right? Don’t be stupid, of course that matters! But let me continue on damn it, and bring me another glass of Champaign, my throat is getting sore…”

Aaah…that’s better, now where was I? Oh right, praying to the Lord to cleanse the filthy bunghole that was that place. So right after I prayed and stood back up, making the sign of the cross on my chest, I notice some strange movement right on the other side of the street where the communication array and the boxes of orange juice had been standing…..only the boxes of Orange Juice where gone! And instead of them there was this big metallic Atek looking thing now, scanning the surroundings with a red laser beam. And what did it have on its back? A bunch of bloody rockets!!”

So as I instantly duck down into cover and aimed my trusty little rifle “Judgement” at the thing, my com suddenly bursts into action and the Commander warns us of some sort of automated weapon platform…..a little too fucking late I think to myself as I aim down my sight at the thing. But then, just as I was about to squeeze the trigger and pepper the thing with sweet sweet Justice, everything suddenly turns red! The damned thing had pointed its laser scanner at my sight and had blinded me!! “

Now you know, every other fucker out there with less experience than me would have cowered down in panic right then and there, but not me you know, I’ve fought blinded more often than most of those Caledonian dogs that day had ever fought in their entire life! So I just shut my eye and looked through the sight with my other eye, but I was too late!! The last thing I saw that day was a large puff of smoke as the thing shoot a salvo of rockets my way, and I shit you not, one of that damn things exploded right in my damn face, knocking me unconscious!”

WHAT DO YOU MEAN I’M FULL OF SHIT? I’m telling you that’s how I got this scar right there; I took a bloody rocket to the face! And I live to tell the tale, the Lord’s my witness! What? Yeah sure you can touch it, but only if I can touch yours as well! Mwahaha!”

Excerpt from Chapter 2.5 “Father Anderson, Legend or Liar” of “Drunk and Delirious, Bar Stories from The Neon Dragon”, recorded by Chu Bu Ju for Maya Net.

A moment after I sent my warning I could see the rooftop next to me turn into a giant fireball, as one of the automated rocket platforms apparently found Father Anderson and peppered his position with rockets.


Pretty sure that even that tough son of a gun wouldn’t be able to stay operational after a salvo like that I quickly opened Coms again “Strike Team, Anderson has been taken out, please proceed to flank the weapon platform with utmost care and then advance for the left flank.”

A short “Roger that” confirmed my order, and a moment later I could see the squad advance from behind the building, and the Crane Agent with the Spitfire open up fire at the Rocket pod across the street.

A series of metallic screeches sounded the apparent success of the Crane Agent in taking down the thing, and with a nod towards my position, the Strike team advanced forward towards the left flank.


As they came around a huge planter the strike team suddenly stood right in front of a 5 man team of Caledonian Volunteers, led by a Highlander Grey and accompanied by some sort of redheaded girl with what looked like a primitive hacking device below her feet.


Without hesitation the Crane Agent let his Spitfire do the talking once more, and during a prolonged fire fight, he mowed down all 5 of them, as well as a S.A.S agent that had revealed himself at some point during the fire right in an attempt to ambush the Crane Agent.


At this point the Caledonians finally managed to assemble something that resembled a counter attack, and driven by the thirst for vengeance for their fallen comrades, and the smell of blood in the air, two Cameronians and a 45 Highlander suddenly popped in the open right across the street.

Apparently the creatures hadn’t seen me taking out their rocket platform as both of them instantly started throwing smoke grenades in their path. I let them both pay for their stupidity by ripping one apart with my HMG, and heavily wounding the other one, my Multi Spectral Visor once again allowing me to see right through their smoke grenades.


Since “Lotus Justice” didn’t have a Multi Spectral Visor she wasn’t as lucky and her shoots didn’t manage to connect to any of them, but her suppression fire still managed to severely restrict the movements of the wounded Cameronian.

The 45th Highlander that had also popped up in my field of view was smarter than his Cameronian counterparts, which isn’t hard when compared to half human half dog creatures, and managed to dodge behind a nearby building, apparently searching for an entrance to reach Kabuki Queen, who was hiding inside of said building.


Apparently the Caledonian commander had had enough of me mowing down his troops, and a Cateran revealed himself on a roof of the Caledonian hideout, opening up fire on me with his T2 Sniper rifle from just outside of my Suppression fire range. Knowing of the deadly potential of these weapons I quickly went prone behind my cover as a bullet luckily bounced off my armour…the Emperors present already showing it’s priceless worth!

With me out of the picture for now, the Caledonians grew bolder again, and the wounded Cameronian circled the little fast food stall that Kabuki Queen was hiding in, in an attempt to crawl through the window to get to her, but he apparently hadn’t thought about “Lotus Justice”, who now took the opportunity of a smoke free shot to finish off the wounded Cameronian!


Giving up on Kabuki Queen the Highlander then proceeded to throw a smoke Grenade on the street, and the enemy commander, a female Moramaer, used this to advance towards a favourable firing position, ignoring the bullets of “Lotus Justice” that where bouncing uselessly off her heavy armour plates.


While his commander advanced, a Caledonian Engineer took the opportunity to advance towards the Rocket Platform that had previously taken out Father Anderson, and with a few routine movements and a lot of luck, he managed to repair the bullet riddled thing back into operation, the search laser glowing back into action and instantly scanning its surroundings.


With the initiative back in our hands I instantly took the opportunity to shoot at the enemy commander, fully aware that his weapon was more than capable of wounding me, but unwilling to let go of this opportunity to put a quick end to this battle.

The ensuing fire fight was a rough one as countless bullets came flying in both directions, my superior position giving me the advantage in the offense, but the Moramaers heavy armour making her almost impervious to my bullets. After a while however the superior amount of firepower and the better position won the fire fight in my favour as the enemy commander first took a wound in the arm, and as she stumbled yet another one straight to the neck, right in between her helmet and chest plate.


Slowly getting surrounded on all sides and with their commander taken out, the Caledonians decided that it was time to fight another day, and as one of the S.A.S whisked away the body of her Commander, they retreated from the battlefield, leaving their base behind, my agents hot on their heels.


Most of them got away, their superior knowledge of the area allowing them to vanish, but not all of them where so lucky….


Damn my commander for forcing me out here into the open with nothing but a Traktor Mul to protect me… ;-( “

It’s your duty Jeoffrey, don’t be an arse.”

What do you mean it’s my duty? I’m an Engineer, I fix things, not shoot them, if I had wanted to shoot stuff I would have become a Moramaer…”

You’re a Combat Engineer, Combat, you know, the thing where you shoot others?”

Oh screw you Bourne, you know full well that there are no normal Engineering positions to be had around here, who would want a Caledonian Engineer in The Neon Dragon? They’d just laugh at me and walk away with their Holo shit and Cyber Yadayada..”

