Micro Art Studio Review Part 1: T00086 Infinity Cargo Crates (5)

Hello Everyone,

Since my gaming table was still lacking a lot of scatter terrain, I finally decided to rid my local hobby shop of it’s long waiting box of Cargo Crates….only to find out that just that day, only 2 hours before me, someone had actually bought it already! Luckily replacement was on it’s way and a week later I finally managed to get my hands on this lovely box.

I am telling you this little story, because aparently Micro Art Studio themselves no longer offer this product on their Website, or maybe it’s just all out at the time of this Review when I checked their site for it.

So instead of linking directly to Micro Art Studio’s homepage like I’d normally do, I’ll link you to my local hobby shop where I got them, because they at least seem to be able to restock them 😉

T00086 Infinity Cargo Crates (5)


As the name suggests the box comes filled with 5 pieces of resin terrain. Each piece consists of several Crates stacked together in various ways.


Since the crates are of different sizes the end result is cover with various height which leads to interesting firelane situations when moving along a row of crates. One might think himself save behind the crates, only to notice that one of them is slightly lower, allowing for the enemy to see your silhouette as you walk past it.

Since every piece is a solid block or Resin, there is no assembly to be done with this product.

(Miniatures not included, only added for scale)

Cargo Crates Painted:


The crates were easy to paint and doing so in various colours gave a good result I think.

The Crates fit in perfectly with all sorts of other terrain, and I really look forward to playing with them!


I’ll give this product a 8.5/10.

I would full heartedly recommend this to any Infinity Player that still needs some scatter terrain, it’s sturdy, looks great and is very playable, but I think it could have been improved by adding some more Infinity related Logos or text to the boxes (although that obviously would have reduced it’s utility for other games), and I think the set would have benefited well with at least some small boxes on their own so you could add them to the bigger boxes on different places, creating higher diversity if you’d buy more than one box (which I think I would have done would that have been the case).



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