To my surprise the enemy soldier that came into view wasn’t another PanO soldier, but actually a Nomad soldier!!

Apparently they had been busy fighting each other, which had tripped the security alarm, and now that we took our the PanO troops, they where wondering where their enemies had gone, and who had taken care of them.

With the same troops at my disposal as before, another Tiger Soldier on its way to replace the downed one, and the Invincible having temporarily healed his own wounds, I prepared my troops for the enemy advance as good as possible, taking cover behind the structures and crates of the cargo hold.

YuJing Wotan7a8



The Nomad forces apparently where just as numerous as the PanO forces before, not only consisting of a few Alguaciles, a Grenzer, and a Mobile Brigade, but also a Reverend Healer, who’s religious nonsense chanting was audible even to my position


They didn’t waste any time, advancing with a few of their Alguaciles followed by a Mobile Brigada which advances on their right side to flank my troops, but my Bodyguard Ninja “Kabuki Queen” had reacted even quicker and was already in position to ambush the Brigada, shooting an arrow in his back which stuck in the armour, but apparently didn’t really wound the Brigada.


Annoyed by the Ninja’s ambush the Mobile Brigada turned around and opened fire on Kabuki Queen, but the Ninja was too nimble and dodged all the bullets.


Using the fact that the Nomad’s attack had faltered I ordered my forced to advance on all fronts, and as the Brigada heard my troops yelling as they raced towards him, he decided that they where most likely a bigger thread than the Ninja, and turned around to face them.


Kabuki Queen however had only waited for an opportunity like that, shooting another arrow into the back of the Mobile Brigada, and as it once again seemed useless, she advanced within striking distance of her Katana, and cut down the foolish Brigada with it.


As I advanced alongside my troops, covering the right flank as my troops covered the center, the replacement Tiger Soldier arrived from another access hatch on the ceiling of the cargo bay, dropping right into the action only meters away from the Nomad Frontline.


Apparently not too fond of her own life this Tiger Soldier then advanced towards the Nomad Lines, opening up on them with her Flamethrower, dowsing two Fusiliers and the Grenzer in fire with it.


Apparently the Nomads where quite used to the heat though, as only one of them died from the fire, and the Tiger Soldier herself was taken out by the returning fire from the Nomads where she stood.


With the ambush failed I knew it was time to defend from the for sure coming counterattack, and myself and some of my troops went ahead and supressed the advance routes of the Nomads.


It seemed however like the Mobile Brigada that Kabuki Queen had taken out was actually the Nomad’s Lieutenant, and like the uncoordinated bunch of wannabe soldiers that the Nomads actually where, instead of advancing and launching an offensive, they broke into bickering, one of them dashing to savety, and the rest busy arguing with each other, barely able to supress the area in front of them as they did so.


Not one to let such an opportunity go easily, I decided to advance myself, but as I did so I was attacked by a Nomad Spektr, which had apparently waited just around the corner for my advance.


We exchanged a few rounds of bullets, but in the end the Spektr was no match for my Hsien Armour’s advanced Multispectral Visor and heavy machine gun, his lifeless body dropping to the floor while I was already on the move to flank the remaining Nomad troops on our right flank.


With their backs to me I opened up on them with my Nano Pulser, the Nanites eating away the Reverend Healer as the Grenzer dashed for cover, his coat saving him from the worst of the Nanites.


Not wanting to let the Grenzer get away, I advanced towards his new hiding position, opening up on him with my HMG, but it was hard hitting the guy at such close range with the disolving body of the Reverend Healer in the way, and so the Grenzer’s easy to handle pistol got the advantage, but bounced off my armour uselessly.


After another fire exchange where my bullets where stopped by the Grenzer’s armour, he dashed for cover once again, forcing me to take care of a Alguacile that was standing around the corner to avoid getting shot at by both.


Just as I took out the Alguacile though, another one of them suddenly appeared from a Cargo Container in front of me, opening fire on me at close range. I had nowhere to dodge to and frankly too surprised to react in time, and thus a hailstorm of bullets impacted on my armour, just as the container next to the Alguaciles was riddled with bullets from the Invincible which the Alguacile had apparently ignored but which was shooting at his back.


Luckily for me, my mastercrafted armour was more than a match for the puny Nomad bullets, and they all bounced off of it. Even the next salvo which also managed to hit me fell uselessly to the ground, but this time the Alguacile wasn’t as lucky as the Invincible found his mark and ripped the lowly Nomad trooper apart with his Combi Rifle.


Being the last man standing and in terrible reach for his weapons, the remaining Grenzer decided to go for a bold suicide attack, rushing at me with his Knife in hand, but just as his blade crossed with my Katana, the Nomad soldier dropped to the ground lifelessly, his back riddled with bullets from the Invincible who’s field of vision he had crossed during his advance.


With the last Nomad trooper down I gave the order to cancel the alarm as the Cargo Deck was now clear, and called for a cleaning crew to take care of this mess. Most likely it’d be easiest to throw the corpses out the nearby airlock, for scum like that didn’t deserve a proper burial….their cubes would obviously be stored and prepared fór the next Cube exchange cycle between the the factions…


Game 2 of my games with my colleague and his friend that started Infinity a while ago with Operation Icestorm. Once again sorry for the lower table quality than usual, we where playing at my colleagues house with his Icestorm terrain, which actually was quite the fun change for once ^^ I hope you enjoy reading the report just as much as we enjoyed playing it!



“….it’s time to hunt!” and with that I dashed out of the room with the recorder, my Katana already drawn. Another security alarm has been raised on board of the Shanqiang, and this time it was in a section close to the recording room I had just been sending my message to the troops from. Whoever it was this time, would pay dearly for their insolence, for I do not deal kindly with those who disturb my work, and even less so with those that try to infiltrate or attack a Yu Jing ship…

With Operation Onigokko in full swing it was only natural that I had temporarily set up camp on the Shanqiang, the “Dancing Panda” currently once again docked to it’s flank to resupply our troops and send in additional forces.

This time the alarm has been raised from a nearby cargo hold where ammunition and other battle relevant good where stored, and sure enough the moment I and the small striketeam I had ordered to accompany me on the way entered the cargo bay, we saw several enemy contacts appear on our battlefield overview.

Apparently some PanO forces have decided to support the war efforts of the Tohaa by sabotaging our supplies, most likely to keep Yu Jing busy and allow them to grab some more glory for themselves…they even sent quite the sizable force, not only containing some Fusiliers, but also a Father Knight, Orc Trooper, and even one of those dreaded Nisse Snipers, though I doubted he’d be much use in such enclosed space as this.



My own strikeforce consistet of 3 Zhanshi, a Invincible, a Tiger Soldier which was currently advancing on an upper floor, and my Bodyguard Ninja “Kabuki Queen”.

YuJing Wotan7a8cofcofcofcof

With no intention of giving them time to prepare, I quickly dashed on the right side of the Cargo Bay, shooting down a Fusilier that had tried to take cover there, and sent the Invincible forward to proof to me that his name wasn’t just for show.


And indeed the Invincible not only proceeded to take out the Nisse at close range, but he then also exchanged fire with an Orc Trooper and a Fusilier on the flank, taking out the Fusilier. He did fail to wound the Orc Trooper though and was forced to fall back a little though.


His attack did however allow the Tiger Soldier to drop down onto the battlefield from an access hatch on top of the room, landing right on the flank of the Pano Troops. As she proceeded to shoot them into the flank however, her shoots bounced off the Father Knights and she was forced back into cover by their firepower.


No sooner had she fallen back than the Fusilier she had just tried to ambush came around the corner and riddled her with bullets, hit armour apparently impervious to the Tiger Soldiers Flamethrower.


With their flank save again the Father Knight advanced towards the Invincible, shooting him at close range with his Shotgun, but getting wounded by the Invincible instead.


Following the Tiger Soldier a PanO Alkalis Sikh dropped from the roof of the room as well to bolster the PanO defenses.


With the Invincible definitely having stolen enough of my glory I decided to advance as well, and opened fire on the Orc Trooper from our flank, wounding him and forcing him back into cover.


With the Orc Trooper out of line of sight I then proceeded to flank the Father Knight and took him out as well.


Apparently the Invincible decided that it was his time again, and with a joyful “I’m not done yet” over the comnet, he advanced and took out the enemy Orc Trooper with his Combi Rifle, before he and myself began supressing the area ahead of us, well aware that a PanO counter attack was inbound.


No sooner had we prepared the supressive fire than the Akalis Sikh already came around the corner, showering the Invincible with a hail of bullet, wounding him….what a disappointment…


I quickly dashed forward to flank the Alkalis Sikh, and against the might of my heavy machine gun he instantly perished where he stood.


Just as both myself and the Invincible wanted to advance to take out the last remaining Fusilier, a snarling Racoon appeared on our helmet screen, waving a stretched out finger at us “Ah ah ah boys…leave some fun for me will you?”, followed by a loud scream as the last remaining Fusilier was cut in half by “Kabuki Queen”‘s Katana a few steps further ahead.


I was just about to clap the Invincible on the shoulder, gratulating him on his great performance, when a few meters ahead of us, another enemy soldier suddenly came within view….


Comment: A while ago a colleague of mine and his friend starter playing Infinity as well with Operation Icestorm, and this report was the day when they decided it was time for their first real full on battle with all their miniatures. They knew that I theoretically had way more troops at my disposal, so we decided it’d be fun if we all just used our Starterset Miniatures instead, and thus in the blistering austrian heat when this battle took place, I dashed to my colleagues home, and we played this game on his Operation Icestorm Table ^^ I hope you enjoyed reading it, even if the table obviously isn’t the same standard I usually get to play on at home or at my local club, we definitely had a lot of fun and learned a lot about each other’s armies, me not having played against PanO too often yet either.

Chapter 2.10: Battle Report 14: Blood is on the dance floor


(Note this battle report was part of the Global Online Campaign Strikezone Wotan. During the campaign I barely had time reporting the battles on the official tool and didn’t get around to post it here on my Blog, I now finally have time to do so, so I hope those of you who haven’t read them yet will enjoy them! ^^ )

(Sorry guys, this one will have a long Fluff part at the beginning, if you don’t care much for my story but rather just want to see the action, please scroll down until the part where you will see the army lists and pictures, that’s where the action will begin…)

After the events on Sygtir 2 we returned to the „Dancing Panda“ for some R&R to lick our uncalled for wounds. I know why I’m not a fan of secret diplomatic missions, something always goes wrong, and then suddenly you are at the other end of some scandal or firefight or worse.

Luckily this time it seemed like the overall chaos going on in the Wotan Blockade masked events like these quite effectively, and both parties had apparently continued on as if nothing had happened, which was all good for me…

Most likely that was because we had bigger problems to face anyways, the continued operations on La Forja to cleanse the sepsitorized Nomad troops apparently caused so much stress to the station’s structural integrity that it eventually broke apart and collapsed, causing heavy damage to all of the stations areas, making it not only no longer inhabitable, but basically destroying it for all intents and purposes of the Blockade.