Tough life man, now shut the fuck up and do your job, shouldn’t you be guarding the area instead of writing here? You know them Asians, all Ninjas and shit…”

Yeah right…Ninjas…as if. Wait a sec, something is not right with the Traktor Mul…”

Everything alright there?”

Yeah don’t worry man, the power supply just seems to have gone out again, guess it got hit harder than I thought…just wait a sec…”


Haaa haaa, very funny Bourne, would you stop the crap? I’m kind of busy here you know!”

What are you even talking about you fool?”

That dancing Racoon that just appeared on my system diagnostics screen, very funny, now cut the crap and let me work, if that thing isn’t working I’m fucked when one of them Asians come around…”


Bourne? Come on now, stop it! I’m serious!”





Bourne is not here anymore…”

What the….who are you?”


Saved internal Chat protocol of Caledonian Prisoner Jeoffrey Mc Dougal before his apprehension by Agent Codename “Kabuki Queen”.


Sorry Everyone for the extremely long break between my last story and this Battle Report. During the last month of my wive’s pregnancy and in the months afterwards I simply wasn’t in the mood to calmly sit down and prepare the pictures for the story I had already written…and I didn’t want to force myself either, so this one was sitting on the bench for like half a year! (Crazy how quickly time flies by when you have two small children!)

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A little sidenote from way back when I wrote this report:

Out battle got cut short a bit by my son parking a bunch of cars on the table and having to go to bed, so it ended a little bit earlier than it could have, but the winner was pretty clear at this point anyways, my wife having heavily underestimated the brutal firepower of both my Hsien Agent and my Crane Link Team.

I hope you liked the new style of battle report with the short extra stories from the perspective of other participants of the battle, I had a lot of fun writing them for sure 😉

Chapter 1.11 : Battle Report 5: Recon and Rampage

IMG_20160819_172703.jpgIMG_20160819_190125.jpgReconISS.jpgIMG_20160819_185941.jpgReconCaled.jpgGetting a Recon team ready in the Imperial Service is obviously way easier than in most other parts of the Yu Jing Service as 80% of its agents are specialists in one or several areas of expertise required for that sort of operation.

It thus only took mere minutes to get a small assortment of suited agents ready and within the area of operation, and as I stepped inside my Crane Agent armour I let my eyes glance over the agents that had so quickly answered my call for backup. Kanren Umibozu, a guy that basically seemed to never sleep and two Celestial Guards, including Shen Jing, were forming the Imperial Service core of the unit, together with a couple of Kuang Shi for the more dangerous areas of the Recon zone, and two Bounty Hunters for some plausible deniability when it came down to smashing things and possibly causing civilian casualties in the process.

As was his way Kanren Umibozu instantly advanced towards the centre of the Recon Area, securing possible advance routes for the rest of the team.


I took position on the left flank, forming a small team with the two Celestial Guards, and left the centre and right flank to the Bounty Hunters “Lotus Justice”, “Sucker Punch” and the Kuang Shis.





It wasn’t exactly the strongest attack formation, but this was just a Recon Mission to find the possible Caledonian hideout in the area. That damned Cameronian couldn’t have vanished into thin air after all.


First scans of the area had shown two suspicious consoles in the area that might lead to something, so our first priority would be to secure those if possible.

Just as we were about to start our sweep of the area, frantic shooting could be heard from the centre of the recon area.

Apparently Kanren Umibozu’s forward advance had lead him straight into an ambush laid by an enemy S.A.S, but as his laughing “Got you fucker!” proclaimed Umibozu had managed to take care of the S.A.S on his own by the time my own team had managed to advance to his position.


In the meantime the Kuang Shi stumbled forward all over the recon area in their Zombie like fashion, and both “Sucker Punch” and “Lotus Justice” took position to cover the right flanks from any possible flanking manoeuvres.


The scent of blood from the S.A.S in the air apparently triggered a fit of rage in the Cameronian that I had been hunting before, as the barely patched together creature suddenly came crashing out of a building on the right flank, running right towards the Bounty Hunters on that side.


As bullets slammed in all around him the Cameronian came on, throwing a smoke grenade in between himself and the Bounty Hunters, but apparently his mad advance had been too overconfident as he was hit by one of “Lotus Justice”’s Sniper Bullets on his run, which forced the man-beast into cover behind a nearby building.


Before I could respond to the attack on the right flank, I was hit by my own set of trouble as a Highlander Grey suddenly came dashing out behind a building on the other side of the recon area, letting lose on my position with an armour piercing heavy machine gun! I responded as quickly as possible by peppering the area in the Highlander Grey’s general direction with Spitfire bullets, but the amount of armour piercing slugs coming my way was just too much, and as the first few bullets luckily bounced off my armour and cover, I decided to retreat back behind the building I was standing beside and wait for a better opportunity to counter attack.


Apparently a 45 Highlander had been waiting for just that to happen, as he suddenly came dashing around the containers in front of my team, and opened up fire on the Kanren Umibozus that where standing around there.

With a flickering smirk on their faces the Holo Echoes of the real Kanren Umibozu simply vanished into thin air under the onslaught of Chainrifle ammunition, and the heroic shout on the Highlanders face instantly was replaced by a painful one as Celestial Guard Shen Jing placed a bullet firmly into the exposed Caledonian’s chest.


Knowing that his wound was fatal, but unwilling to let go, the wild Highlander raised his Chain rifle in defiance and came dashing at Shen Jing, revenge in his eyes as he pulled the trigger.

Luckily Shen Jing’s armour held true as she placed yet another bullet into the Highlander, this time ending the madman’s onrush.


Kanren Umibozu in the meantime seemed to have run out of luck as the Caledonian Volunteer Team lead by the Highlander Grey suddenly came running around the other side of the Containers, and shoot him down before he could properly react.


Luckily his vital signs were still being transmitted, so if we acted quick we most likely would have been able to save him, but apparently the enemy wasn’t going to make that job easy for us as a Caledonian Moramaer suddenly came around a building on the right flank of the Recon Area, blocking our lines of advance with her imposing presence.


But it seemed that the Moramaer hadn’t considered “Sucker Punch”’s confidence, because as soon as the smoke from the Cameronian’s Smoke Grenade cleared, the Bounty Hunter opened fire on the Moramaer, dealing a mortal blow to her. Just as the Highlander though the Moramaer remained standing, refusing to die so easily.


As the firefight between the Moramaer and the despite her looks also heavily armoured Bounty Hunter raged on, I took the opportunity to make the Volunteer Team that had just taken out Kanren Umibozu pay for their carelessness, by shooting down a Volunteer that had advanced slightly too much, exposing itself to my Spitfire.


With a loud and cheerful “Take that you Atek Tincan!!” “Sucker Punch” had apparently taken out the Caledonian Moramaer for good, and as the prolonged firefight came to an end, with the flank finally clear of danger, I decided to make my move.


