Trying out a Hobby Blog

Hello Everyone,

After taking part in the awesome Operation Flamestrike Campaign of Beasts of War and Corvus Belli and posting loads of battle reports for all my Infinity Games while I did so, I starter to take a liking to writing some nice stories for my battles and talking to others about my Hobby.

Now that the campaign is over I started to miss doing so a little, and thus decided….why not make a Blog where I can write all the stories I want, and have them collected at one point, and share them with whomever feels like reading them.

So now here I am, with my first attempt to create such a Blog!

You can expect to find some battle reports with a more or less cohesive storyline here sooner or later, some pictures and descriptions of my recent hobby workings, maybe some Reviews of Terrain or miniatures that I get and paint during my future hobby life…..and whatever else comes to my mind while I write here.

Please don’t expect regular updates or anything like that, I work a fulltime job, I have a lovely family, and lots of hobbies, so there might be long periodes of inactivity every now and then, depending on what live requires me to do.

So anyways….if you made it this far, I hope you’ll enjoy reading whatever my mad brain posts here, and I am happy for any friendly, helpful or constructive comments you might have!

Your Yasashii Fuyu


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