Now obviously destroying a station in the Blockade wasn’t exactly what the intention of these operations had been, but since the Nomads had no longer shown any intent of cooperating with the other factions anyways, and even high ranking commanders of them had indeed been corrupted and joined the Combined Army, it might have been the best result in the end.

Sadly this wasn’t the end of our struggle in the sector though, as not only did the Nomads get reinforcements in form of some obscenely named wannabe spaceship, basically a crappy old freighter that they stuck some guns unto and called it a job done, typical sloppy Nomad work really, but due to the increase of war refugees and trade requests from foreign nations for military and aid goods in the sector, we also had to open up our Embassy Station Baijing to the public to show our good will….which as expected some of the other factions promptly took as an opportunity to send armed troops in instead of refugees and traders.

Luckily it really didn’t matter, the station has no real worth for the Blockade or Huangdi, we can easily build another one or force them to seize control of it later on, so I say let them have it if this is how they pretend to defend humanity in these dark times.

Now as for them Tohaas invading our Shanqiang, that’s a different matter entirely….in fact I was just about to ready a strike team to cleanse some of these filthy Artichokes off our Frigate, when another complication hit our command channels.

It seems that there has been some sort of drama going on in one of the recent O12 meetings, with Ariadna representatives apparently refusing to share the results of their investigation with the other members, and since Yu Jing and Aleph had fought side by side with them and agreed to share information afterwards before the operation even started, our representatives understandably weren’t exactly happy about this breach of contract.

And as representatives of O12 are wont to….they didn’t exactly care about our current situation in the Blockade, and simply decided that it was “time for a little accident” to happen to the Ariadna stronghold…..and our troops in the sector where supposed to “see to it”….

Now previously I would have most likely avoided such a shady mission such as this, but if my time in the ISS has told me anything, it’s that sometimes subterfuge and covert operations matter more than brute force, and that the concept of “Face” was an important one…

It also didn’t help that for some reason I had recently been promoted to the Rank of Field Marshal, or to name it by the JSA counterpart, Shogun……

Me becoming a Shogun of the Yu Jing army was something I had never even dared to dream about…and for most of my life wouldn’t have cared to aspire to either, but recent events have shown that there is more at stake than just honour for my family, or some personal sense of achievement, humanity was under serious threat from an alien menace, trying not only to defeat us, but also to occupy us, brainwash us, and turn us into fuel for their giant E.I. controlled war machine…and if for some strange twist of fate this Law student dropout, ex biker gang member, and shame to his family human that I am should turn out to make a difference by becoming not only a General, but even a Shogun, then I it was indeed my duty to comply, and give my best for my Empire and its people.

What I mean by all these fancy words is… a Shogun I basically couldn’t avoid following our O12 representatives wishes, as the inter faction diplomatic backlash of that would most likely hurt the whole Yu Jing command in the Blockade, and make it harder for myself to achieve my goals as well…and of course it never hurt to earn some favour with high ranking politicians, one never knew when it’d come in handy.

So instead of leading a strike team on our Shanqiang Frigate to roast some Artichokes, I instead found myself breaking through a sealed exterior airlock with the help of Shen Nung’s superior hacking skills.

It seems like at some point a PanO Spacecraft had made a not so gentle emergency landing in this area, causing several hull breaches which lead to certain landing airlocks being temporarily sealed and no access to the area being allowed. Since no one expected a bunch of idiots to try and enter such a hostile environment security in this part of the orbital has been decreased as well, at least that’s what our Intel has announced, and so it fell to my strike team to prove them wrong and show them that there ARE idiots foolish enough to try it…

The target was actually quite a good one I had to admit as there was supposedly a little armoury in the blocked off area, filled to the brim with Teseum ammunition and even whole sets of armour as replacement for the Caledonian Mormaer nobles, and that was worth quite the fortune even for Ariadna standards, so they’d feel it if that’d somehow get “accidentally vented into space”….

But of course things didn’t go quite as easy as we had hoped for as, the moment we breached the air lock and stormed into the place, we could already hear loud Caledonian voices shouting at each other.


Voice Recording of Operation Dancefloor, 10 seconds after Airlock breach

Goddamn it! Hurry up you fool, this area isn’t save and it sounds like it’s about to collapse completely!”

All the more reason to get our gear out of here!”

All the gear in the world isn’t worth it if you get vented into space while trying to retrieve it!”

Oh come on, this place has been sealed for several days now, if it was going to collapse it would have already done so…”

Didn’t you hear that just now? That hissing sound? Things are definitely falling apart!”

That was just your imagination or maybe Mac Pea over there crapping his skirt…again…”

Screw you Mac Duffins! If anyone here crapped himself it was you last frid….”

*a loud growling voice disrupts the conversation*

Shut up, I smell intruders…”

Yeah right, as if…”

*Conversation ends with the sound of heavy machine gun fire and a painful growl*


Hearing that the Caledonians that for some reason where present in the area where obviously distracted, I decided to use this opportunity to lay a little ambush for them by placing the Husong Yaokong HMG Drone together with two Kuang Shi on the left flank, conveniently overlooking the Caledonian’s approach route to the Arsenal in the middle of the battlefield.


Since the main objective of this mission was the Arsenal, I decided that the center would need to be the strongest, and thus not only positioned there myself, but also posted another Celestial Guard, a whole team of Cranes and Celestial Guards, the remaining two Kuang Shi, and Father Anderson there, to ensure quick access to the Armoury.


Since the Caledonians weren’t exactly prepared to engage enemy troops at their home base at this time, their troops where basically just walking together in the center towards the Arsenal, the only exception being a Mormaer which had advanced along the flank, most likely tired of the other’s chatter or annoyed by the Cameronian’s smell..


The battle was started by an especially eager Cameronian that tried to advance straight for the Arsenal, but ran right into my little trap, the Husong Yaokong’s HMG ripping him right apart as he crossed it’s field of view.


Warned by his comrade’s demise the second Cameronian advanced more careful, and then began to cover the advance route of his comrades with smoke grenades, effectively rendering the HMG drone useless for the moment.


The moment the advance route was secure, a Caledonian Hacker, still a funny concept for me, quickly advanced towards the sealed Armoury doors and opened them with her access code.


(For those with high attention to details….we actually forgot that the Armoury doors where closed at the beginning *lol* so my wife sent in the hacker to open the doors a few turns after she actually should have…didn’t really change anything though, so it’s all good)

Promptly the Cameronian advanced through the now opened door, dodging my bullets as he did so, and proceeded to throw a smoke grenade into the entrance, apparently unaware that my armours highly advanced sensors could simply see through it.


One of the Caledonians apparently was aware of this fact though, as suddenly a Highlander Grey burst through the smoke screen on the left flank, and opened fire on the Husong Yaokong, taking it out in a storm of heavy Teseum bullets, most likely worth more than the Remote it destroyed…


With the route from the flank secured, a Caledonian Highlander team lead by what I assumed was their commander entered the Armoury from the side, preparing to defend it from all potential attackers, while simultaneously grabbing some gear from the boxes within.


Just as I was about to give the order to advance, the Mormaer on the enemy flank decided to try her luck as she opened fire on the Crane Agent covering a corner on my right side. At first the exchange ended in the Crane’s favour, but his bullets bounced off the heavily armoured Caledonian noblewoman without any effect, and with her second volley he Mormaer managed to wound the mighty Crane Agent with her armour piercing heavy machine gun.


In the meantime the Highlander Grey dashed back into cover, knowing fully well that the smokescreen was about to dissipate, most likely through the slight hull breach inside of the armoury which had been sealed by the closed armoury gates before.


With the Kuang Shi stumbling forward, no longer able to suppress their righteous zeal for the Yu Jing Empire, I finally gave the order to storm the Armoury.

It started with the Crane’s team advancing in the center, his Spitfire supported by his comrade’s covering fire easily ripping apart the Mormaer that had wounded him before.


Knowing that the Armoury was full of enemies, but also aware that means lots of easy targets, the second Crane Agent in the group sneaked towards the entrance of the Armoury, and opened up fire on the Highlander Team within with her Nano Pulsars, in exchange receiving several rounds of Chainrifle fire from the defenders.


Once everything was said and done, the Crane herself lay on the floor heavily wounded, but every highlander besides one was dead, and the one highlander was heavily wounded and about to bleed out as well.

Aware that there was still at least one Cameronian alive inside of the room, hiding behind the other corner of the room, the remaining Crane Agent thus decided to advance more careful, positioning himself just outside of the reach of the Cameronian’s Chainrifle, but well within his own Spitfire’s reach as he took position to fire though the door, and sure enough, his Spitfire riddled the Cameronian with countless holes while the creatures Chainrifle’s load sprayed the area without any real effect.


Knowing that we had to secure the Armoury before the Caledonians plundered it dry or called for reinforcements, the Crane’s team thus advanced into the room, the Crane’s armour easily deflecting the chainrifle shoot from the bleeding out Highlander as he disintegrated the fool with his double Nanopulsers.


With the rest of his team securing the room, the Crane Agent then proceeded through the door that to the Caledonian side of the battlefield, surprising the Highlander Grey and the Caledonian Hacker that had taken cover there with his Nanopulsers. The Highlander Grey was quick enough to dodge out of the deadly weapon’s arc, but the Hacker wasn’t quick enough and got taken out by the cruel weapon.


Meanwhile a little further back on the battlefield Father Anderson decided to leave his cover to bait a Cateran Sniper that he suspected was hiding on the far end of the battlefield, and true enough the Mercenary Sniper revealed his position by firing at one of Father Anderson’s Holoechos the moment they rose from cover. The first salvo from Father Anderson wasn’t quite enough to take out the Sniper, but as Father Anderson repositioned himself just in case his next salvo would fail as well, his bullets hit the Cateran straight in the head, reducing him to a puddle of sludge dripping from the Container he had been standing on.


With their Commander dead on the ground the Caledonians were in disarray, the Highlander Grey managed to live through another Nano Pulser attack from the Crane Agent, riddling him with her Teseum bullets in return, downing the agent, and it seemed like a bunch of camouflaged units where moving towards the Armoury. A Caledonian doctor tried to advance as well and heal the Caledonian Hacker with his Stim Pistol from his Medipack, but since he couldn’t get any closer without getting fired at from inside the Armoury, he was just out of good reach for the little pistol, and kept missing his patient.


Determined to exploit the enemy’s temporary lack of coordination I ordered Celestial Guard Shen Jing in the Armoury to provide a Smokescreen on the side of the room, and advanced to flank the Highlander Grey’s new position. Since the primitive Caledonian lacked any way to see me through the smokescreen she barely managed to fight back as my heavy machinegun rounds ripped through her primitive armour, downing her where she stood.


Since I was the best option to press the attack further, I quickly advanced into the armoury, shooting down the Caledonian doctor from inside, and then advancing through the door like the Crane Agent before.