Dashing forward right towards the containers and around it, I was suddenly standing in front of the Volunteer and Highlander Grey that had been taking cover there, and as their wild shoots where flying in all around me and bouncing off my armour, I opened up on them with my two Nano Pulsers, ending them in a series of painful screams that soon fell silent.


Seeing as their comrades had been taken out the remaining 112 Emergency Unit and the wounded Cameronian decided to take this chance and retreat back to where they came from, once again apparently disappearing into thin air.

As our backup squad finally arrived, taking care of the wounded Kanren Umibozu, we finally managed to get access to the Control Consoles, and eventually found the little secret hidden inside them. Apparently among their many functions, these consoles also allowed to open a set of hidden maintenance access hatches to the area known as “The Onxy Tiger”, which lay right beneath the ground of some areas of “The Neon Dragon”.

With a loud hissing sound the access hatches nearby opened up, revealing some dark corridors leading into the unknown, and as I sent in the backup squads to check the path ahead, I decided to head home for today…..the sun was already slowly rising, and I’d need at least a little bit of sleep before my official shift started…..after all this would become quite the interesting day for sure!

Hearing the comforting voice of Kuang Fu Bao in my helmet’s com, claiming a hearty “Leave it all to me sir, by the time you’re awake, we’ll know where those rats are hiding and we’ll be ready to strike!”, I just nodded in his direction and entered the troop transporter that would get me home. So much for Street Performance….tomorrow it would be time for some Underground Art!



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Hope you enjoyed this battle report, we tried out the Recon Mission set as I wanted to bring my wife closer to the idea of mission gameplay, but in the end she got murdered so badly, that the consoles didn’t even matter ;-P


Chapter 1.9 : Battle Report 4 : Sword Unsheated

IMG_1849.JPGb1.jpgIMG_1848a1.jpga2.jpgDSC_0229.JPGBy the time I had reached our base and entered my suite of armour, the squad I had called for stood already assembled at the elevator that would lead us to our dropship.

The Aleph A.I. Node in The Pearl Turtle was too far away from our elevator system, so we had to deploy by Dropship, and thus the briefing for the rest of the squad was done while we where already in the air and on our way.

By the time my boots hit the ground everyone was briefed and knew what was at stake. Mere minutes before the Dragon Lady Onigokko had informed me about the supposed Haqqislam Attack on the Aleph A.I. Node, one of our Field Agents had sent a distress call regarding this matter as well. Apparently the local Haqq Corporation Branches were having trouble with some of the regulations and taxes regarding their products, and it seems like they had decided to do something about it by altering the local A.I. Node Database.

I have to say I was a bit alarmed about the strange grade of details we had about this plan of attack, but I guess that’s IS Agents for you, or maybe some of Haqqs commercial enemies have spilled the beans after a failed deal? It really didn’t matter.

What mattered was that my squad and I seemed to have arrived just in the nick of time. No sooner had my squad taken up position than the first Haqqislam Troopers where already advancing on the A.I. Node.


An enemy trooper that had apparently advanced before the rest of their force came rushing in from the flank, hoping to get the drop on us, but Kanren Umibozu who had concealed himself via several Holo Echoes, instantly spotted the ambusher, and since he was a skilled Holo Echo user himself, he quickly spotted the real person among the ambushers Holo Echoes and took him out with his gun.


Basically at the same time on the left flank some crazy Haqqislam woman on a bike came dashing towards us, hoping for her speed to cover her advance, but the Bao Sniper that Pheasant Agent Fu Bao had deployed on the nearby tower wasn’t going to let her pass that easily, and instantly dropped her with his Multisniper rifle.


With their initial rushed attack taken out instantly, the Haqqislam Commander decided to go for sneakier tactics as he advanced some sort of Jammer Unit that instantly tried to damage Kanren Umibozu equipment to cut him off from the rest of the squad and mess with his Hacking Device. But Kanren Umibozu was quite skilled at cyber and technological warfare and thus he managed to prevent any real damage to his systems by activating the systems safety reboot system just in time of the attack.


The enemy tried to repeat this for a while longer, before realizing that it was no use, and then tried to relocate to search for better targets. By this time however the rest of the squad had noticed Umibozu’s predicament and the same Bao Sniper that had taken out the Biker Girl before, now was already waiting for an opportunity like this, and as the enemy trooper advanced into a nearby building, he took the shoot just as the trooper entered the buildings door and shoot him down.


At that moment the Haqqislam troops coordinated a push forward and took control of one of the A.I. Nodes Connection points while remaining hidden from my troops. While Kanren Umibozu was still busy with restarting his Hacking Device a metallic “clank” could suddenly be heard next to him, and as Kanren turned to take a look at it, his freshly booted Hacking Device suddenly beeped a loud warning for an incoming hacking attack. Realizing too late that the enemy had just pitched some sort of Repeater near him Umibozu’s neuronal connection to his Killer Hacking device suddenly went haywire and sent Umibozu unconscious with excruciating pain.


At this point my troops finally managed to find the momentum to swing the initiative in our favour, and no sooner had Kanren Umibozu hit the ground that Sophotect Akaseni came dashing around the corner to heal him with her Motherforge.


Out for Revenge Kanren Umibozu instantly hacked into the enemy repeater in search for the Haqqislam Hacker that had just attacked him, but he had to realize that there where more than just one hacker, and even though he tried to take them out all at once, he was overwhelmed and ended up wounded again.


This time Sophotect Akaseni healed him even before he dropped, and thus Kanren Umibozu was able to use the enemies confusion and frustration at their failed attempt to kill him, to start another attack.


This time Umibozu’s long experience in Cyber warfare prevailed as he killed both enemy hackers, one after the other. Apparently the enemies weren’t as lucky to have a healer right next to them as Kanren Umibozu had been.


But Umibozu got a little too focused on hunting down the enemy’s killer hacker, and just as he fried his enemies brain his hacking device suddenly went blank. Apparently another enemy hacker had been lying in ambush and Umibozu had failed to notice him in time. Luckily this one didn’t appear to be a killer hacker, so Umibozu was spared a worse fate.


Meanwhile Celestial Guard Shen Jing, this time in a role as Forward Observer without her Kuang Shi, managed to take control of a nearby A.I. Node Antenna, preventing the enemy from taking over control of the system.


Apparently the enemy commander had gotten wary of our Sophotect by now and thus was sending out another Jammer trooper to take care of her, but it seemed like her sophisticated systems where save enough to withstand this attack without any damage.


Frustrated by that failure the enemy commander decided it was time for more physical means of dealing with my troops, and he thus sent a trooper through a nearby building to flank my units.

Luckily Sophotect Akaseni wasn’t going to have any of that, and with an almost cheerful “Gotcha Sucker!” she planted a bullet into the ambushing trooper the moment he showed his face in the nearby doorway.


