Yasashii Fuyu


Name: Yasashii Fuyu

Position: General of Yu Jing, currently Commander of The Neon Dragon Imperial Service Branch

Gender: Male

Age: 40

Heigth: 1.89 m

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Grey

Origin: Shen Tang

Hobbies: Martial Arts, Riding his bike, Reading (sometimes even actual books) , Aristreia


Born into an old Japanese family of Bushi, Yasashii’s early life was a little different than most other Yu Jing children those days got. He was loved by his family as most other kids where, and he went to school just like all the other kids did. But while for most kids, the fun really started after school was over, for Yasashii, school time was actually the playtime.

At home Yasashii had to undergo a rigorous training exercise designed to turn him, from the moment he could walk to the moment he would die, into a true Japanese Samurai, just like his parents where, and if he’d survive long enough, his own children were supposed to become as well.

Training to become a true Samurai obviously consisted of a lot of physical exercise, running, climbing, swimming, martial arts, bow shooting, and even early gun training once he was strong enough to withstand the recoil, which considering Yasashii’s unusual height, was quite early indeed.

But unlike many other warrior trainings in the galaxy, becoming a Samurai also included training the mind. Additional studies of various topics way above what was thought at school where every day occurrences for him, and he also had to learn poetry and philosophy, even though his young mind would only really understand the meaning behind it way later in his life.

All that rigorous training paid off in the end, and Yasashii finished as the best of his year in school, with the possibility to go to whatever higher education he’d desire.

His parents obviously wanted for Yasashii to join the military academy to become an officer in the Japanese Army right away, as was only befitting for a Bushi such as him, but even though Yasashii had been mostly a “good kid” all throughout his childhood, obviously resisting the rigorous training every now and then to do what little kids liked to do every now and then, but ultimately doing what his parents wanted him to do, it was at this time that Yasashii started what he would later call his rebellious phase.

As Yasashii grew up the concept of honour had always been burned into him, how to keep his face, how to be loyal to your betters, the true way of a Bushi. But somewhere deep down inside of him, Yasashii had always wondered if the traditional Samurai way of honour was….really fair? Why would a Samurai have to serve his Master till the end, even if said Master was a terrible person who didn’t deserve it? Why was a Samurai supposed to commit Seppuku for his errors, while his Master was allowed to live no matter his own shortcomings? It just didn’t seem just to him.

Over the years this had sparked within him a deep routed interest in the concept of Justice, and how to achieve it, and so as his time to choose his future came, Yasashii decided to study Law instead of joining the military academy, to become a Lawyer or judge one day and bring true justice to the world.

His parent’s didn’t like this decision at all, and they spent countless meetings trying to persuade him otherwise, but Yasashii persisted, and the choice wasn’t shameful or anything like that in the end, so his parents eventually decided to let it go, although they insisted that he kept honing his skills as a Samurai all throughout his studies, arguing that even a judge would need to know how to properly behave and defend himself if needs be.

Happy that he could convince his parents of his decision and glad to make the compromise if that meant he’d be able to study what he wanted, Yasashii agreed, and so he started to spend the next two years in a mixture of Law studies and Bushi training, just like he had been doing all his life until then, the only difference being, that this time he really enjoyed all of it to the fullest.

But obviously Yasashii wouldn’t be where he ended up now, if things would have gone just as planned then and there.

As a second class Japanese citizen Yasashii always had been bullied every now and then, and had to experience the disadvantages of being of a lower class than many others all throughout his live, even though in Shen Tang this wasn’t as significant as in some other regions of the Yu Jing Empire. But it was during his study of the Law that Yasashii felt the brunt of this difference for the first time.

As his studies progressed and he joined several courts of law as a viewer to see how the Yu Jing justice system worked, it quickly became apparent to him that not everyone was exactly equal before the law. Foreigners were dumped in a prison cell for minor transgressions that first class Yu Jing citizens wouldn’t even have been bothered about, and second class citizens ended up guilty in cases where first class citizens or richer and more influential people simply walked away.

At first Yasashii didn’t let this set him back, he decided that he would become the one to change all this, the one that brought true justice to the courtroom when he’d eventually become a judge. But this resolve was quickly washed away when one of his teachers revealed to him that he’d never be able to become a judge, simply because he was a second class citizen and those weren’t actually allowed to become a state judge, lawyer being the highest they could ever hope to achieve.

Now sure, becoming a lawyer was still an honourable position, and many of his fellow students aspired to become just that, but understanding how unfair the justice system worked, Yasashii simply couldn’t think about a future where one of his clients might be judged guilty just for being a second class citizen, and that he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

Demotivated like that Yasashii soon started seeking for some sort of relieve for his building frustration over the futility of his choice to study Law. Unable to consider facing his parents and telling them that he’d chosen wrong, he eventually ended up as part of a Biker gang that had been hanging around campus and that he had eventually joined during a not so sober moment of frustration.

