Customeeple Review Part 5: 2014 ITS objectives set Infinity

Hello Everyone,

With my order of terrain from Customeeple I also decided to order a set of Objectives, since I have taken a liking to playing ITS missions, but didn’t have all the markers or scatter terrain to make it look good.

I didn’t go for the newest set of Objectives because I also wanted the utility to use it as scatter terrain instead of objective markers should I want to, and the 2014 set seemed more fitting for that to me.

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ITS Objectives

I am pretty sure that the Objectives come with a little instruction sheet for assembly, but to be honest, I think I lost it when I initially opened all my packages, and once it was time to actually build the pieces I couldn’t find it anymore…..yeah my table is just a mess of paints, brushes, terrain and miniatures, and somewhere hidden in between a computer ;-P

Unlike most of the other pieces I reviewed to far there is no downloadable version of the instructions on the Customeeple homepage, but if you study the parts long enough it is possible to properly assemble them even without the instruction sheet (although the antennas took me a little bit to fully understand).

Each Objective comes with it’s own base and there is some variety in the plastic parts to distinguish between them.

(Miniature not included and only added for scale)

Assembled and Painted ITS Objectives 2014:




Assembly and painting of the pieces is rather easy (at least if you do it as basic as I did). I had a little bit of trouble with the very small 2 antennas as adding the plastic bits almost broke the “cross” where it’s attached to, and a few of the bigger antenna’s corners don’t look as smooth as I had hoped because the glue instantly stuck on the flat survace and I barely could reposition the pieces once I added them, but that’s just my own inexperience with terrain assembly I think.

I would have hoped for the Objectives to be built so that they could stand on their own even it not glued to the base, because then they could have been better used as normal scatter terrain, but since the bases are needed/helpful when it comes to the actual ITS missions, that is only a minor complaint.



Alltogether I think that this set is quite nice but not every part is as good as it could be. Everything fulfills it’s purpose, but the boxes are extremely simple in look, and the two small antennas are extremely fragile and little more than a cross with 2 plastic pieces on the side.

I think they did a much better job with their later versions of ITS Objectives ( where all pieces look interesting on their own, as well as serving their purpose.

Based on that I’ll give these Objectives a 6,5/10, they look nice, they do what they are supposed to, but there is room to improve and I think Customeeple already did so with their later versions of ITS Objective Markers, although that’s only an assumption since I don’t have them to directly compare with.

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