Meanwhile the hacker that had just isolated Kanren Umibozu used the distraction to crawl past my Wu Mings field of view and under the watchful eyes of the Bao Sniper to take control of a second A.I. Node Antenna, tipping the control of the node back into Haqqislams favour.


Pushed by his success the trooper then decided to advance a little further, but as he did so he came within one of my Wu Ming’s field of view and was attacked. But the enemy trooper was not only a skilled hacker but also quite the marksman, managing to wound the Wu Ming and forcing him back into cover, while reaching his desired position himself. I knew right away that this guy would continue to cause us trouble, and just as I thought so he somehow vanished from our satellite lock once more, most likely by reactivating his thermo optical camouflage system.


Sophotect Akaseni used the disappearance of the enemy hacker to reactivate Kanren Umibozu’s Comms Equipment, but with the enemy Jammer still within range, her own Comms systems got isolated in return.


Having had enough of the enemies jamming shenanigans I ordered Celestial Guard Shen Jing to take care of the enemy trooper, which she promptly did by popping out of her cover and wrecking the enemy Jammer with her Boarding shotgun.


There where however more enemies hiding in the corridor below and Shen Jing was thus forced back into her cover by the enemies return fire, barely managing to survive thanks to her armour.

Knowing that the Central Control room and it’s A.I. Node terminal was of critical importance I now ordered the Wu Ming Duo Team to take said room at all costs.

Advancing under heavy enemy fire the two troopers entered the room, and one of them tried to take out the enemy troopers shooting at them from the flank. The enemy trooper was quite the skilled shooter though, and thus the Wu Ming was forced to block the entrance of the chamber with his own body, to allow for his comrade to take over the Central A.I. Node Console.


It seemed however that security was tighter in the central control room, and thus the Forward Observer Wu Ming didn’t manage to take control over the console before the enemy started his counterattack.


A camouflaged enemy trooper with a spitfire that had been sneaking around the right flank used this opportunity to down the Wu Ming Forward Observer through the opened doorway, and another enemy trooper with a Heavy Rocket Launcher that had been creeping on a nearby rooftop decided to change his position and shoot down the other Wu Ming through another open door to the Central Room. What a disaster.


Noticing my strategy the enemy commander changed his tactics and sent an agent into the Central Control room, who took over the A.I. Node Console and took up suppressive firing position in the room. He had been trying to finish of the unconscious Wu Ming Forward Observer in the room as well, but Kanren Umibozu’s Boarding Shotgun had forced him to dash for cover instead.

The remaining Haqqislam troopers took up firing positions to cover both the central room as well as the last Antenna; apparently the enemy commander wasn’t going to make this easy for me.

Father Anderson” decided it was time to change from covering the right flanks to attacking it, and he quickly dispatched of the enemies Spitfire Camo Trooper that had just taken out the Wu Ming Forward Observer.


Having watched the enemy commanders movements for long enough I decided it was time for myself to act. Dashing to a nearby corner I opened fire on a Flash Pulse Drone and the hidden Hacker that had been hiding nearby, taking both of them out, and with a direct line of sight to her I managed to order Sophotect Akaseni to try the unthinkable.


Dashing forward into the now free space to the door of the Central Control Room, and with one swift motion she raised her arm, firing an Adrenalin Dart from a hidden compartment in her right hand at the unconscious Wu Ming Forward Observer in the room.

Twitching back to life the Wu Ming in the Control Room rose like a fictional Zombie, and driven by duty, hatred, revenge or whatever drove those lowly Wu Ming Criminals, he punched in the command codes to take over the Central Control Room’s A.I. Node Console, countless enemy bullets riddling his body as he did so.

With a blood smeared satisfied smirk on his face the Wu Ming dropped dead to the ground, knowing that he had fulfilled his duty and stuck a wrench into Haqqislam’s plans all the same.


Knowing that this sacrifice had basically secured the A.I. Node for us, I still decided that such a brave act deserved to yield more than just a small victory, and thus I dashed forward, right into the Central Control Room, and aiming my Spitfire at the enemy trooper that had just taken out the Wu Ming with his suppressive fire, I took revenge for the Wu Ming and his partner, one bullet at a time, until the enemy trooper was little more than a bloody bullet riddled pulp on the ground.

While I did so I could feel the impact of a high velocity sniper round bouncing off my Crane Armour, from a nearby Sniper, but it was already too late for Haqqislam, the A.I. Node was save, the control room belonged to us, and most enemy troops were defeated.


Realizing his defeat the enemy commander ordered a general retreat, while I made sure that my troops secured the remaining area and take back control of the A.I. Node until an Aleph representative arrived.

It had been a close call and Haqq had almost succeeded in corrupting the A.I. Node, but we had made it in the end, thanks to the two Wu Ming who had in the end managed to redeem themselves to Yu Jing society with their brave sacrifice.

Snapping around to the sudden sound of clapping, I could see the recognizable shape of Dragon Lady Miyu Onigokko leaning in the Control Room’s doorframe I had just come through, clapping in acknowledgement and nodding “Not bad indeed…you’ll definitely make a fine commander for this IS branch, I look forward to working with you…”

Before I could answer she had left through the doorframe and back around the corner though, and I was too busy with the coordination of the operations aftermath to go chasing after her. Next time I’d meet her however, I decided it was time for her to answer me some questions….whether she wanted to or not…


This battle was another first for me, first time playing against this opponent (My community seems to be blessed with awesome players, and its always a pleasure to play against them!), and my first time playing against Haqqislam.

As I feared in advance I was heavily outnumbered and really didn’t know how to start my advance against such an array of guns and specialists , but then luck was on my side and the first imperuous movements of my opponent lead to him losing 2 models, followed by yet another one as his E Mauler fauled to isolate my Kanren and he decided to reposition.

From then on I got more confident and managed to turn things in my favour, although it was really close until the last round. Had my suicide charge with my Crane Lieutenant not worked, things could have become really ugly really fast, but luck stayed on my side during most of the game, and thus I ended up winning.

Thanks again to my awesome opponent, I love games like this where the result can swing either way until the very last second!

It was also my first time trying out the new Wu Ming, but even though they saved me the game, I really don’t think I did them justice…I basically just used them for a suicide mission…which ended up working and was quite fitting, but I think didn’t quite play to their strengths ;-P



Chapter 1.6 : Battle Report 3: The Pearl Turtle

IMG_1667ISS Liste.jpgIMG_1658.JPGUSAriadna Liste1.jpgUSAriadna Liste2.jpgWP_20160725_15_54_04_Pro.jpg

Note: For those of you who speak german or just want to see some nice pictures from the USAriadnan side of things, my opponent also made a lovely battle report of this battle which can be found here:

USAriadna Propaganda

Payback for the Caledonians would have to wait though, as the very next day one of our Kanren field agents informed us that a USAriadnan Undercover team had infiltrated the high society area known as “The Pearl Turtle”, a small and usually highly guarded area of The Neon Dragon where the right and powerful have created their own little world, far away from the dirt and noise of the commoner’s living and working areas.