As I exited the room through the doorframe I was instantly ambushed by a S.A.S Agent that had been hiding next to it, but while the S.A.S.’s Chainrifle managed to actually wound me, my HMG downed both him and the Volunteer that had been hiding behind the Caledonian Doctor.


With only herself and a 112 Emergency unit left on the field, the remaining S.A.S Agent decided that the Armoury simply wasn’t worth dying for, and instead decided to flee, most likely intent on calling for backup.


By the time the Caledonian reinforcements arrived, my squad and the content of the Armoury was already on our way back to the “Dancing Panda”, undetected by the Caledonian’s primitive systems easily overcome by Shen Nung’s hacking skills. Any evidence of our little insertion besides the meaningless opinions of the two two surviving Caledonians had been erased by a “accidental” detonation of a nearby fuel tank, ripping most of the sealed off area completely into space, the Caledonian Corpses vanishing into the void alongside most of the battlefield we had been fighting on just now.

I hoped this little “accident” would be enough to appease our O12 representatives, as I feared that another such venture would most likely not be as easy…

Chapter 2.1: The Castle in….Space?

As I stepped inside the big meeting room inside of the Neon-jo I was greeted by every single member of my staff besides those that where currently out on patrol simultaneously snapping to attention. Some of them obviously did so way quicker and smarter than others, but I was pleased to see that over the last few months my promotion to Imperial State Service Commander of this Installation had apparently been accepted by every one of my subordinates, or they were at least smart enough not to show open hostility towards this fact anymore.

Honestly it had been a rough time, but dealing with my subordinates has proven to actually be the easier part of the job, as stories of my battles on Flamia had at one point apparently reached the ears of some of my crew, and had then spread like wildfire, my feats getting more and more exaggerated with every iteration of the stories I overheard. At one point I supposedly even singlehandedly destroyed two Gorgos with nothing but my bare hands and Level 5 Martial Arts skills….Ha…Level 5…as if I’d ever be able to reach that level of insane sword proficiency without secluding myself to swordsmanship for the rest of my life. I couldn’t even keep up to Yojimbo back when we had our sparring match while he served in my unit, and he’s supposedly Level 4….I did beat him during the racing part of our competition though, the old man can ride that’s for sure, but his skills are nothing compared to some of the stunts me and my crew had to pull back in the day…..damn those where good days back then…anyways.

Nodding towards my collected crew, which was their sign to stand at ease again, I positioned myself at the center in front of the giant holo projector which filled most of the back of the room and was capable of producing giant 3d holo images in real time. Folding my hands behind my back I allowed a small smirk to show on my face before I straightened myself up a little more, coughed slightly and then looked at the crowd with a more serious expression.

Good Evening Everyone! I’m sure some of you have already heard the news and reason why I have called all of you here…” the little break in my sentence was used by one of my female subordinates hidden further back in the dimly lit room to shout a cheerful “Whooohoo!”, which was instantly answered by a bunch of chuckled “Ssssssh…” from everyone in close surroundings to her. “I see you did…well for those of you who haven’t heard about it yet….every single member of the Neon-jo has been temporarily reassigned to a new position…” this was answered by a few confused “Eeeeeeh!?”s and “Whaaaa?” by some of the members who apparently hadn’t heard the full story yet. “…on board of the “Dancing Panda”, a… “Yu Jing Interplanetary Cultural Festival and Exchange Spaceship” “.

At this point more of my assembled subordinates openly dared to cheer, with only a few of them still looking disgruntled or confused, and I too couldn’t resist a little smile. “Most of you have apparently already heard about the Dancing Panda, but for those of you who haven’t, let me introduce to you our new “little” home for the coming weeks and months.

Sweeping my hand over the control area of the holo projector in an over dramatic commanding gesture I turned slightly sideways to allow better sight on the projector, as well as allowing me to actually see it. The Projector flickered to life, and quickly began showing a giant Space Ship that almost looked like a giant Yu Jing style castle floating on top of a bank of clouds. Flicking my hand a little upwards the holo projector then proceeded to show a holo projection of a giant dancing Panda right above the castle.

As you can see…this little thing…” I pointed my finger at the projection, and a human shape suddenly appeared next to the projection of the castle, instantly making it obvious how gigantic this castle like structure actually was. “Is more than just a simple space ship….it’s a giant space faring representation of what our proud nation Yu Jing stands for, a cultural ambassador who’s single purpose is to spread our culture to other worlds, space stations or whoever else it comes across….in a peaceful way. Designed in a traditional style to spark the imagination of everyone witnessing its current position, and equipped with an eye catching advertisement system.” pointing at the giant Dancing Panda Holograph above the structure I earned myself some laughs for the sentence.

Its interior contains a representation of a Yu Jing City, actually not too different from The Neon Dragon, but maybe a bit less “rough”, and is filled to the brim with Restaurants, Bars, Shopping Areas, Spaces for traditional festivals or other everyday life events, as well as theatres and even an Arena for Martial Arts Contests or military demonstrations and the like. It’s designed to land on planets or link into the giant circulator Starships, or simply dock onto space stations or other space ships when the opportunity arises. It even has its own ISS Detachment on board to ensure it’s safety, and as you can all imagine, that’s where our part comes in.”

More cheers followed this statement. “Don’t worry, we won’t be assigned to the Dancing Panda forever, but its current ISS Detachment is in dire need of some shore leave and R&R, and we have thus been selected to switch places with them for the duration of their extended shore leave. We will be stationed in the ISS Bunker in the middle of the Space Ship, a replica of the more basic ISS Outpost that you’d find in other areas of the Yu Jing Empire, and each of you will have his own apartment onboard of the ship.”

Even those that had been confused or grumpy before now started to ease up a little “Some of you have heard that this assignment is considered a “Jackpot” among the ISS Stations, and indeed it most likely won’t be nearly as challenging as some of our other recent actions have been, and of course we’ll all get to visit some new and exciting locations, but don’t let this fool you everybody, there will be challenges during our journey, more so than the Dancing Panda would normally face because the current destination of the Dancing Panda isn’t some cozy planet, but rather the Wotan Gate Blockade near Paradiso.”

At this revelation everyone inside of the room looked at the holo projector which changed its image to a depiction of the Wotan Gate and the Blockade around it and uttered a surprised “oooooooh..”

The Emperor himself has deemed that recent events there have strained the relation between Yu Jing and some of the other factions present in the blockade to a point that might cause problems in the future, and has thus decided to send the Dancing Panda there to lighten up the mood and promote Yu Jings good will to everyone. We even got official O12 sanction for our “diplomatic mission” there, granting us docking rights to some of the facilities that otherwise maybe would be a bit reluctant to let a Yu Jing ship connect to them…which some of them might not like very much, so as I said….prepare for more action than this assignment would normally bring.”

More “ooooh”s and some disappointed “aaaaaw”s where all that followed this news, but overall people seemed to be quite excited for the opportunity to travel around in space for a while, maybe enjoying themselves a little on what is basically one giant amusement park for grownups in space…in their free time that would be of course.

Anyways….departure is tomorrow at 1800 sharp, I know it’s sudden, but the recent events at the gate are forcing our hand a little, and the earlier we are there the better. Family is actually allowed to accompany you on this assignment if the circumstances allow for it, and your accommodations and food will obviously be paid for. I heard food is actually extraordinarily delicious on the Dancing Panda, most likely because they hired some pretty fancy chefs….I even heard that the Iron Chef Musashi is going to be on board as part of a JSA Detachment that will accompany us to meet up with local forces on our arrival. “

As the screen flickered to show off the regiment name of the JSA Regiment that would accompany us I had to fight hard not to let my jaw drop to the floor in surprise and excitement. Apparently it was my old JSA Regiment that I had served with on Flamia that would accompany us, most likely having returned from R&R themselves after the hard operations on Flamia.

Anyways, Personal Information regarding where you’ll stay on the ship and other things like that will be assigned to you by Kuan Fu Bao in a minute. Bring your gear along, make sure you have everything you need to be combat ready…..and let’s enjoy ourselves while we’re at it right? If someone needs me…I’m packing!”

Followed by the cheers of my subordinates I nodded once and left the room, Kuan Fu Bao replacing my position right away and continuing with the more in detail and personal part of the instructions to make sure everybody knew where they’d stay. Unlike the others I would have to pack on this very day already, as I would have to talk to the Dancing Pandas Captain on the next day before our departure to make sure everything ran smoothly and everyone knew what’s what.

As I arrived at what had by now truly become my new home, I almost couldn’t open the door, having to forcefully push it open with a considerable amount of strength. Once I made it through I instantly notice why, realizing my mistake when telling my stay-at-home Bodyguard Automaton Yuki to “Pack your stuff, tomorrow we’ll be leaving for a mission for several weeks..”.

Apparently the Automaton had seen this as an instruction to pack ALL stuff, and the thing blocking the door had been a few cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other, filled to the brim with the real book collection I normally had in the living room.

For a second there I thought about asking Yuki why she’d placed the boxes in front of the door, but if I had learned anything over the course of the last few weeks, it was that her answer would either be “For defensive purposes”, “None of your business O-san!” or “Where else would I stack them?”…none of which I felt in the mood to reply to at the moment.

Slipping past the stack of Boxes and barely avoiding to fall over a pair of my shoes lying in the middle of the floor, I was relieved to notice that Yuki hadn’t fully dismantled our whole apartment yet.

When I entered the living room I saw her sitting on the half disassembled couch, watching a “How to disassemble furniture” video on the Holo projector, quickly switching to the default screen as she noticed me staring at her in confusion, and then attempting to hide a piece of broken hybrid material behind her back “Oh eh..HEY O-SAN! Where have you been all day?! I have been packing all this time while you were slacking!”.

Realizing that she couldn’t hide the broken piece she instead held it in front of her angrily and waved it at me “Look! This piece of crap couch even broke when I tried to disassemble it! What kind of junk have you bought?”

Grabbing the piece and putting it against the wall after sighing frustrated I answered in a slightly grumpy yet resigned tone “That’s cause it’s not supposed to be disassembled there…the couch came in 3 parts, not 50…” . Hearing that Yuki’s cheeks started to puff up in anger, a strange sight for an Automaton, and she was about to begin another angry rant, but I quickly interrupted her by adding “Anyways….you got it all wrong, we are not leaving here with ALL our stuff, I asked you to pack YOUR stuff….so your uniforms, things you want to take along for the trip…” realizing the potential error of that sentence I quickly added “And that you can fit in a small bag…Don’t worry about the Couch and the other stuff, just quickly collect the things you need, I will be packing as well, we will be leaving tomorrow morning, so there’s little time left.”

Before Yuki could realize that all her hard work of the last few hours had been for nothing, and could begin to vent her anger on me, I quickly left the room, grabbing my shoes from the floor as I walked past them, and entered my Bedroom to begin stuffing a large bag with clothing, a book or two from the boxes next to the door, and some other nicknacks, as well as my training Equipment for the Dojo. I didn’t know if there would be a Dojo on board of the “Dancing Panda”, but I’m sure I’d find a place to keep myself on edge, even if the mission should proof to be less interesting than I thought.

