Customeeple Review Part 6: Yu Jing Holoechoes

Hello Everyone,

As the currently last part of my Customeeple Review I’ll be taking a short look at the Yu Jing Holoechoes I ordered for the current Models I have.

Sforza Holoechoes

Yaoxie Lu Duan Holoechoes

Kanren Holoechoes

The Holoechoes come in small plastic zip bags with a little description paper (which shows you the ocntent of the package), 2 Holoechoes and 2 fitting bases for the Echoes. (In case of the Lu Duan Echoes I got to choose which size of Bases I wanted to have)


Assembly is obviously easy, as it just consists of glueing the Echoes on the base, but since I used Resin Bases fitting to my other ISS Models for some of them, I can say that they work with most of them as well.

The size of the Holo Echoes fits the model perfectly, the only slight exception being the Lu Duan where the silhuette seems to have been taken from a slight angle, which makes it look a bit odd when standing next to each other, but is no problem in the game.

(Miniatures and Resin Bases not included and only added for scale and cool looks)

Assembled Sforza Holoechoes:


Assembled Lu Duan Holoechoes:


Assembled Kanren Holoechoes:


All together:


The Echoes are very playable and look quite good. I am a bit scared of the Sforza Echoes loosing their stretched out finger, but it definitely needed to be there otherwise they’d only look half as cool ;-P

I’ll give these sets a 9/10, I think they do what they where supposed to do almost perfectly, and I think the only way to improve them a little would be by adding a slight outline of the figure on the Echo itself, but that’s just my personal preference.

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