The Area was a festering pool of corruption and favouritism, an area where the rich got richer and the poor weren’t even fit to enter, where secrets were as common as dirt in the rest of The Neon Dragon, and anti-state propaganda spread as easily as STDs in the Red Light districts.

It was very high on my list of areas to purge (yes I kept myself busy the last days), but the purging would have to wait for another day as today it seemed like the corruption had finally reached its peak in the form of Minister Pan Choi’s Secretary apparently attempting to flee the country by offering secret and compromising data to USAriadna in return for a save extraction, most likely to an even more corrupted and decadent area on Dawn, although I really don’t understand what a spoiled brat like that would see in a dirtball such as Dawn.

No matter the reasons for her attempted betrayal, it was our duty to prevent it and recapture the Secretary, as well as prevent the stolen data from being sent to USAriadnan spies.

We didn’t have time to scout the area with a Su Jian this time, so I had to enter the area with the most firepower I could muster in the short time, and go right for the offense.

IMG_1664IMG_1665.JPGIn the middle of the operation area Pheasant Agent Kuang Fu Bao and his Bao Troopers as well as the Sophotect Akaseni were building the solid core of the force, while “Father Anderson” and a Yudbot covered the left flank, and Celestial Guard Shen Jing with one of her Kuang Shi, a Sniper Mercenary named “Bonbori” and I myself were guarding the right flank.

Kanren Agent Umibozu was deployed deep within the area of operation as he did best, and even though the USAriadnan forces clearly where cut from a different cloth than their Caledonian colleagues, we still managed to keep the initiative and surprise them with our attack in the middle of them securing the traitor.

IMG_1670.JPGIMG_1671.JPGSince the USAriadnan Exfiltration Team had taken control of a building covering most lanes of approach and had hunkered down there with quite a big chunk of their forces, our first step was to clear those lanes of advance, and the first way of doing so was to send the Bao Sniper that was accompanying Pheasant Agent Kuang Fu Bao’s out to take care of the enemy HMG Grunt covering the left flanks approach.

A skilled headshot quickly ended the HMG threat, but to my frustration the Bao wasn’t careful enough and also entered line of fire of another Grunt, who promptly took him out with a wide range rifle salvo.


With the long range firepower of the left flank gone, it fell upon me to clear out a bit more of the enemies sniper nest, and so I took to the corner of the right fire lane and quickly took out the lone Grunt that could see me from that angle with my Spitfire. The last standing Grunt on the roof was quickly taken care of by “Bonbori” who ended him with two quick shots from her Sniper rifle, and thus our ways of advance where opened.


Our little cleaning action had however taken a bit too long and USAriadna was obviously preparing for a counter offensive, so “Father Anderson” dashed forward into a better combat position, and my remaining troops took up suppressive firing positions while Kanren Umibozu secured the first Antenna in the area to prevent the Exfiltration team from sending the stolen Data of the Traitor.


The USAriadnan counter offensive began with a howling Dog Warrior and his Antipod Pet dashing towards the Central Control room, most likely out for Father Anderson’s life. It was a mad suicide rush because it brought the creature right in the firing lane of “Bonbori” and myself, but the creature was very lucky and a smoke grenade protected him from any further harm. This was quickly followed up with them sending one of their covert operators into the central control room to take over one of the antennas there. This resulted in a little firefight between the Operator and Kanren Umibozu, but the Operator managed to hide behind the Antenna before Umibozu could execute justice on him.


On the left flank the enemy team advanced around a building, but their advance was halted as one of their troopers suddenly realized that an independent journalist of the Yu Jing Freedom Press was actually filming his approach, catching him in the middle of his crime. Unclear on what to do about it the enemy trooper quickly averted his head and dashed for cover while most likely contacting his superior for further orders.


The enemy now spent a lot of time advancing his troops into favourable positions for future advances, and an enemy Paratrooper landed in our flanks, only to fail taking down even the lonely Yudbot standing there.


Using this blunder on the enemy side I quickly seized the initiative back and advanced towards the central control room. A quick Spitfire burst from my flanking position against the USAriadnan Operative that had been taking control over the Antenna ended his shady dealings, and with the confidence that only being the Law and the protection of a Heavy Suite of Armour could give, I strode right in front of the enemy Dog Warrior and Antipode that were heading towards the Control room, showering them with Spitfire bullets and eventually ending their mad advance with a burst of my double Nanopulsers.


With the central room now clear Kanren Umibozu advanced to take control of the Antenna there back from the USAriadnan Forces, while the Journalist tried to zoom in on some strange movement on top of the Central Room, but he just couldn’t make out where the movement came from.

Knowing that our momentum was spent my troops once again prepared themselves by going into suppressive firing positions and steeled their hearts for the incoming storm.

At first everything seemed to work out alright, the remaining enemy Grunts on the back building tried to advance and one of them was hosed down by my Spitfire while the other one was forced back into cover, but then the hidden Hardcase that the Journalist was about to discover revealed himself and took out “Father Anderson” with a cowardly arrow to the back. Obviously this was instantly followed up by a Headshot from “Bonbori”, but the shoot was a split second too late for “Father Anderson”.


The Journalist had managed to make some good footage of this brutal USAriadnan attack on Imperial Service Personal though, and it seemed like USAriadna had now decided that they needed to act before this information leaked.


The trooper that had before reeled back from the camera now blatantly dashed forward and killed the defenseless Journalist in a hail of bullets, and with “Father Anderson” out of the picture; he advanced right into firing arc of the Control Room and opened fire into my back.


The Teseum infused bullets of the Trooper proofed to be too much even for my Crane Armours formidable protection, and with a sharp pain in my back I fell down as my suites Servos where destroyed by the hailstorm of bullets released from the sneaky Minuteman.

With this the tide of battle had turned, not only did our enemy get the advantage in position and firepower with me and Father Anderson out of the picture, and his troops advancing even further while taking control of the first antenna on their side, it also seemed like the corruption and anti-state propaganda in the area was even worse than I had feared as countless “Pro Freedom” activists (at least that’s what their shields and banners claimed) suddenly appeared on nearby rooftops and windows, and started throwing all sorts of debris and stones on my remaining troopers while shouting “Freedom from Oppression” “All Baos are Bastards” and other profanities like that.

Unable to deliver justice to those traitors against the Jade Emperor with the threat of USAriadna in front of them Pheasant Agent Kuang Fu Bao dashed forward to stop the enemies advance with his Red Fury rifle, but the hailstorm of debris from the protestors as well as the hailstorm of bullets from the USAriadnan Troopers proofed too much for even such a formidable Agent as Fu Bao, and he was downed by the enemies bullets before he could even take out a single enemy.