In the Living room I could hear Yuki cursing for a while, but also heard her open the little cupboard that I had assigned to her, which by now contained some alternative outfits for her, including a Hex Patterned Black and Orange Cheongsam that somehow managed to make her look at least a little elegant. I gifted it to her in case she’d ever have to accompany me to any official event, and even though she claimed to not give a damn about it, she seems to treasure it quite a bit, having stored it in Silk Paper wrapping and always making sure not to rough it up when she searched through the small cupboard for some of her other clothing.

She had also put some small trinkets inside of the cupboard, one of which I could hear being unpacked as it chimed audible as she pulled it out. It was a tiny little traditional Karakuri doll, dressed like a Shinto Priest which when wrung up would walk along the floor a few steps, and then chime a little crotal bell tree it held in his hand, turning sideways and chiming the bell tree again, until it eventually did a full circle and then bow and stop in its movement. I don’t know why Yuki had grown so fond of this trinket, maybe because it reminded her of her own origin, but I found it kind of cute of her and in surprising opposition to her usual rough behavior, so I bought it for her and she even went as far as to thank me for doing so.

Of course not all of her trinkets where as cute as that, one of them being a little Tanuki Statue, which, typical for its kind, had a giant ball sack, in this case flung over its shoulder. For some reason this one had a bell inside of its ball sack, which rung whenever you shook it…so maybe I had put too much thought into her decision to get the trinkets…maybe she just liked to hear bells ringing…

Once I finished packing my things it was already close to midnight, so I visited Yuki in the Living room, satisfied to see that she hadn’t ruined any more furniture, and had indeed finished packing her own stuff, including a training Shinai which I got her for her Dojo training, wished her a good night, and then went to bed myself. Tomorrow things would get quite stressful, and if my gut feeling was to be trusted, it would be more than just the quaint little space cruise that some people thought an assignment on the Dancing Panda was going to be…



Comment: To those who frequently read my blog and have closely read Chapter 1.15….you might have noticed that I had to red-con the Ending of Chapter 1 a little bit to fit the changed entry point into the comming Campaign Strikezone Wotan. I hope you won’t mind too much and will enjoy this different approach of reaching the sector as well 😉

Chapter 1.12 Sleep?

316f608045a779724f0dc82ab564f534.pngSome nights, even though you know you should sleep some more and let your body rest and recover, you just can’t calm your mind enough to actually do it.

It wasn’t so much that I wasn’t tired, in fact I was very tired indeed, the past days having been little more than a constant series of battles and new impressions. I guess all that new information just finally decided it needed some processing time, and apparently a long relaxing sleep wasn’t part of that task.

It hadn’t exactly helped that once I had finally fallen asleep for a while, I awoke to an eerie feeling soon afterwards, only to realize that Yuki, my new Automaton, had been standing right next to my bed, staring at me intently without any obvious reason.

As I rose up in confusion, my enhanced eyes quickly getting rid of the sleep daze in my eyes, Yuki just kept mustering me, not even bothering to flinch or move a step back, as most humans would have in a situation like that.

Wha..ah…eh….what do you want Yuki? Why are you standing next to my bed? How long have you been standing there anyways?” was all that I could muster in my confused state, and it was then that Yuki apparently switched from some sort of standby mode back to full operation mode, which resulted in her stiff surveillance posture instantly changing into a more arrogant position, with one of her hands on her hip and the other one clenched into a fist as she stared at me both in surprise and what appeared to be anger.

With a voice that somehow incorporated both embarrassment and anger she almost shouted at me “You’ve got any problem with it? I’m guarding you obviously! G.U.A.R.D.I.N.G. it’s kind of my job you know, and it’s not like you’ve given me any place to stand guard or idle in, so I just went for the best observation position there was.”

Baffled by the flawless logic of her statement, my still sleepy mind tried to figure out a solution for that dilemma as fast as possible in hopes of not waking up fully during the process so I could fall asleep afterwards again.

I somehow completely forgot that Yuki didn’t exactly need sleep. The Karakuri in the JSA were usually switched off during periods of inactivity, partially to save energy and reduce wear and tear on the expensive tech, but also because they kind of creep out the other soldiers when stumbling through the base aimlessly. Something about those Automaton eyes just makes you feel as if those things where looking straight into your soul…

As I thought so I noticed that my eyes had naturally drifted to the cold aggressive stare of Yuki, who was still clenching her fist in wait for my response. Somehow Yuki’s eyes didn’t seem as creepy as the Automatons…the creator of her must have taken special care to make her look more natural than the normal Karakuri frame it seems.

Damn it! Now I had done it, my brain had left its “sleepy mode” and was awakening my body fully…ruining any hope for additional sleep that night I’ve had.

Frustrated by my own stupidity I turned to the side and slid out of the bed, suddenly standing right in front of Yuki, staring down at her. “You are right of course, how careless of me, I am sorry.” Without really thinking about it I placed my hand on her head and slightly padded it as an apology before walking into the bathroom and turning on the tap to splash my face with some water.

As I looked into the bathroom mirror which showed parts of my bedroom behind me through the open door, I could have sworn I saw Yuki look at me almost in a shocked manner, one of her eyebrows raised in utter disbelieve, but the moment I tried to look closer she seemed to have noticed my stare and her face suddenly turned into an emotionless mask, which in and off itself was odd as Yuki usually made some sort of angry looking face whenever she felt I was looking at her.

What a strange type the programmer of that thing must have been.

As I took a sip of the tooth cleaning liquid, mint flavoured for those of you who care, into my mouth and splashed it around in my mouth I wondered what I should tell Yuki to do during the night periods, and through the times I was at work as well come to think of it.

Stepping into the shower, a surprisingly old style thing for an apartment like this, and started to cover myself in soap I finally shouted to Yuki “Why don’t you read some books while I’m asleep? Or maybe play some games on the Holoscreen?”

Since no immediate answer came I just continued showering, rubbing some shampoo into my long hair and some on my beard as well. “Or maybe surf the Net? There’s tons of interesting stuff out there, I’m sure even you could find something interesting there!”

Finished with wringing the shampoo out of my hair I turned off the shower and turned around to open the door and grab a towel, only to be startled by Yuki standing right in front of the glass shower door, holding a towel in her hand while staring intently at me once again.

Twitching into a defensive position, my palm ready to strike, I loudly cursed at the Automaton “Damn you Yuki! Did you have to sneak up on me like that?”. Come to think about it, how did she sneak up on me like that? I had a lot of training in detecting this sort of things, and my hearing was way above normal levels as well, for her to sneak up on me like that would require an extremely high degree of stea…”Because I’m a Automaton you Idiot, what good is reading books to me? I can just download the information into my memory right away if I wanted to.” Came the disrupting answer of Yuki to my first question, completely ignoring my surprised question, while handing me the towel through the shower door that I had slightly opened for just that.

And playing games or surfing the Net is for weirdos who have no life. Why would I want to do stuff like that? Give me something interesting to do, or I’ll keep staring at you!”.

After she said so she stomped out of the shower and tossed herself on the couch, apparently satisfied with her own answer.

Once I finished drying myself with my towel, a habit I had picked up during my JSA field time where sonic dryers or other modern things like that simply weren’t present, I stepped back into my bedroom and put on a set of normal black street clothes with a dark green coat over it. I also picked up my trainings bag out of the corner where I had put it straight from the move boxes the previous day.

As I stepped into the living room, fastening my Daisho to the side of my belt, I just nodded down to Yuki, who was still lying on the couch, pretending to stare at the ceiling for some reason. “Fine then, off we go, I’m going to show you something that might interest you more.”

Raising an eyebrow yet again Yuki just looked at me confused for a second, but then she stood up from the couch in one surprisingly fluid motion and just stammered a slightly shy, yet angry at the same time “S…Sure let’s go! I can totally go outside and stuff, no problem with that right? But it better be good!”

And with that we were on our way, in the middle of the night, a tall Japanese man with a set of swords on his hips and a bag in his hand, followed by a 16 year old Schoolgirl/Geisha look alike Automaton, which meant that basically, no one gave a damn about us, as the people of this City where obviously used to these kinds of strange sights.

At first Yuki was staring at her surroundings in what seemed to be awe, her mouth slightly opened, her eyes reflecting the neon signs all around her, but as she noticed me looking at her with a smirk, she instantly put on her angry expression again and pouted at me “When are we finally there O-san? This is like tooootally boring you know…”

Amused by how at odds her words and her previous expression had been, I just snickered to myself for a second and then responded while pointing towards a nearby building “We’re almost there, it’s this building there.”

The building I was pointing to looked like it had been ripped straight out of some ancient painting of old earth, it’s walls looking like they were made from some form of stone of clay, it’s entrance an old style Japanese wooden looking Shoji door with a tiny roof above it.

As I turned towards it I could already hear a disgusted “Tzzzz…” coming from behind me. “You’ve got to be kidding me O-san, that thing looks like it will rot into the ground before we even reach it, why are we going there?”

Getting closer I deliberately positioned myself in a way that would block Yuki’s sight on the tiny shield at the side of the building which proclaimed what it contained, and finally stopped right in front of it, turning around to hide it behind my back, and pointed towards the door. “Step inside to find out. There should be a changing room for females, just wait inside there until I give you a call from outside, no need for you to change I guess…”

Inside it still looked like an ancient Japanese building; everything was made out of wood or tatami, and old looking masks and of all origins where hanging on the walls, next to motivational scrolls that contained wise words written in Yu Jingyu, so that everyone could read them no matter their origin.

On the left side was a curtain showing the sign for “Female” and on the right side one that showed the “Male” symbol, indicating the respective changing rooms, and as I stepped into the male changing room I could hear a frustrated sounding “Fiiiine…if I really have to….” From behind me as Yuki was stepping into the female section.

After I undressed and put my belongings into one of several storage capsules present in the changing room, I carefully put on my Hakama and Kendogi, hoping that what would come next would help me shake off the “too little sleep” feeling that still somehow clung to my body even after the shower.

Stepping through the entrance door to the training room, I was instantly greeted by a loud “CLANG” “CLANG” noise coming from the other side of the huge almost empty room. It was a martial arts trainings dojo, designed to accommodate for most forms of modern martial arts. It came equipped with trainings puppets and holo technology to enhance the experience, and the walls where covered in all sorts of practicing weapons and even more motivational scrolls.

Apparently I was not alone at even this early hour of the day, as the constant noise came from a tall Chinese looking woman that was currently fighting against two Holo Echo covered trainings puppets in the form of angry Onis wielding giant metal Kanabos. The woman had short black hair, was wearing a traditional Chinese Kung Fu outfit, and wielded a high tech Chinese style sword with an elegant grace that instantly spoke of great martial arts skill.

Not wanting to stare too much, and too far away for a formal greeting, I simply moved over to the exit of the female changing room and called inside “Yuki, you can come out, I’m ready.” As quietly as possible, yet loud enough to ensure that she’d hear me over the noise of the fighting in the background.

