Micro Art Studio Urban Bases

Since I decided to paint my ISS Figures for Infinity on a better level than I used to paint my JSA miniatures, and having some minor success in doing so (at least I think so)…I quickly realized that standard gras or rock bases just wouldn’t cut it, and also wouldn’t fit into the fluff I currently have in mind and the game table I am currently creating.

So I went and bought some Micro Art Studio Urban Bases from my local game store (which luckily had a nice assortment of Micro Art Bases hidden in the back of the store).


I have to say I am quite impressed by the bases, and the details on them clearly show that Micro Art Studios is an official Infinity Partner, the Ariadna HMG will fit perfectly for my battles against my wifes Caledonian army, and other details like a PanO Helmet or Aleph sword give the bases a nice little touch as well.

(Some Ariadna Weapons)IMG_1128

(Ariadna Backpack and PanO Helmet)IMG_1127

Sadly I must say that the diversity of the bases wasn’t that great, maybe I was just extremely unlucky, but two of the 4 boxes I bought contained the exact same bases, which is a shame really, but I am sure with a slightly different painting sceme and different models on them it won’t be that much of a problem.



When it comes to painting the bases I was quite pleased as well, for the most part the paint stuck to the bases nicely and the details look great once painted, but I wished I had given the Resin bases a little scrubbing at the beginning, because once my fingers were dirty with paint (I am quite the messy painter I guess) some of the paint on the edges started to stick to my fingers and come off, forcing me to repaint a part every here and there.





All in all I would say that Micro Art Studios aren’t exactly cheap for the amount you get (mine cost 4,40 Euro per pack of 5) but they look awesome and really improve the look of your models a lot, at least I think they did so for me.

I plan on eventually basing all of my ISS Models on bases like that, and maybe later on even rebase my JSA Models to fit the theme as well.


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