Sophotect Akaseni dashed over to Fu Bao and with a burst of Nano Regenerators she managed to bring him back to his feet, but he was instantly greeted by yet another shower of bullets and stones and was taken down again instantly.


The remaining Bao Trooper tried to cover Fu Bao by advancing as well, but he meet the same fate as his superior, and thus all that was left on this flank was Akaseni trying to stabilize the two with her Motherforge, while resisting the urge to fire her Combi Rifle at the surrounding traitors on the roofs and windows.


With command structure now broken and little remaining forces all remaining troops except Sniper Bonbori and Sophotect Akaseni advanced towards the Central Room to protect the antennas. One of my secret agents that had been lying in ambush the whole time also advanced, and while winking at me with a digital-smirk on her facemask she quickly dashed out of the Control room and quickly returned back into it, the traitorous Secretary suddenly in her hands and her Blade at the Secretary’s throat.


Still unable to move and in quite a bit of pain, I took a little solace in the fact that at least this part of the mission would be fulfilled no matter what.

With Celstial Guard Shen Jing and one of her Kuang Shi’s as well as Kanren Umibozu covering the Control Room’s Antenna and Reinforcements on their way I actually was quite confident that we might keep the enemy from sending his Data, but just as I thought so I was instantly punished by the sound of smoke grenades exploding and a motorbike driving by the Control Room.

Realizing our mistake I wheezed an angry “To the second antenna! Now!” through my bloody teeth, and as the meaning of my words dawned on Umibozu and Shen Jing they both nodded towards me and each other and dashed towards the first Antenna that Umibozu had taken control off.


Hearing dashing footsteps in front of them, followed by frantic curses and “Access Denied! Access Denied” command prompts from the Antenna in front of them Shen Jing and Umibozu ran through the enemy smoke screen, while deflecting random debris that was still being thrown all over the place by the protestors.

Seeing the shimmering light of the Antenna’s console right in front of them they almost flew the last few meters, but just as Kanren Umibozu took the last step and slashed at the Antenna and the area in front of it with his Monofilament sword, the words “Transmission Successful, have a nice day Jenny!” could be seen on the split screen before it slid to the side, it’s entire frame cut cleanly into two pieces by the Monofilament Blades cut.


Jenny was nowhere to be seen, most likely whisked away in the Smokescreen’s cover, or worse by the support of the traitorous Protestants on the floor above the Antenna Control Room.

With the voices of protest slowly dying down as the Sirens and loudspeaker noises of the approaching Imperial Service Reinforcement Transporters grew louder, I knew that this battle was lost. We had secured the traitor, but the most important part of the mission was failed, and I was quite sure that the resulting consequences of this wouldn’t be pretty.

At least the Journalist had been killed, so there wouldn’t be a need for too much cover up of this story, at least not for now, but as I was carried into a flying Transport for immediate evacuation to our medical facilities, Akaseni right at my side, I swore that “The Pearl Turtle” would become a more prominent place on my “Areas to be purged” list, and that I would personally attend the adoption of our newest Kuang Shi….it was about time that I’d learn more about that process anyways.



What an awesome battle this was! My opponent was a great guy and we had lots of fun all throughout the game. Luck turned back and forth and turned this match into a desperate fight until the very last order, and that’s what every good battle should be like! It was my first time playing against USAriadna and I wasn’t prepared for all their nasty tricks….I think I really need my Hsien next time to deal with all those smoke screens and heavy firepower comming my way. Reveeeenge! ;-P

Chapter 1.5 : Battle Report 2: New Neighbours



As I had my little talk with our Sophotect Akaseni in the Surveillance Facility one of our security cameras had picked up some shady Caledonian activities in The Neon Dragon Sector B12. Apparently out actions from the night before had driven those lunatics into even more of a frenzy, and now a big group of them was running around in B12 to terrorize and most likely strong-arm some of our local bar and restaurant owners into some sort of illegal contract.

IMG_1268IMG_1269IMG_1270It was clearly time to teach them a lesson and inform them of my new arrival, and it was also a good opportunity to get to know some more of my subordinates, and to ensure that my little box had truly worked.

As I was standing on the elevator platform, one after the other my soldiers arrived as well, although I also saw the priest look alike person I had seen in the above ground part of Neon-jo yesterday, and a woman who wore clothing that clearly didn’t match any uniform regulations of the ISS, although her colour scheme seemed to match ours pretty well.

As Kuang Fu Bao entered the room accompanied by the two Bao Troopers I had previously met in the Armoury, one of which turned out to be the one that I had flattened on the ground the previous day, I gently nodded towards the two oddballs and Fu Bao quickly understood and slightly bent towards my ear while whispering “That’s “Father Anderson” and “Lotus Justice”, two bounty hunters that we regularly employ because of their combat potential and the option to deny our involvement should things go haywire…”

Both Bounty Hunters had apparently heard Fu Bao’s whispers to me as “Father Anderson” nodded slightly towards me as I mustered him, and “Lotus Justice” pulled down her Visor glasses and gave me a cheeky wink before putting her visor back on and checking on her armour, which seemed surprisingly unfitting on her frame, which indicated it to be some sort of loot.

I’m sorry we couldn’t get more new faces in for you Sir, it’s still quite early in the morning as you know. I think you already know my two Baos here, and over there is Shen Jing again with a new set of Kuang Shi ready for battle. The Sophotect will also join us today, told me you’ve asked for her yourself, so I guess you already knew that, and there is also a Su-Jian, but he’s already in the area of operation scouting ahead.” continued Fu Bao as the platform started to rise.

IMG_1272As we reached the surface I instantly received tactical data from the Su-Jian, Codename “Saberrider”, what a joker. I quickly sent out my troops according to the intel, making sure I myself stayed close to Akaseni to survey her behavior during the battle.


It seemed however that “Saberrider” hadn’t quite managed to stay undetected as the Caledonian Thugs quickly started to attack our positions. The more impetuous of them dashed right out of cover and attempted to cover their advance with smoke grenades, allowing “Father Anderson” and “Lotus Justice” a few good shots which took out one of the Highlanders and wounded one of the Cameronians.


As even more Caledonians used the smoke to advance, “Father Anderson” and “Lotus Justice” had to fend off the Caledonian Commander’s Bodyguard, a pair of Wulvers, but it seemed like “Father Anderson” wasn’t using just regular ammunition as one of the Wulvers suddenly broke down while spitting blood and foam from his mouth while howling in pain, and scared by the, most likely viral, ammunition of the bounty hunter, the enemy commander and his remaining Wulver bodyguard retreated back behind the smoke screen.IMG_1285.JPGIMG_1286.JPG

Just as we thought the mad onslaught had come to an end a hidden Cateran revealed himself and took out the Bao Trooper that I had floored the day before. Luckily the Cateran didn’t have any other good targets of opportunity, and even though the Bao most likely wouldn’t be participating in this fight anymore, Akaseni quickly proclaimed that he would live thanks to the Palbot she had standing right next to him which was threating the worst of his wound as we spoke.