Ripping the door to the trainings room open and bursting into the room like an angry explosion Yuki immediately shouted at me “About damn time O-san, the noise is extremely annoying and it smells like old hag in there, I’m sure I would have suffocated if I weren’t an Automaton…what the heck is this?”

Just as I was about to explain, a loud screeching noise could be heard from the other end of the room followed by slamming footsteps, and as I turned around to check it I saw that it had been the Chinese woman who had apparently ripped right through one of the trainings puppets neck and was now stomping right towards me and Yuki, anger almost steaming out of her nose. As she came closer she started to shout as well, in a more mature sounding voice than Yuki though. “Did that girl just call me an old Hag? Did she for real? I’m going to beat the shit out of her! I’m not even 30 yet you little brat!”

Surprised to no end about the short fuse of the woman I quickly stepped in front of Yuki, holding both my hands in front of me in an imploring matter “Please calm down, please, she’s just an Automaton who doesn’t know any better yet…” as I said so an idea crossed my mind and I couldn’t supress a little smirk “…if you want to beat the shit out of someone please try me instead, she belongs to me after a…”

I couldn’t even finish before the woman had apparently taken my offer and had swung her sword right for my head in an upward slash with lightning speed. If I hadn’t been a well-trained martial arts practitioner that swing would have split my skull then and there. As it was however I managed to dodge back and strike at her with a quick Battojutsu strike, which forced her to jump back a bit, allowing for some distance in between us.

Ohooo, so the man really DOES know how to fight, and that sword isn’t just for show eh? Fine then, I’ll be enjoying this!” came the insulting response from the woman, as she instantly came whirling at me again with her blade flinging around her. I managed to take a defensive stance just in time to deflect her powerful blow with a slightly angled upwards strike of my own, which forced her blade above me, opening her up for a counter attack…or so I thought until the woman suddenly firmly planted her foot in between my legs and body checked me away from her with an aggressive grunt.

Reeling backwards from the blow I quickly transformed the backwards movement into a spin that ended in a diagonal upward slash, just in time to catch the blade of the woman that had been coming right after me with her blade ready to strike forward. Apparently not fully prepared for my quick recovery the strike caught the woman off guard and unbalanced her for a moment, which I quickly used to swipe my left foot into the side of her knee, which in combination with the strike toppled her over sideways.

I tried to take advantage of this by spinning around again and striking diagonally down at her on my way back, but since I wasn’t in a good position to strike after the kick, that took too much time which resulted in the woman already having rolled to the side by the time my strike came around.

This time it was my turn to attack I decided, and so as she nimbly jumped back to her feet, I already came rushing towards her, one hand stretched out towards her, the other one held one handed alongside the stretched out arm, ready for a precise powerful thrusting attack.

As I trusted my blade towards her head, she instantly dodged to the side in an attempt to sidestep me, obviously aware of the weakness of a trusting attack like that, but this wasn’t my first time using this technique, and I was aware of it as well, which was why I quickly turned the blade ninety degrees and turned the thrust into a sideward swing aimed at the woman’s neck.

I instantly regretted ignoring the advice of my former instructor to shout “AKU SOKU ZAN!” together with the attack as some sort of good luck charm to ensure the attack would strike true, as the woman once again proved her martial skill by somehow bowing below my sideward strike, only losing a few strands of hair in the process, and instantly rising up again to strike her sword towards my now exposed throat.

Our battle was abruptly ended as Yuki’s loud and angry “STOP RIGHT THERE OR I’LL BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF!” echoed through the trainings hall.

Both of us stopped in mid motion, the woman’s Chinese sword’s blade right at my throat, and turned our heads slightly around to take a look at Yuki. The Schoolgirl/Geisha look alike Automaton was pointing her arm at the woman, her hand oddly tilted to the back of her forearm, revealing a tube coming out of her arm where her hand should have been. Having fought alongside Karakuri I instantly knew that this was a D.E.P and that Yuki was hopefully bluffing, as this thing would blow the both of us up should she actually decide to shoot it.

Surprise showed on the face of the woman, who apparently hadn’t expected Yuki to be so heavily armed, and with a deep sigh the woman eased her tension a little bit, and looked back at me, straight into my eyes. “Fine…I have won anyways…guess you’re not that strong after all…”

The smug smirk that had appeared on her face as she said so suddenly turned into surprise again as I pressed the tip of my Wakizashi slightly into her belly, just below where her liver would be. Like I said, this wasn’t my first battle, and I knew that a backup plan for your backup plan was always better than lying dead on the ground, which was why I had unsheathed my Wakizashi during my thrusting attack with my left hand, and had gone for a second thrust towards her belly as I saw her dodging below my initial attack.

This appears to be a stalemate,…” I answered in just as smug a voice as she had before, but just as I was about to rub it in some more, my holo wrist band suddenly sounded an important incoming call, and the red coloured glow of the band indicated it was from work.

Slightly disappointed I took a step away from the woman and sheathed my sword “Sorry, gotta take this….”

I walked away to the other side of the Dojo and turned the holo band to silent transmission so the woman wouldn’t hear what we were saying, thanks to some advanced dampening technology which came with those military grade wrist bands.

Fuyu here…I hope it’s important, I was just about to….oh never mind, what is it?”

The familiar face of Fu Bao appeared on the holo screen, and in apologetic voice he responded “Sorry Sir, apparently the group of us that had been on extended trainings session at the Imperial Palace have just returned, and they seem to have brought a present from the Emperor himself for you with them…it’s huge and apparently you are supposed to open it as soon as it gets here….also I thought you’d like to get to know our returning members, they should start their shift in a few minutes…”

Completely surprised by the arrival of more members of the team, as no one had bothered to inform me that some of them where away, and I hadn’t had time to check the full unit roster out yet, I tried to cover up my missing knowledge by replying “…..fine, I was wondering when they’d return, I’ll be there in 15 minutes…”, and with that I switched the communication off and turned around.

The woman was gone, and Yuki had reverted her arm back to normal, staring at me in annoyance and rolling her eyes slightly to the side while pointing at the woman’s changing room “She left the moment you picked up that call….crazy bitch…sooooooo…what are we going to do now?”

Sad and glad at once that the woman had left without further conflict I released a sigh and looked at Yuki “Sorry Yuki, I have to get to the Neon-jo, something came up at work…..why don’t you try your luck against the trainings puppets in here for a while before returning home? I wanted to do a little more, but the emperor requested my presence…”

I expected to see Yuki start another raging insult wave at me for letting her alone, but to my surprise she seemed more sad than angry, and just replied “Pffffft….fine then…I’ll beat up some trainings puppets while you go to your emperor…”

Not sure how to respond to such a strange reaction, I just nodded and added an apologetic “Thank you, see you later!”, and dashed through the door into the changing room.

About 10 minutes later thanks to the help of a nearby secret elevator I entered the Neon-jo, just in time as it seemed to see the returning member’s line up for my arrival.

As I got closer and took a look at the returning agents, I had to fight really hard to prevent my jaw from dropping to the floor, as I locked eyes with a female that was standing there in full crane uniform, her hair appearing to have been strangely cut at some top parts, and the both of us pointed at each other in shock shouting

It’s You!!”

.this would become yet another interesting day for sure!

Chapter 1.10 : Street Performance


The clean-up after the attack on the Aleph A.I. Node took the rest of the day, and by the time I finally finished my report the Neon lights where already the only light to be seen on the outside as I left Neon-jo through the actual exit instead of the elevator directly home I’d usually use.

I had decided that, if my day off had been cut short so harshly, I’d at least spend my evening in a more relaxing way. Of course exiting through what was basically a castle gate and being greeted by the slightly panicked stares of people nearby who then quickly turned away to not look even more suspicious to the most likely Imperial Service guy leaving the Neon-jo, wasn’t exactly relaxing, but two blocks and a street crossing later I had already blended into the crowd and turned into just another random guy walking along the street.

It was at this time that I think The Neon Dragon shows it’s most interesting and beautiful side. The streets are filled with all sorts of night life, be it business men and women who after their long hours of work finally get to buy their groceries, or spend the evening with their colleagues or friends in one of the countless Izakayas that litter the side streets, or the countless prostitutes and street performers vying for the attention of the passing by crowd.

As I walked along the street, staring at the moving crowd and the countless neon lights above it, I almost crashed into a young woman dressed in a Maid outfit which appears to have had some sort of body modification that actually gave her real cat ears and a tail. As I bowed in apology and hastily accepted the advertisement card for her Maid Café to make up for my carelessness to her, I wondered for a while about the double standards of the Yu Jing society when it came to stuff like that. Body modifications like blue skin, extra arms or glowing eyes, stuff that you’d see in every bar of “The Gulping Toad” when a Nomad trade ship has recently landed, where usually frowned upon, and where actually forbidden in most areas of Yu Jing. But when it comes to old Asian fetishes like unnaturally big eyes, cat modifications or stuff like that, even the law seemed to simply ignore it.

Amused I dropped the thought and continued onwards, leaving the cat maid behind as I made my way to a small plaza where the crowd had formed little rings around street performers. The ring I eventually ended up in surrounded a pair of artists that where drawing paintings in the air with some sort of semi liquid floating substance that shimmered in different colours, and somehow stayed in exactly the places where the artist put them with over emphasised elegant hand gestures , eventually forming what looked like a traditional Japanese ink drawing of an ocean with a Torii in it.

Stunned by the beauty of the floating picture and considering whether to buy it for home or not, I almost didn’t feel the hand of the pickpocket, slowly sliding over my wrist holo in attempt to transfer some credits with some sort of low level hacking program.

Quickly grabbing the wrist of the wannabe thief I forcefully twisted it around which resulted in a painful yelp from my soon to be prisoner, followed with a panicked “Let me go! I didn’t do anything wrong!”. Raising an eyebrow I looked down at the thieve that was easily a head shorter than me and asked in a disappointed voice “Really? That’s what you are going with?”

Just as a rueful smirk appeared on the thieves face and I grabbed for a restraint band from my belt, the crowd suddenly started screaming in surprise as a human came flying in right through them and the beautiful picture, to land right on one of the artists that smashed into the ground with him.

The crowd quickly parted along the flying corridor of the person, revealing a huge half wolf half man creature that I quickly identified as a Cameronian of sorts. Apparently in the spectator ring next to ours, a pair of Scottish foreigners had been holding a wrestling contest, and something must have gone terribly wrong.

The Cameronian howled a rage filled challenge to the man that had just ruined the lovely picture, and in response to it the thrown man picked himself up from the ground, and started panting like a mad man, his muscles twitching and moving like crazy. With a howl even more rage filled than his challengers, the man suddenly started a painful looking transformation into what would eventually become a Cameronian as well. His muscles started deforming, his joints and bones making snapping noises all over his body and as his face started to grow into a long snout, he also grew in height and muscle mass right before our eyes.

Eventually most of his clothes ripped apart, except for his Quilt which seemed to have been made specifically with a transformation like that in mind, and we could see fur growing all over the Beast man’s body.

