Customeeple Review Part 3: Neon City Yu Jing B [2 Big Buildings Pack]

Hello Everyone,

In this Part I will take a look at the Neon City Yu Jing B (2 Big Buildings Pack) Set from Customeeple:

Big Buildings.jpg

The Set comes with a short instruction sheet which details the most important parts of the assembly.

It can also be downloaded should you lose the original or prefer a digital version:

Click to access Neoncity-Yujing-Big.pdf

Buildings after Assembly:


The Set  comes with a sliding door for the Samurai Bar (which can be assembled to be movable) and each building can also be assembled with a removable door, ventilators (one big and one small) for the roof, a removable hatch into the building, and ladders for the side of the buildings.

The Assembly was quite easy, although one part of the Dragon Building (the one with the many small lanterns) was a bit odd as you had to deliberatey leave a slit between two walls to later on add a Neon Panel there. I still couldn’t figure out how to make the roof walls fit without leaving small slits on the edges, but again I guess I just didn’t figure out how to do it properly.

There was however a “big” problem with this Kit, the Neon Parts all where too thick for the actual slits they where supposed to slide into, and a bit of cutting was required to make them fit properly.


Once I had dealt with that however everything fitted together quite well and the end results speak for themselves I think.

(Miniatures are not included, they are just used for scale)

Just like with Part 1 and Part 2 , I painted the building by hand and went for a dirty look to fir with my other buildings and the theme I had in mind.

Samurai Bar Building Painted:


(Wallpaper not included, but the walls take them nicely!)



Dragon Red Lantern Building Painted:



Both Buildings together:


Painting this buildings was really easy I have to say, and the Neon Signs add a lot of detail and style to the buildings even if the paintjob isn’t that good (like in my case ;-P)

As with all other buildings of the Neon City Range I once again would have greatly prefered the buildings to have actual floors and detachable roofs, but since the buildings are bigger when compared to the entrances, the floor doesn’t shine through as obviously as with the other smaller buildings I think.

I would have loved for the Red Lantern Building to also have a Lantern on the short side of the building, just to have a consistent outside look, but that’s just a very small gripe.

Alltogether I am once again very happy with this Set, it’s big and covers a good chunk of the table in a good looking maner, it provides good cover and looks very stylish and fits the Infinity Universe very good.

The too big Neon Signs for the slits, the missing lantern on the short side, and the fact that this Set, unlike the smaller 2 Sets from Part 1 and Part 2, doesn’t include any nice supplementary terrain like a stair or maybe small bridge, lowers my score a little bit, which leads me to an Endresult of 8,5/10.

This is a great product that I would easily recommend to any Fan of Yu Jing Style Infinity Terrain, and if I would have to pick between any of the 3 Sets from Part 1 to Part 3, I would most likely pick this one.

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