To make things even worse one of the hulking Cameronians used this diversion to jump through the smoke and on top of the building where Celestial Guard Shen Jing and one of her Kuang Shi lay in cover, showering them with his double Chain rifles.


Totally exposed on the roof of the building the Cameronian took countless shots from the Kuang Shi and Father Anderson as he sprayed like a madman, but as he eventually went down I had lost contact to Shen Jing and the Kuang Shi, indicating that his suicide run was a success.


Driven by their comrade’s suicide attack a bunch of Caledonians used the Smoke Cover to advance towards the middle of the table, and one of them, the Hacker presumably, managed to snipe a Kuang Shi through a crack in the Smoke coverage, and even though she was driven back at first, eventually managed to shoot down “Lotus Justice”.


Knowing that control of this battle was slowly gliding out of my hand, I quickly ordered for the Cateran to be taken out, but the Bao Sniper that quickly proceeded to the spot where his colleague had fallen before, failed to hit the Cateran, and was wounded in return.

I was just about to lose my temper and jump on top of the building I had been taken cover behind to finish things myself, as Akaseni held me back by pulling on my shoulder and said “Don’t worry General, I’ll fix this…”.

Releasing some sort of Nano particle Cloud from her Motherforge she then not only continued on to heal “Lotus Justice”, but also used her Palbot to quickly seal the wounds of the Bao Sniper and get him back into action with an adrenalin shot.

The freshly “revived” Bao Sniper quickly proceeded to correct his failure and took out the Cateran with a wild salvo of sniper shots.


With the threat of an enemy sniper gone I proceeded to cover the center of the table from the rooftop of the building I had been standing behind, and both “Lotus Justice” and “Father Anderson” started to pepper the areas in front of them with covering fire to prepare for the incoming Caledonian attack.

In an attempt to ease the incoming blow the Su-Jian Pilot attempted to take out the Caledonian Fireteam that was advancing through the middle, but even though he had a good attack vector, he couldn’t get a proper shot in and was heavily damaged in return, and forced to crawl back to Akaseni’s second Palbot in hope of future repairs.


So far so bad I thought as I steeled myself for the inevitable attack that would follow from this failed flanking attempt, and true enough the Caledonian Fireteam rushed on under a new Smoke Screen, and even though the Bao Sniper had a small firing lane at them, he constantly failed to hit them, allowing for them to break through the smoke and attack “Father Anderson” and the last remaining Kuang Shi.IMG_1304.JPG

Luckily “Father Anderson” wasn’t ready to kick the bucket just yet, and in combination with the Kuang Shi’s Chain rifle and his own covering fire, he hosed down all but 2 of the Caledonian Thugs with his Viral Rifle.


With their flank assault having failed just as badly as my own had failed before, the Caledonian Commander seemed set on at least taking me out, sending his second Bodyguard on a nearby stair to take shots at me with her T2 Rifle. Luckily I spotted her in time, and thanks to the superior X Visor guiding system of my Armour, managed to riddle her with bullets the moment she so much as dared to raise her head above the cover the stairs had provided her with on her way in.


A happy “Yeah finally did it!” to my left indicated that Akaseni had succeeded with repairing the Su-Jian “Saberrider”, and soon enough it made its presence known by bursting around the corner of its original hiding place and burning the 2 last remaining members of the Caledonian Fireteam with its Flamethrower.


Seeing as he had slowly run out of troops to assault with, the enemy commander recognized his defeat, and retreated to fight another day at this point, a surprisingly insightful decision for a Caledonian I must say.

With too many wounded or damaged on my side, I decided to let them run away, preferring my troops to return to the bases medical facility rather than bleeding out while chasing lunatics through the streets for little gain.

With my troops gathering near the elevator shaft that’d bring them back to our base, I took it upon myself to confirm the death of Shen Jing by climbing on top of the blood splattered rooftop where the Cameronian had done his suicide charge, only to find that the female Celestial Guard, covered from head to toe in blood and Chainrifle Ammunition, was somehow still alive, giving a blood splattered grin at me through the cracks In her ruined helmet. “Sorry Sir….I think I’ll require another lift….promise I’ll return the favour in time….”.

As I picked up the Celestial Guard, who had fallen unconscious from the strain of me picking her up in mid-sentence, I suppressed a smirk and wondered about her ability to pick me up in my Heavy Suite of Armour, and hoped the day would never come where she’d have to attempt to keep her promise.

Stepping on the elevator platform and returning to base while Akaseni covered Shen Jing with the Nano Cloud from her Motherforge, I decided it was time for some payback for those Caledonians….



Wow….I don’t know what my wife had for breakfast that day, but she seriously stepped up her game during this fight. Clever use of smoke, link teams and even her Impetuous troops made me almost outright lose this battle in her first turn. If my Sophotect hadn’t managed to heal my troops so effectively, I doubt I could have pulled that one around.

We both really enjoyed playing on the new table, and hopefully it will look even better with the new scatter terrain I am currently painting and the Operation Red Veil Buildings that will hopefully soon arrive ;-P

Chapter 1.3 : Battle Report 1: A Taste of Imperial Service





AArmy2As I left the elevator platform which had brought me and my squad as close as possible to the supposed area of operation, I almost stumbled and fell to the ground, only barely managing to stay standing thanks to my countless hours in other types of Heavy Armour.

The Heavy Armour I have been given, apparently the standard equipment of a Crane Agent, was quite different to my usual suite of armour. Not only was it heavier, both in weight and armour, but it was clearly designed with less mobility and more firepower in mind, and I instantly missed the nimble systems of my former Domaru armour. Luckily the added systems of the Crane Suite more than made up for that, to the point where I might actually end up preferring it in the end.

A X Visor in the helmed gave me a constant feed of distance measurements and in case I rose my gun so it’s firing arc was within my field of vision it also instantly calculated the current expected bullet trajectory, at least in a rough estimate since movement and weapon recoil would always affect the outcome a little.

The suite also had a mechanical tail which served not only as a sophisticated communication device which allowed for advanced communication and coordination of troops and with headquarters, but also was constantly connected to the Imperial Service Database. I was also told that with a little practice it was possible to control the mechanical tail with the same interface that also allowed for easier control of the heavy armour itself, which was interesting considering that the tail also had highly sharpened edges which allowed for it to be used as a melee weapon if need be.

Another nice feature of the suite was that it contained a pair of Nanopulsars which allowed for close range crowd control as well as forcing enemies out of cover or dealing with Optical Camouflaged units or their likes more easily.