Before the Cameronian could finish his transformation, the other one was already rushing towards him through the quickly building corridor. The beast was obviously so furious or ignorant about other people’s lives that he simply stomped over one of the fleeing viewers that didn’t make it out of the way fast enough, the person’s leg breaking with a loud crunching noise followed by a pain riddled squeal from the balding fat business man.

Realizing that if the fight between those two would continue, even more innocent bystanders would get hurt, most of all the artist that still lay at the feet of the second Cameronian, frozen in fear from the transformation happening right in front of him, I sighed in frustration and unsheathed my Tanto that I always had at my side.

Shouting with as much authority as I could I jumped in the path of the onrushing beast “IMPERIAL SERVICE! STOP RIGHT THERE OR I’LL DROP YOU!!”.

Oh how I had wished for my heavy suite of armour right then and there. Obviously the enraged giant Cameronian wasn’t very impressed by my threat, most likely because the blade of my Tanto was barely longer than the claws on his hands, and so it continued to rush on towards his adversary, almost ignoring me if it wasn’t for the fact that he was preparing his right arm to flick me aside.

Now to be honest, what I was about to do was a very VERY bad idea, and almost everyone else would have wasted his live meaninglessly in a situation like that right then and there, and there was a good chance that I would be one of those persons anyways. But to my defence, I have to add that I have been fighting against Caledonians of all sorts for the majority of my recent campaigns, and have faced my fair share of Cameronians as well, giving me experience in fighting them that most others would not have.

So as the giant beast came crashing at me, swinging at me with his trunk like arm and claws, I rolled forward right towards and under the arm that he was swinging at me, avoiding the razor sharp claws by only a hairs width, which I noticed by the fact that I was missing quite a bit of them after the battle was over, and slashed at his ankle with my Tanto.

The masterfully forged blade, a family heirloom for several generations, cut through the creatures skin and muscles like paper, resulting in a pained howl from the creature as it stumbled and fell right next to the other Cameronian.

I was hoping for a moment that the other Cameronian would spare me the trouble and finish off the wounded other one, but no dice, it seemed like the fact that I wounded one of them, somehow remembered the two fools that they were actually on the same side, at least when compared to my side, and so, once the wounded Cameronian made it back to his feet, both of them decided to dash at me.

By this point most of the crowd had left the area, with only the thrill seekers and mad ones remaining within viewing distance, and so I had enough room to push my arm forward and pressing the activation switch on my holo wristband.

At first nothing seemed to happen, and the Cameronians just came crashing onwards towards me, one even smirking at the moronic gesture I was making towards them as if that’d stop them, but then the smirk turned into pain riddled surprised howl as his fur suddenly evaporated, quickly followed by chunks of skin and muscle, and eventually even bone.

The other Cameronian jumped to the side while his comrade quickly disintegrated into bio sludge, quick enough to avoid any major damage, but not fast enough to avoid it completely. Realizing that I had some sort of unseen weapon, a Nanopulser to be precise, the Cameronian snarled at me in anger, and quickly turned around to flee.

He was limping as the Nanites had already begun eating away at one of his legs before he managed to jump away, which, knowing the normal speed of Cameronians, was the only reason I decided to dash after him. Even limping the Cameronian was very fast, his tall stature allowing for extremely long strides, forcing me to run at full speed behind him to keep up.

Seeing me chasing him the half man half creature’s wobbling run took on a frantic nature, which wasn’t exactly typical for Cameronian warriors, but after seeing what had happened to his comrade, was only understandable.

I followed the Cameronian for several minutes, jumping over various obstacles that the beast man threw in my way while doing so. If it wasn’t for my artificially enhanced muscles and lungs I would have had to drop the chase long ago, as a normal human’s constitution simply didn’t stand up to a Cameronian one, but even with those enhancements I was beginning to lose ground on him, even though his wounds where slowing him down as well as he lost more and more blood over time.

Just as I thought I’d have to drop my chase before dying of asphyxiation, the Cameronian turned around a corner into a dark alley way, and as I dashed into the alley way behind him, he was gone.

Instinctively dropping down on the ground to maybe avoid a possible ambush I scanned the alley way, but no matter how I looked at it, the Cameronian wasn’t there anymore. The surrounding buildings where too tall for the creature to jump on, even given their extremely powerful legs, and there was no other obvious way to leave the alley way either.

Out of breath and not happy with the idea of searching through the area almost unarmed and on my own, I did what I should have done long ago before even charging after the Cameronian, I clicked on my holo wristband, and contacted Neon-jo for backup. Maybe the Caledonians had a hideout in the area with some hidden access pointsthat the beast man had used, which ment….it was time for a little recon!

Yasashii Fuyu


Name: Yasashii Fuyu

Position: General of Yu Jing, currently Commander of The Neon Dragon Imperial Service Branch

Gender: Male

Age: 40

Heigth: 1.89 m

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Grey

Origin: Shen Tang

Hobbies: Martial Arts, Riding his bike, Reading (sometimes even actual books) , Aristreia


Born into an old Japanese family of Bushi, Yasashii’s early life was a little different than most other Yu Jing children those days got. He was loved by his family as most other kids where, and he went to school just like all the other kids did. But while for most kids, the fun really started after school was over, for Yasashii, school time was actually the playtime.

At home Yasashii had to undergo a rigorous training exercise designed to turn him, from the moment he could walk to the moment he would die, into a true Japanese Samurai, just like his parents where, and if he’d survive long enough, his own children were supposed to become as well.

Training to become a true Samurai obviously consisted of a lot of physical exercise, running, climbing, swimming, martial arts, bow shooting, and even early gun training once he was strong enough to withstand the recoil, which considering Yasashii’s unusual height, was quite early indeed.

But unlike many other warrior trainings in the galaxy, becoming a Samurai also included training the mind. Additional studies of various topics way above what was thought at school where every day occurrences for him, and he also had to learn poetry and philosophy, even though his young mind would only really understand the meaning behind it way later in his life.

All that rigorous training paid off in the end, and Yasashii finished as the best of his year in school, with the possibility to go to whatever higher education he’d desire.

His parents obviously wanted for Yasashii to join the military academy to become an officer in the Japanese Army right away, as was only befitting for a Bushi such as him, but even though Yasashii had been mostly a “good kid” all throughout his childhood, obviously resisting the rigorous training every now and then to do what little kids liked to do every now and then, but ultimately doing what his parents wanted him to do, it was at this time that Yasashii started what he would later call his rebellious phase.

As Yasashii grew up the concept of honour had always been burned into him, how to keep his face, how to be loyal to your betters, the true way of a Bushi. But somewhere deep down inside of him, Yasashii had always wondered if the traditional Samurai way of honour was….really fair? Why would a Samurai have to serve his Master till the end, even if said Master was a terrible person who didn’t deserve it? Why was a Samurai supposed to commit Seppuku for his errors, while his Master was allowed to live no matter his own shortcomings? It just didn’t seem just to him.

Over the years this had sparked within him a deep routed interest in the concept of Justice, and how to achieve it, and so as his time to choose his future came, Yasashii decided to study Law instead of joining the military academy, to become a Lawyer or judge one day and bring true justice to the world.

His parent’s didn’t like this decision at all, and they spent countless meetings trying to persuade him otherwise, but Yasashii persisted, and the choice wasn’t shameful or anything like that in the end, so his parents eventually decided to let it go, although they insisted that he kept honing his skills as a Samurai all throughout his studies, arguing that even a judge would need to know how to properly behave and defend himself if needs be.

Happy that he could convince his parents of his decision and glad to make the compromise if that meant he’d be able to study what he wanted, Yasashii agreed, and so he started to spend the next two years in a mixture of Law studies and Bushi training, just like he had been doing all his life until then, the only difference being, that this time he really enjoyed all of it to the fullest.

But obviously Yasashii wouldn’t be where he ended up now, if things would have gone just as planned then and there.

As a second class Japanese citizen Yasashii always had been bullied every now and then, and had to experience the disadvantages of being of a lower class than many others all throughout his live, even though in Shen Tang this wasn’t as significant as in some other regions of the Yu Jing Empire. But it was during his study of the Law that Yasashii felt the brunt of this difference for the first time.

As his studies progressed and he joined several courts of law as a viewer to see how the Yu Jing justice system worked, it quickly became apparent to him that not everyone was exactly equal before the law. Foreigners were dumped in a prison cell for minor transgressions that first class Yu Jing citizens wouldn’t even have been bothered about, and second class citizens ended up guilty in cases where first class citizens or richer and more influential people simply walked away.

At first Yasashii didn’t let this set him back, he decided that he would become the one to change all this, the one that brought true justice to the courtroom when he’d eventually become a judge. But this resolve was quickly washed away when one of his teachers revealed to him that he’d never be able to become a judge, simply because he was a second class citizen and those weren’t actually allowed to become a state judge, lawyer being the highest they could ever hope to achieve.

Now sure, becoming a lawyer was still an honourable position, and many of his fellow students aspired to become just that, but understanding how unfair the justice system worked, Yasashii simply couldn’t think about a future where one of his clients might be judged guilty just for being a second class citizen, and that he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

Demotivated like that Yasashii soon started seeking for some sort of relieve for his building frustration over the futility of his choice to study Law. Unable to consider facing his parents and telling them that he’d chosen wrong, he eventually ended up as part of a Biker gang that had been hanging around campus and that he had eventually joined during a not so sober moment of frustration.

It turned out that Yasashii actually had quite the hidden talent for driving a motorbike, and as his grades steadily grew worse, he steadily grew more and more famous in the Japanese biker scene.

Failing both in his studies and to continue his training as promised to his parents, they eventually kicked him out of their home in shame, in an attempt to make him realize his mistakes and reform himself, but this only lead to him becoming even closer connected to his biker gang, which he had by now become the leader of.

Living day by day, racing wherever he wanted to go, in constant competition with the other biker gangs which often resulted in violent brawls or even shootouts, Yasashii spent the next few years living every bikers dream.

But his rise to fame was too quick, too glorious and based on too much arrogance and ignorance for those other gangs around him, and eventually a few of those gangs banded together in an attempt to make Yasashii fall.

During a standard Gang fight, things suddenly turned sour as some of the other gang members suddenly pulled out fully automatic rifles, a big breach of conduct in the scene at that time, and started shooting at Yasashii’s group. Realizing how dangerous the situation was Yasashii quickly ordered his gang to turn around and flee the scene, but it was then that the trap was sprung, as several other gangs came in surrounding Yasashiis gang, cutting off their retreat and starting to shoot at them as well.

By the time the police arrived and dispersed the gangs, Yasashii was the only member of his gang still alive, heavily wounded and surrounded by his dead comrades.

The next thing he knew he woke up in a cell, bandages all over his body and an appointment for his trial for murder due later that day.

It was then, in a dank cell of a Shen Tang police department, that he was suddenly approached by representatives of the Japanese Army, and his future would change forever. Having heard of what happened, and his status in the biker community, as well as having investigated his background, the recruitment officers offered Yasashii a choice, getting framed for countless murders as a second class citizens in a court of law, most likely ending up dead or in prison for most of his remaining live, or using his skills in service of the state, and riding for the Aragato in the Japanese army.

