Micro Art Studio Review Part 2: District 5 Walls Straight & Gates

Hello Everyone,

Since I am currently madly collecting all sorts of awesome terrain to make my Tabletop look better, I couldn’t resist grabbing the following pieces of terrain as I saw them stocked in my local hobby shop:

District 5 Walls Straight

District 5 Walls Gates

I sadly don’t have any nice pictures of the packages or the unassembled or unpainted parts of these sets as I snuck this purchase past my Wife and secretly assembled and sprayed them in the dark of the night, while letting all the evidence of their “newness” vanish into a trashbag that I whisked away the next morning…….

Luckily my wife pretended as if nothing had happened when the next day suddenly a chinese wall  was standing on my desk, waiting to be painted  ;-P

The Kits come wrapped in foil and include a nice and detailed instruction sheet.

Micro Art Studio defnitely make some of the best instruction sheets for their products and I had no problem whatsoever assembling them according to the instruction sheet.

I couldn’t see anything like a downloadable version of these instruction sheets, but maybe I just didn’t find them.

Assembly of the wall segments is easy enough, the only real difficult parts being the sloped corner segments of the gate set, as well as the little bar used to make the door movable (which I was afraid would end up gluing the gate shut or breaking, but none of which happened).

(Once again, miniatures not included and only added for scale)

District 5 Wall Straight Painted:


District 5 Wall Gates Painted:



District 5 Walls Painted Mixed:


Painting these walls was surprisingly easy, and the parts are very adaptable and sturdy.

I love little touches like the security cameras at the small wall gates, or the keypad to actually open the doors.

I would however have prefered for both sides of the actual gates to show the “STOP” (although I know that’s harder to produce, and it makes sense to only see it from the direction you are driving from..) as the side without it just looks a bit bland in comparison.

And I would have liked to see slightly bigger free areas on the walls I think. I like the fact that it looks kind of hich techy, but Micro Art Studio has some incredibly awesome Wall Tattoos, and the fact that none of them actually fit those walls is a bit of a bummer.

All together however these kits are quite awesome, and I’ll give them a 8.5/10.

I would recommend them for any Infinity Player that wants a huge Table seperator like  walls, I would however recommend to buy at least both sets together, maybe even an additional set of straight walls, as the gates only come with sloped seperators that just aren’t that useful when building a wall on most tables, and the Straight Pack alone doesn’t have any doors in the wall, making them very hard to pass through.


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