Luckily the Imperial State Service’s rules for Officer Equipment wasn’t as strict as the Japanese Armies one, which allowed me to actually pick up one of those nice Spitfire rifles, which I have had quite a bit of training during my time as a line Domaru, but which I was never allowed to actually use during my time as a Commander afterwards.

Once I had adjusted my movement to the new heavy armour I comfortably strode onwards with my squad towards the designated area. It seemed like a couple of Thugs, Caledonian Mercenaries or something of that sort, were causing some trouble in a warehouse section of The Neon Dragon.

One of our Kanren had mentioned something about a broken Whiskey distribution Deal which caused the guests of a local Scottish style pub to go berserk, and since they apparently were heavily armoured and on their way to plunder or burn down one of the local warehouses it fell up to us to stop them before they actually reached said warehouse.

Sure enough one could already hear the group of them coming several blocks away, which was quite a feat considering the noise in The Neon Dragon, and thus we had a bit of time to prepare an ambush for them.

A2A4A3Hidden behind a house and several containers the Celestial Guard and their Kuang Shi took ambush positions, with me right beside them, and Kuang Fu Bao, my Pheasant Agent, was in a nearby room to cover our flanks.


We were ready to spring out trap when suddenly a Journalist appeared on a nearby container and started pointing his Camera lights at a Caledonian that had just popped out of a nearby passage way.A6

Apparently luck wasn’t on our side as the poor Journalist not only managed to pick a Cameronian as his target, but also managed to blind the angry giant half human, which lead to it releasing a loud howl of anger which in return instantly warned all it’s comrades.

Instantly bullets were flying past the journalist’s head from a nearby hidden Cateran Sniper, and even though the Journalist tried to use his Camera Light to blind the Sniper and get to safety, he was eventually hit and ended up lying on the container, slowly bleeding out.


Alarmed by the Cameronian, a bunch of Caledonian Soldiers rushed forward in an attempt to secure the street crossing, but they didn’t make it before I gave the order to attack.


Dashing around the corner I quickly took aim at the Cateran Sniper which had just taken out the poor Journalist, and even though my first salvo failed to hit the surprised Sniper, my second volley tore the drunk Scotsman apart.


I was about to dash around the next corner to confront the Group of Caledonians myself, when my Intercom suddenly crackled and a female voice, coming from one of my Celestial Guards, interrupted my action. “No need to risk this Commander, let me show you how we handle this in the Imperial State Service! Nr. 1, forward and fire!”.


As I stopped my movement I saw one of the Kuang Shi stumble around the corner, outside of the protection that the container he had been hidden behind could have offered the man walked straight into the open and right in front of the angry group of Caledonians.

At first it seemed as though the group was so surprised by his sudden approach that they wouldn’t react to him, but as the Kuang Shi started to raise his Chainrifle and eventually pressed the trigger of it, the Caledonians burst into panicked action. Some of them dashed for cover, while others, including their leader, simply opened fire on the Kuang Shi.

A Smoke Grenade exploded near the Kuang Shi, but before the Smoke covered the entire area for some seconds I could just make out the bullet riddled and burning Kuang Shi dropping dead to the ground, while a bunch of pained shouts indicated that his sacrifice wasn’t for naught.

Just as I was about to dash through the smoke to finish what the Kuang Shi had started, I heard the female voice again, shouting a commanding “Nr. 2, forward through the smoke and fire!”, which sure enough was followed by yet another Kuang Shi stumbling around the corner, through the smoke and straight within line of sight of the Caledonian team. Once again slugs where exchanged, but this time the Kuang Shi remained standing, bleeding from several wounds but refusing to fall.

Uttering a ragged “We are all under the same heaven, stop your resistance and return to the loving fold of the Imperial State…” the Kuang Shi took a few steps towards the group and once again opened fire on them. This time the Kuang Shi was torn apart by bullets just like his comrade before, but the spooky silence and the spreading pool of blood coming from the other side of the firefight made it clear that he had fulfilled his goal this time.


All clear Commander! Nr. 3 and Nr.4 advance with me!” came the female voice once again as the Celestial guard dashed forward to secure the street crossing, her remaining Kuang Shi following right behind her and securing her flanks.


The battle seemed almost over, but just as they were about to cross the street, the angry formerly blinded Cameronian jumped on the street and opened fire on them with a pair of Chain Rifles. The Kuang Shi and Celestial Guard reacted as one, opening fire on the creature as one, and I myself opened up with my Spitfire as well. As the dust settled one Kuang Shi had died, the other had blown itself up, and the Celestial Guard lay bleeding on the floor, wounded but still alive. The Cameronian was heavily wounded and about to fall as well, and I made sure it stayed down by emptying my clip into him as he fell, before rushing towards the Street Corner myself to secure the Celestial Guard.



A little ways off I could hear a drunk and frustrated “SCREW THIS! I’M NOT DYING FOR SOME WHISKEY! I PREFER SAKE ANYWAYS!!” followed by the sound of running boots, which indicated that the last surviving member of the Caledonian Thugs had decided to turn tail and run away, and as I was about to open my communication channel I was once again disrupted by a friendly “Already on my way Commander!”, this time coming from Kuang Fu Bao, my Pheasant agent who didn’t have much to do in this firefight until now.


Storing my Spitfire on my backwards connector point I bent down to pick up the unconscious Celestial Guard before me, and ordered the rest of my squad to follow Fu Bao as I would return the Celestial Guard to our medical station.

With my first mission completed and one of my soldiers bleeding on my armour in my arms, I thought about what had just happened, and the obviously different methods of the Imperial State Service when compared to the Japanese style of fighting. As I stepped on the elevator platform down to our base I came to the conclusion that it would take a little while to get used to, but that I’d most likely end up liking it here, and as the roof closed on the elevator shaft, blocking out the neon lights from above, I thought to myself “Not bad for a first day…”


This was my very first ISS Game and my first try with my new Table Mat. I think the mat is quite awesome and maybe I’ll do a little Review of it sometime later. It sure is better than the paper mat from the Icestorm Starterbox that I have been using before (although those are awesome for beginning with Infinity!) 

This was a very quick game as my wife obviously didn’t expect my Kuang Shi Linkteam to be as devastating as it was, and for me to use them as careless as I have. My Journalist has become a constant nuisence for my wife, and so far it has always easily been worth the 3 points to field it.

As for the ISS…I gotta say I like their style, although I really didn’t realize their true potential until my next game with them! Look forward for that one, it will be quite a show! 

I still didn’t have my new terrain painted for this one, but the Army pictures at the beginning were taken just now (several days/weeks after the game) and they show 2 of the awesome new buildings that I got ^^ Can’t wait to play my first battle report on my new table once everything is ready and painted!