With all his friends dead, his dreams crushed and the injustice of the law system about to come down on him in an incredible tidal wave of irony, Yasashii finally gave up his resistance, and joined the Japanese army, not the way his parents had hoped to, but that really didn’t matter to him at that point.

Once part of the army, his unique set of skills and training quickly helped him to acclimate himself and eventually proceed through the ranks. From a lowly Aragato he eventually became a leader of a band of Aragatos, and as his leadership skills where recognized by his superiors, his officer training began, which eventually resulted in him becoming promoted to the rank of a Bushi, joining the ranks of the Domaru Butai.

Apparently no matter how hard he had struggled, the way of the Samurai had always been destined for him, and by that time he had resigned to it, and decided simply roll with it, a term he had grown to like during his time in the biker gang.

During the following years Yasashii proved to possess a surprising amount of tactical finesse and leadership skills, which he never had considered to own, and he somehow ended up as a commander, leading whole units of different kinds of troops into battle.

After several assignments his first real test would arise in the form of Operation Flamestrike, a combat operation on the small island of Flamia in a strategically important position on Paradiso.

His successful operations on Flamia lead to Yasashii quickly receiving one promotion after the other, and eventually he was selected as part of the Paradiso High Command group responsible for Yu Jing Operations on Flamia.

With his bold and reckless tactics, always leading from the front with a Katana in his hand and a command on his lips, Yasashii eventually came to the attention of even the Emperor himself, who promoted him to the rank of General, at the time the second one on Flamia, entrusting coordination of most Japanese forces on the island to him.

As part of Flamia’s High Command Diplomacy and Propaganda became part of his tasks as well, and unlike many other fields of expertise Yasashii had been shoved in throughout his career, this one proved to be his downfall. Driven by the ways of the Bushi, and his new found sense of honour, Yasashii simply wasn’t suited for the fine nuances of inter faction or even inter species diplomacy, and some of his thoughtless remarks caused huge diplomatic and military backlashes all across Flamia, with some even going as far as blaming the whole eventual failure of the operation on his shoulders.

Luckily the after action reports and debriefs later on proved that his terrible diplomatic skills only were a small part of the reason why Yu Jing failed to secure the island, and how own combat results had made up for most of that, so blame got laid elsewhere instead, but still Yasashii didn’t get away without backlash.

During his official promotion ceremony to the rank of General, which had to be held after the operation was over due to the nation of the operation; Yasashii was also informed that he’d be repositioned to a new command. With his newly acquired first class citizenship, his background in law, and his previous shortcomings when interacting with other factions, it was deemed that it’d be best for him and the state if he was to serve as commander of an Imperial Service Branch in The Neon Dragon, where the previous commander had recently died in action and his skills could be put to good use.

Some considered this a punishment for the young General, but the Emperor had proclaimed this to Yasashii as a good opportunity to improve his knowledge and learn new ways, because the time would surely come when he’d have to fight in an international conflict again, and he’d need to be ready for that.

And so Yasashii had been relocated to his new post on the same evening, being driven there by a taxi right from his promotion ceremony, his belongings having to be sent after him later, and is now currently the Commander of the Imperial Service Branch in The Neon Dragon.

Chapter 1.9 : Battle Report 4 : Sword Unsheated

IMG_1849.JPGb1.jpgIMG_1848a1.jpga2.jpgDSC_0229.JPGBy the time I had reached our base and entered my suite of armour, the squad I had called for stood already assembled at the elevator that would lead us to our dropship.

The Aleph A.I. Node in The Pearl Turtle was too far away from our elevator system, so we had to deploy by Dropship, and thus the briefing for the rest of the squad was done while we where already in the air and on our way.

By the time my boots hit the ground everyone was briefed and knew what was at stake. Mere minutes before the Dragon Lady Onigokko had informed me about the supposed Haqqislam Attack on the Aleph A.I. Node, one of our Field Agents had sent a distress call regarding this matter as well. Apparently the local Haqq Corporation Branches were having trouble with some of the regulations and taxes regarding their products, and it seems like they had decided to do something about it by altering the local A.I. Node Database.

I have to say I was a bit alarmed about the strange grade of details we had about this plan of attack, but I guess that’s IS Agents for you, or maybe some of Haqqs commercial enemies have spilled the beans after a failed deal? It really didn’t matter.

What mattered was that my squad and I seemed to have arrived just in the nick of time. No sooner had my squad taken up position than the first Haqqislam Troopers where already advancing on the A.I. Node.


An enemy trooper that had apparently advanced before the rest of their force came rushing in from the flank, hoping to get the drop on us, but Kanren Umibozu who had concealed himself via several Holo Echoes, instantly spotted the ambusher, and since he was a skilled Holo Echo user himself, he quickly spotted the real person among the ambushers Holo Echoes and took him out with his gun.


Basically at the same time on the left flank some crazy Haqqislam woman on a bike came dashing towards us, hoping for her speed to cover her advance, but the Bao Sniper that Pheasant Agent Fu Bao had deployed on the nearby tower wasn’t going to let her pass that easily, and instantly dropped her with his Multisniper rifle.


With their initial rushed attack taken out instantly, the Haqqislam Commander decided to go for sneakier tactics as he advanced some sort of Jammer Unit that instantly tried to damage Kanren Umibozu equipment to cut him off from the rest of the squad and mess with his Hacking Device. But Kanren Umibozu was quite skilled at cyber and technological warfare and thus he managed to prevent any real damage to his systems by activating the systems safety reboot system just in time of the attack.


The enemy tried to repeat this for a while longer, before realizing that it was no use, and then tried to relocate to search for better targets. By this time however the rest of the squad had noticed Umibozu’s predicament and the same Bao Sniper that had taken out the Biker Girl before, now was already waiting for an opportunity like this, and as the enemy trooper advanced into a nearby building, he took the shoot just as the trooper entered the buildings door and shoot him down.


At that moment the Haqqislam troops coordinated a push forward and took control of one of the A.I. Nodes Connection points while remaining hidden from my troops. While Kanren Umibozu was still busy with restarting his Hacking Device a metallic “clank” could suddenly be heard next to him, and as Kanren turned to take a look at it, his freshly booted Hacking Device suddenly beeped a loud warning for an incoming hacking attack. Realizing too late that the enemy had just pitched some sort of Repeater near him Umibozu’s neuronal connection to his Killer Hacking device suddenly went haywire and sent Umibozu unconscious with excruciating pain.


At this point my troops finally managed to find the momentum to swing the initiative in our favour, and no sooner had Kanren Umibozu hit the ground that Sophotect Akaseni came dashing around the corner to heal him with her Motherforge.


Out for Revenge Kanren Umibozu instantly hacked into the enemy repeater in search for the Haqqislam Hacker that had just attacked him, but he had to realize that there where more than just one hacker, and even though he tried to take them out all at once, he was overwhelmed and ended up wounded again.


This time Sophotect Akaseni healed him even before he dropped, and thus Kanren Umibozu was able to use the enemies confusion and frustration at their failed attempt to kill him, to start another attack.


This time Umibozu’s long experience in Cyber warfare prevailed as he killed both enemy hackers, one after the other. Apparently the enemies weren’t as lucky to have a healer right next to them as Kanren Umibozu had been.


But Umibozu got a little too focused on hunting down the enemy’s killer hacker, and just as he fried his enemies brain his hacking device suddenly went blank. Apparently another enemy hacker had been lying in ambush and Umibozu had failed to notice him in time. Luckily this one didn’t appear to be a killer hacker, so Umibozu was spared a worse fate.


Meanwhile Celestial Guard Shen Jing, this time in a role as Forward Observer without her Kuang Shi, managed to take control of a nearby A.I. Node Antenna, preventing the enemy from taking over control of the system.


Apparently the enemy commander had gotten wary of our Sophotect by now and thus was sending out another Jammer trooper to take care of her, but it seemed like her sophisticated systems where save enough to withstand this attack without any damage.


Frustrated by that failure the enemy commander decided it was time for more physical means of dealing with my troops, and he thus sent a trooper through a nearby building to flank my units.

Luckily Sophotect Akaseni wasn’t going to have any of that, and with an almost cheerful “Gotcha Sucker!” she planted a bullet into the ambushing trooper the moment he showed his face in the nearby doorway.


Meanwhile the hacker that had just isolated Kanren Umibozu used the distraction to crawl past my Wu Mings field of view and under the watchful eyes of the Bao Sniper to take control of a second A.I. Node Antenna, tipping the control of the node back into Haqqislams favour.


Pushed by his success the trooper then decided to advance a little further, but as he did so he came within one of my Wu Ming’s field of view and was attacked. But the enemy trooper was not only a skilled hacker but also quite the marksman, managing to wound the Wu Ming and forcing him back into cover, while reaching his desired position himself. I knew right away that this guy would continue to cause us trouble, and just as I thought so he somehow vanished from our satellite lock once more, most likely by reactivating his thermo optical camouflage system.


Sophotect Akaseni used the disappearance of the enemy hacker to reactivate Kanren Umibozu’s Comms Equipment, but with the enemy Jammer still within range, her own Comms systems got isolated in return.


Having had enough of the enemies jamming shenanigans I ordered Celestial Guard Shen Jing to take care of the enemy trooper, which she promptly did by popping out of her cover and wrecking the enemy Jammer with her Boarding shotgun.


There where however more enemies hiding in the corridor below and Shen Jing was thus forced back into her cover by the enemies return fire, barely managing to survive thanks to her armour.

Knowing that the Central Control room and it’s A.I. Node terminal was of critical importance I now ordered the Wu Ming Duo Team to take said room at all costs.

Advancing under heavy enemy fire the two troopers entered the room, and one of them tried to take out the enemy troopers shooting at them from the flank. The enemy trooper was quite the skilled shooter though, and thus the Wu Ming was forced to block the entrance of the chamber with his own body, to allow for his comrade to take over the Central A.I. Node Console.


It seemed however that security was tighter in the central control room, and thus the Forward Observer Wu Ming didn’t manage to take control over the console before the enemy started his counterattack.


A camouflaged enemy trooper with a spitfire that had been sneaking around the right flank used this opportunity to down the Wu Ming Forward Observer through the opened doorway, and another enemy trooper with a Heavy Rocket Launcher that had been creeping on a nearby rooftop decided to change his position and shoot down the other Wu Ming through another open door to the Central Room. What a disaster.


Noticing my strategy the enemy commander changed his tactics and sent an agent into the Central Control room, who took over the A.I. Node Console and took up suppressive firing position in the room. He had been trying to finish of the unconscious Wu Ming Forward Observer in the room as well, but Kanren Umibozu’s Boarding Shotgun had forced him to dash for cover instead.

The remaining Haqqislam troopers took up firing positions to cover both the central room as well as the last Antenna; apparently the enemy commander wasn’t going to make this easy for me.