It turned out that Yasashii actually had quite the hidden talent for driving a motorbike, and as his grades steadily grew worse, he steadily grew more and more famous in the Japanese biker scene.

Failing both in his studies and to continue his training as promised to his parents, they eventually kicked him out of their home in shame, in an attempt to make him realize his mistakes and reform himself, but this only lead to him becoming even closer connected to his biker gang, which he had by now become the leader of.

Living day by day, racing wherever he wanted to go, in constant competition with the other biker gangs which often resulted in violent brawls or even shootouts, Yasashii spent the next few years living every bikers dream.

But his rise to fame was too quick, too glorious and based on too much arrogance and ignorance for those other gangs around him, and eventually a few of those gangs banded together in an attempt to make Yasashii fall.

During a standard Gang fight, things suddenly turned sour as some of the other gang members suddenly pulled out fully automatic rifles, a big breach of conduct in the scene at that time, and started shooting at Yasashii’s group. Realizing how dangerous the situation was Yasashii quickly ordered his gang to turn around and flee the scene, but it was then that the trap was sprung, as several other gangs came in surrounding Yasashiis gang, cutting off their retreat and starting to shoot at them as well.

By the time the police arrived and dispersed the gangs, Yasashii was the only member of his gang still alive, heavily wounded and surrounded by his dead comrades.

The next thing he knew he woke up in a cell, bandages all over his body and an appointment for his trial for murder due later that day.

It was then, in a dank cell of a Shen Tang police department, that he was suddenly approached by representatives of the Japanese Army, and his future would change forever. Having heard of what happened, and his status in the biker community, as well as having investigated his background, the recruitment officers offered Yasashii a choice, getting framed for countless murders as a second class citizens in a court of law, most likely ending up dead or in prison for most of his remaining live, or using his skills in service of the state, and riding for the Aragato in the Japanese army.

With all his friends dead, his dreams crushed and the injustice of the law system about to come down on him in an incredible tidal wave of irony, Yasashii finally gave up his resistance, and joined the Japanese army, not the way his parents had hoped to, but that really didn’t matter to him at that point.

Once part of the army, his unique set of skills and training quickly helped him to acclimate himself and eventually proceed through the ranks. From a lowly Aragato he eventually became a leader of a band of Aragatos, and as his leadership skills where recognized by his superiors, his officer training began, which eventually resulted in him becoming promoted to the rank of a Bushi, joining the ranks of the Domaru Butai.

Apparently no matter how hard he had struggled, the way of the Samurai had always been destined for him, and by that time he had resigned to it, and decided simply roll with it, a term he had grown to like during his time in the biker gang.

During the following years Yasashii proved to possess a surprising amount of tactical finesse and leadership skills, which he never had considered to own, and he somehow ended up as a commander, leading whole units of different kinds of troops into battle.

After several assignments his first real test would arise in the form of Operation Flamestrike, a combat operation on the small island of Flamia in a strategically important position on Paradiso.

His successful operations on Flamia lead to Yasashii quickly receiving one promotion after the other, and eventually he was selected as part of the Paradiso High Command group responsible for Yu Jing Operations on Flamia.

With his bold and reckless tactics, always leading from the front with a Katana in his hand and a command on his lips, Yasashii eventually came to the attention of even the Emperor himself, who promoted him to the rank of General, at the time the second one on Flamia, entrusting coordination of most Japanese forces on the island to him.

As part of Flamia’s High Command Diplomacy and Propaganda became part of his tasks as well, and unlike many other fields of expertise Yasashii had been shoved in throughout his career, this one proved to be his downfall. Driven by the ways of the Bushi, and his new found sense of honour, Yasashii simply wasn’t suited for the fine nuances of inter faction or even inter species diplomacy, and some of his thoughtless remarks caused huge diplomatic and military backlashes all across Flamia, with some even going as far as blaming the whole eventual failure of the operation on his shoulders.

Luckily the after action reports and debriefs later on proved that his terrible diplomatic skills only were a small part of the reason why Yu Jing failed to secure the island, and how own combat results had made up for most of that, so blame got laid elsewhere instead, but still Yasashii didn’t get away without backlash.

During his official promotion ceremony to the rank of General, which had to be held after the operation was over due to the nation of the operation; Yasashii was also informed that he’d be repositioned to a new command. With his newly acquired first class citizenship, his background in law, and his previous shortcomings when interacting with other factions, it was deemed that it’d be best for him and the state if he was to serve as commander of an Imperial Service Branch in The Neon Dragon, where the previous commander had recently died in action and his skills could be put to good use.

Some considered this a punishment for the young General, but the Emperor had proclaimed this to Yasashii as a good opportunity to improve his knowledge and learn new ways, because the time would surely come when he’d have to fight in an international conflict again, and he’d need to be ready for that.

And so Yasashii had been relocated to his new post on the same evening, being driven there by a taxi right from his promotion ceremony, his belongings having to be sent after him later, and is now currently the Commander of the Imperial Service Branch in The Neon Dragon.

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