Every Little War Review Part 1: Introduction & Ninja Silhouettes

Hello Everyone,

Recently after posting some of my previous Reviews,  the Guys from “Every Little War”  ( https://everylittlewar.com/ ), contacted me and asked if I was interested in reviewing some of their upcomming products as well,  as they apparently liked the style of my other Reviews.

Since they agreed to my condition that I could rate the Stuff however I liked/disliked it, and I am always up for getting more potentially awesome stuff, I ended up agreeing!


They wouldn’t tell me what I was about to get exactly, so I waited patiently like a little child around christmas (so with no patience at all, and a lot of “Do you think it will be here today?” to my wife…)  for whatever was going to come my way, and after a while I finally came back from work to find this lovely box on my table: (Miniature not included, only added for scale)


After making sure that my son was fully distracted and wouldn’t come around to plunder my booty, I opened it up and found the following inside:


Which upon further inspection turned out to be:


A full Set of Yu Jing Camo/Holo Markers! (at least to my knowledge, since I don’t play Vanilla Yu Jing yet I might have missed one there?)

At the time I am writing this the Set is not available yet, but I talked to the Guys and they assured me that it will be available very soon, and that they also will have many other Silhouettes from other factions and in different colours, with the goal obviously being to have them all available in the near future.

Every Little War is a company that produces and sells their products from America, and these particular Silhouettes have been created by Osman Naskali, and you will be able to order them from this link once they are available:

Osman Naskali

So without further ado…I present to you Part 1 of my Review, all the Ninja Silhouettes that Every Little War will soon have available.



Obviously there are no Ninjas in the Yu Jing State Empire, so this whole Blog Entry is just make believe and folklore….but just in case you are interested in such archaic stories anyways, here are some closeups of said “Ninjas”…

(Please excuse some of my bad paintjobs on the older ninjas, they where one of the first Infinity Miniatures I painted ;-P)

Ninja with Tactical Bow:


(Sorry I forgot to take a white background picture of this one before I added it to the base, I got too excited!!)

Shinobu Kitsune:







Ninja Sniper:


Ninja Hacker:





Ninja: (Don’t have the Model)



Saito Togane: (Damn, no white background picture either, damn sneaky Ninjas!!)



Raiden: (Wait, what? That’s not even a ninja is it? Oh screw it…with a name like that it’s alright I guess…and no white background again! Sneaky gits!)


Apparently that Raiden also brought some friends, some of which don’t even have models yet if I am not mistaken!




So, as you can see the silhouettes come with their own bases (which actually look quite stylish I must say!) and the have the outlines of the actual figures on them, which is something that I actually thought was missing in my Review of other Silhouettes before.

After seeing these Silhouettes I think I was right in assuming that outlines like that would make the Silhouettes look even more awesome, or what do you think?

The Silhouettes themselves come very clean with a protective layer on the backside, and are easy to put together, even on scenic bases as you can see in the pictures.

Some of the outlines turned out a bit better than others (the normal Ninja one looks a bit clunky, but so does the whole model i think, while the Bow Ninja just looks stunning!)

I also found two small things that I found a bit odd, one being the Ninja Sniper, who’s Silhouette seems to be quite a bit bigger than the actual model.


The other one being that the Saito Togane Silhouette at first appeared to not have the Katana arm…IMG_20160928_184944.jpg

but that  turned out to be because of the perspective in which the Silhouette was made, and if you look very closely you can actually see the Katana and the arm.


Overall I would give these Silhouettes a 9.5/10. They could have been a 10, but the difference in outline “quality” (even though that’s very subjective), size on the Ninja Sniper and the fact that while I was writing this review I actually came up with a way to improve them even further, mean it ended up as a 9.5

Those are definitely the best Silhouettes I have seen out there so far, and I recommend them to everyone that thinks about getting Silhouettes for their Camo Units!

The only way I could see them improved, would be to change the Bases that these come with, into bases that actually show the “TO Camo” “Camo” Symbol on the base! (or something along those lines if they are not allowed to use the official symbols) That way people could instantly see the different types of Camo as well as the lovely silhouette…..but again, that’s just my personal opinion, though if anyone wants to steal my idea, feel free to do so ;-P


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