Father Anderson” decided it was time to change from covering the right flanks to attacking it, and he quickly dispatched of the enemies Spitfire Camo Trooper that had just taken out the Wu Ming Forward Observer.


Having watched the enemy commanders movements for long enough I decided it was time for myself to act. Dashing to a nearby corner I opened fire on a Flash Pulse Drone and the hidden Hacker that had been hiding nearby, taking both of them out, and with a direct line of sight to her I managed to order Sophotect Akaseni to try the unthinkable.


Dashing forward into the now free space to the door of the Central Control Room, and with one swift motion she raised her arm, firing an Adrenalin Dart from a hidden compartment in her right hand at the unconscious Wu Ming Forward Observer in the room.

Twitching back to life the Wu Ming in the Control Room rose like a fictional Zombie, and driven by duty, hatred, revenge or whatever drove those lowly Wu Ming Criminals, he punched in the command codes to take over the Central Control Room’s A.I. Node Console, countless enemy bullets riddling his body as he did so.

With a blood smeared satisfied smirk on his face the Wu Ming dropped dead to the ground, knowing that he had fulfilled his duty and stuck a wrench into Haqqislam’s plans all the same.


Knowing that this sacrifice had basically secured the A.I. Node for us, I still decided that such a brave act deserved to yield more than just a small victory, and thus I dashed forward, right into the Central Control Room, and aiming my Spitfire at the enemy trooper that had just taken out the Wu Ming with his suppressive fire, I took revenge for the Wu Ming and his partner, one bullet at a time, until the enemy trooper was little more than a bloody bullet riddled pulp on the ground.

While I did so I could feel the impact of a high velocity sniper round bouncing off my Crane Armour, from a nearby Sniper, but it was already too late for Haqqislam, the A.I. Node was save, the control room belonged to us, and most enemy troops were defeated.


Realizing his defeat the enemy commander ordered a general retreat, while I made sure that my troops secured the remaining area and take back control of the A.I. Node until an Aleph representative arrived.

It had been a close call and Haqq had almost succeeded in corrupting the A.I. Node, but we had made it in the end, thanks to the two Wu Ming who had in the end managed to redeem themselves to Yu Jing society with their brave sacrifice.

Snapping around to the sudden sound of clapping, I could see the recognizable shape of Dragon Lady Miyu Onigokko leaning in the Control Room’s doorframe I had just come through, clapping in acknowledgement and nodding “Not bad indeed…you’ll definitely make a fine commander for this IS branch, I look forward to working with you…”

Before I could answer she had left through the doorframe and back around the corner though, and I was too busy with the coordination of the operations aftermath to go chasing after her. Next time I’d meet her however, I decided it was time for her to answer me some questions….whether she wanted to or not…


This battle was another first for me, first time playing against this opponent (My community seems to be blessed with awesome players, and its always a pleasure to play against them!), and my first time playing against Haqqislam.

As I feared in advance I was heavily outnumbered and really didn’t know how to start my advance against such an array of guns and specialists , but then luck was on my side and the first imperuous movements of my opponent lead to him losing 2 models, followed by yet another one as his E Mauler fauled to isolate my Kanren and he decided to reposition.

From then on I got more confident and managed to turn things in my favour, although it was really close until the last round. Had my suicide charge with my Crane Lieutenant not worked, things could have become really ugly really fast, but luck stayed on my side during most of the game, and thus I ended up winning.

Thanks again to my awesome opponent, I love games like this where the result can swing either way until the very last second!

It was also my first time trying out the new Wu Ming, but even though they saved me the game, I really don’t think I did them justice…I basically just used them for a suicide mission…which ended up working and was quite fitting, but I think didn’t quite play to their strengths ;-P



Antenocitis Workshop Review Part 2 : Happy Panda Noodles

Hello Everyone!

In Part 2 (and currently the last part) of my Antenocitis Workshop Order Review we’ll be taking a look at the building I had wanted to order for over a year now, and finally got around to order. The Happy Panda Noodles Restaurant!

Happy Panda Noodles


I can’t say anything about delivery times because I ordered the building from a german distributor since that turned out to be cheaper with the pound to euro conversion and some very weird calculation problems I had on the Antenocitis Workshop Page (The normal price already included tax, then it added tax again, and then on my paypal payment site it wanted to add tax again! making everything cost almost double the original price in the end……maybe it’s some problem with where I order from (Austria) or with the conversion itself or whatever, or maybe I was just experiencing some weird bug.)

The Building comes with pre painted MDF and at first I was quite surprised when I opened the box, as some of the white parts (mostly the Panda itself) seemed VERY burned, to the point where I assumed they had some sort of production error or old laser lense…


But after reading the very detailed and informative instructions (which sadly were missing the last page for me..), it turned out that the white parts actually come with a protective sheet on them, and once you pull that off the MDF is beautifully white behind it.


Getting the sheet off can be a bit tricky for some parts, and I often used the back of my hobby knife to gently scrap it off, which yielded good results.

When assembling this kit I recommend you take extra time to very carefully read the instructions, and make extra sure to assemble the basic structure of the building properly.


If, like me, you don’t notice a slight bend in one of the slot in parts, you won’t notice this right away, but once you come to the later steps, you’ll suddenly be faced with something like this:


And it will be waaaaay to late to do anything about it because ripping the wall off will do terrible damage to the pre painted part of it, forcing you to repair and repaint it (if you even happen to have that specific colour of red around, which I didn’t…)

The round front part of the building slots in and fits surprisingly good and isn’t fragile at all as I first feared it would be, a very smart design choice there I must say! (Note that this part comes with a protective sheet on BOTH sides!)


Now it was at this part that I did the biggest error in my construction of this kit. I was so focused on making the roof section fit properly, that I didn’t notice a big error I was making while attaching the white parts of the side decorations.

On the front and the side everything looked fine, but as I turned (after a little time skip due to family distractions ;-P) to the back, I realized the terrible mistake I had made, and also had to realize that I no longer could fix it without brutally damaging the roof sections of the building……I had glued on the white parts too high…



(This part of the building shows signs of another metal grey bit with neon lights that should be added here, however this part wasn’t included in my set and the neon light stick was too short to fill the part as well if it would have been included…so maybe this is a leftover from their design process, or an alternative position.)

Now this is not the end of the world for this building, everything still fits together nicely and looks good in the end, but I was still very annoyed by my own carelessness, and so I hope this Review can prevent others from making the same stupid oversight.

Now as mentioned before this lovely product comes with already pre painted MDF and metal grey plastic/resin parts, which means that unless you really want to, there is actually no painting required.

Still I couldn’t stand having metalic grey products standing around in the interior of the building (yes this thing actually comes with interior!), so I ended up painting all the plastic/resin parts in the end anyways.

(As always, Miniatures not included and only added for scale)

Assembled (wrong) and Painted Happy Panda Noodles:


Everything looks quite awesome once assembled, and I absolutely LOVE the interior details and the way the doors where made (they swing opend and closed very easily), but as the last picture indicates, i have had a BIG problem with these 3 parts of the interior.

I don’t know if it’s because I screwed up at assembly somewhere, or if the mold was faulty or I really was supposed to do what I had to, but for me the three pieces where too big and too tall to fit into their designated spot, and trying to cram them in instantly popped the side out of the building or wouldn’t allow for the top to fit in smoothly.

So I had to cut away several layers of plastic/resin from these pieces to actually make them fit in, which not only required a lot of work, but obviously took away from their looks as well. (and I kind of messed up by cutting away from one at the top because it seemed the best part, only to notice that the other one had packages at that spot, forcing me to cut away at the bottom…).

Another part that was annoying me a bit was the fact that this lovely building, which even includes an interior, for some unknown reason does NOT include a floor! Why? Whyyyy??? The entrances even have a little step which would have made adding a floor very easy, and the interior basically screams for a floor, but nope, non included, and now every picture I take of the interior shows the outside floor….


So yeah, this turned out to be a very complicated construction process for me, and to some degree I am not sure whether that wass due to my own errors, or design/mold flaws.

However I will give the Happy Panda Noodles Restaurant a 9 out of 10. It is almost perfect, and if it were not for the not fitting interior pieces and the missing floor, this would have been an easy 10, but no floor in a building like that is actually a huge deal for me, and having to cut apart stuff to make it fit is quite troublesome for assembly.

I do however recommend the Happy Panda Noodles Restaurant for every Infinity player, no matter the board you are intending. This cheeky Panda (my wife keeps insisting that it looks like a cat pretending to be a Panda) could easily sneak one of it’s branches into the bloody desert, or an icy mountain top if you ask me, and it will greatly enchance any table you place it on I think.and  I can’t wait to play my first game with it on the table!



Corvus Belli Miniature Review: HVT Dragon Lady

Hello Everyone!

I should have started this when I actually started with my ISS I guess, but I didn’t think about taking pictures of the boxes and unfinished models, so I decided I couldn’t do proper reviews for them.

But now that I ordered some more models for my quickly growing ISS Army it’s time to start reviewing them a little.

Today i will start with the model that will most likely be used the most in all my armies from now on….the lovely High Value Target Dragon Lady!

Dragon Lady


I was surprised to see how sturdy the umbrella bits actually are and how easy the model is to assemble when considering how frail the arms and umbrella handle actually is.


I do however recommend tightly securing the Dragon Ladies little pet creature (cow? pig? whatever it is…), I thought I had it savely tucked away until I’d come around to paint it, only to instantly lose it the moment I started cleaning my desk a little, and it took me 2 full on dumpster searches and another very close up desk screening to find it again (hiding in between two keys of my keyboard…little bugger!)


The Model comes with a surprising amount of detail, from the little bands of her corsette to the little decorations on her boots, this model just begs for an awesome paint job…or in my case for a better painter.

But since I spend all my hobby money on new figures and terrain, I don’t have money for professional painting services, and no time to actually improve my skills to the level this miniature deserves….so as sorry as that is, she’ll have to deal with my level of painting ;-P

Dragon Lady Painted:


She actually looks a little bit better than on the pictures, but the quality didn’t turn out too good on them.

I blatantly stole the umbrella design idea from someone named JotaGe83 who’s pictures of the Dragon Lady I found while googling for inspiration, and I think it turned out quite nicely!


I think the Dragon Lady is one of the best HVT Models of the range, and a perfect fit for Yu Jing. Het outfit is a perfect mix between classic and modern asian style and the little pet just adds to her awesomeness.

I really don’t think I should rate Infinity Figures as I am basically just a Miniature addict in full swing, but for the heck of it, I’ll give this miniature a 9,5 out of 10. The only way to make this model better would be to give her some sort of combat profile so she could go around and kick some ass instead of just standing around looking good! I think the little Pet deserves a Guardian Profile and she could easily be some sort of Pheromone wearing Geisha Assassin or whatnot ;-P

I definitely recommend this model for any Yu Jing player that wants a HVT, just give her some unique and awesome design to make her yours, as she’ll be joining you in basically every battle you’ll ever play!